Ixtee Mui-Chan & Fat-Chai Discussion

Aug 18, 2010

    1. She's really sweet - I do like her lollipop face! Maybe give her a little time and see if she grows on you?

      They are expensive - I know I've said it before but it would be much nicer if Ixtee sold the faceplates and bodies separately..
    2. yeah, I wish they could sell faceplates and hands separately! I would get the grumpy face which in my opinion is the perfect mui-chan face XD the one with the lollipop can be used also as happy face so I'm happy with that

      anyway I saw a movie a couple of days ago and there was a chinese little girl with a lollipop and with that naughty mui-chan attitude, her name was Lìnlìn, so I decided to call my girl Lin :)
    3. That is a cute name! :)

      I just prefer my Mui Chan's smiley face,I don't think her grumpy face will ever get used!
    4. Missing my Mui Chan and wondering if anyone had new pictures to post! I'm tempted to get one of the new re-releases, but still would like to get one with a grumpy face....I need more patience, I guess! Here's a picture of my old Mui Chan that moved on a while back.

    5. I don't know if Mui Chan is the same of mini Mui Chan? Can mini Mui Chan wear the outfit for Lati Yellow? What are the exact measurements of mini Mui Chan?
    6. Mini Mui Chan is the one with the big rubber hair do which is not a BJD. If you want to learn more about Mui Chan go to Facebook pages. Mui-Chan Lovers United This seems to be the page for Europe and Holland, but USA participate too. Also, Mui-Chan International School which is Hong Kong and has mainly the Mini Muichans.
    7. Still waiting on Ixtee to bring back the BJDs, but it looks like they have another (newer) model that's not even bjd. Boooo.