JID clothing database! (Juvenile Iplehouse Doll) Part 2

Sep 15, 2008

    1. I plan to make a lot of the clothes my Tatiana small-bust will wear, but I'm really interested to find out which ready-made garments will fit these beautiful-but-awkward bodies. So if any of you have bought non-Iplehouse clothing for your Tania/Tatiana/Amy, could you please post...



      Large or small bust?

      How well it fitted?

      I'd really appreciate it, and I think it could become quite a useful thread ^^;

      Eta: I've noticed several 'what would fit?' posts, but thought it might help to gather all the information together in one thread- if it's considered too much of a duplicate-post, please delete.
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      Place to buy dolls:


      Body comparison:
      Volks MSd Girl, Unoa, IpleHouse JID

      Clothes that fit:

      IpleHouse Mini Discussion Thread Part One:

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      Post IpleHouse Mini Photos here:

      Body comparison:
      Volks MSd Girl, Unoa, IpleHouse JID

      Part 1 JID clothing database:

      Part 2 JID clothing database:
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    2. My WS Ryan goes mostly by Ilya. XD And I'm still experimenting with him.




      I love my Ilya and he makes love Iple House soooo much. XD

      His jacket (and, actually, most of his clothing) is from Tonner dolls. That jacket is from Ron's out-of-Hogwarts outfit. I got mine at a local doll store, but I know that Denver Doll Emporium also sells them. Expensive, but awesome.

      Warning: Pants do not fit perfectly! They stay up and let him pose, but don't actually button. >.> Just make sure he's wearing a long shirt or doing a really sexy pose.

      The clothing from them is really awesome! I also got him a Hardy Boy's outfit (the blue hoodie!) and it's amazing. The teeny-tiny zipper! I fell in love at first sight. XD Sadly, most of their stuff is sold only on the dolls. >.> Which makes it a lot harder to just get clothing.
    3. Meri got one of the new BFC Inc outfits :3 it's so cute!

    4. It's always cost more for the RS, LB, or EB skin tones -- so it's not really much different in that way. They are allowing RS orders normally right now for an extra cost, too.
    5. Katia's new top is a traditional Belarusian nightgown for Hearts for Hearts' Lilian doll. As it was meant to be dress-length on their doll, we're lucky it fits at all. The top is VERY snug in the chest, under the arms above the breast. (She's large bust). Small bust would fit a little better, although not enough to make that much difference. The shoes fit perfectly!

      I would say, except for this particular outfit, Hearts for Hearts doll outfits do not fit JID. It's probably better for a smaller MSD instead.

    6. Meant to post this sooner, but the BFC Ink doll clothes fit the JIDs. The pants fit like a dream and at least on a small bust the shirts work really well. The shoes are a tad bit big on them (or at least the chugs that came with the outfit I got were) but Tir still stood really well in them so no biggie there.


      Also cause they were super cheap and cute I tried the Little MissMatched doll shoes on Tir. They fit and she can stand in them, sadly though they kinda look like clown shoes on her since the dolls they're meant for have big feet.

    7. I don't know about the Alice's Collection one, but the nine9style one *might* work on a small bust JID girl. It'd be very close on a larger bust depending on how roomy the shirt actually is.
    8. 'Ello,

      I just had a quick question. When it comes to boys, just where is the best place, or where are some good places, to find clothing? I'm thinking about getting Kyle after I finish saving up for I and I was just curious where I would be able to find clothes for him.

      And does anyone know if Tata's Paradise or Happy Camille clothes will fit a large busted girl?
    9. I have some Alice's Collections stuff (for girls) and Tata's Paradise (but only the boy stuff) coming; I will try it on my Tania and let you guys know the results. Sorry I can't be much help for boys' clothes.
    10. So, in this post of the previous thread, Sylphide mentioned the sneakers from Deb's Adorables for the Kish Chrysalis 14" doll.

      I decided to buy a pair, and threw in a couple of the other shoes she has for the same doll series. They fit very well. You have to undo the buckles on the white shoes to fit them over her heel, and the back of the shoe angles in a little weirdly (should have photographed it >.<) but she can stand in them and they fit very well.


      And a close-up:

    11. I don't know if you saw my photos but my large bust Soa is wearing a school uniform from Luts for their Kid Delfs. It was a bit hard to get on but you can't tell by looking at it. It even came with the socks.

      You can see that the snaps are straining a bit but I have some room to move them over just a bit to make it fit better.

      Where *is* my lip gloss? by Sylvin13, on Flickr

      Uniforms suck by Sylvin13, on Flickr

      Love the shoes, Raigne! Are both pair from Deb's?
    12. Sylvin: Thanks for the tip!
      Kadepie: Yeah, the AC ones look a little too snug unfortunately.
    13. Sylvin yes they are. There's a bunch of other colors for both styles, as well as a few other styles for that size doll. Since this means we're 3/3 on whether they fit, I'd be willing to bet the rest would too.
    14. You're welcome!

      Cool! Thanks for letting me know.
    15. Other than Iplehouse, I didn't have that much luck with boy's clothing. I purchased alot of my tshirts from Diverse Designs here on the marketplace. Their SD sized shirts/hoodies/etc fit my JID boys very nicely.
    16. Ever since I heard about Annabell Tween dolls, I've been wanting to try their outfits on Jasper. I finally managed to buy two clothing sets yesterday, so... On with the pictures. xP
      (Oh, and just for reference I bought the outfits for £12.00 each from Hamleys. I know you can get them from Argos too but I don't know how much it costs or if you can buy the outfits separately... Also, Jasper has the large bust).

      This is the first set. Included in this set is: A necklace, a bracelet, shoes, an underskirt, a dress, a bolero, a hat, a bag and a hair clip. Everything in this set fits (and Jasper is wearing everything included in the pictures).
      The underskirt was a bit difficult to get on (mainly because it was tight enough that it kept getting caught in her mobility joints...) but it's fine once on. I think it would possibly be easier to put it on over her head and then down, rather than pulling it up over her hips.

      Here's a picture of the bag. The straps do go right over Jasper's shoulders, by the way. She was just wearing it like that. xD

      Better picture of the shoes:
      They're made of a slightly rubbery plastic and are quite tough to get on but, once they're on, they're fine. I've found it helps if you warm them up a little before trying to put them on.

      Comparison of foot to shoe:
      This picture makes it look as though the shoes are far too big but they're in no danger at all of falling off as they're so tight. I personally don't think they look too big on either.

      Here's the second outfit! It consists of a t-shirt, cut-off jeans (not pictured), a bracelet, a necklace, a bag, a hat, a pair of shoes, a jacket and a pair of sunglasses. (The shorts Jasper's wearing in this picture aren't included, they're just to maintain her dignity. XP)

      Here's a picture of the outfit without the bag to show that the t-shirt is slightly too short. (I personally don't mind that though). The only thing I don't like is the fact that the bottom of the t-shirt tends to flip over, exposing the seams.

      And here's a picture of the cut-offs:
      As you can see, they're too small. (This picture probably exaggerates that somewhat). They do have an elasticated waist but it doesn't stretch enough to go over those JID hips! (Or even those thighs...) I'm planning to see if I can amend them slightly, which will hopefully make them wearable. :3

      If anyone wants more / better pictures then please feel free to ask!
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    18. I think I posted this already, but Tata's paradise boy shirts fit wonderfully on the large bust- I've tried on a couple t-shirts and long sleeved shirts on my girl, and I will try to post pics of the specific pieces as soon as I get some free time. They are just lose enough to be casual, but tight enough to show off that body. Pants definitely do not fit. There is a nice black long coat with a belt that fits amazingly on my girl. She looks awesome in it.