Jointed hands for Ringdoll?

Jan 29, 2021

    1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there are matching jointed hands for Ringdolls RGM3 and RGM4 bodies?
      I do not want to order the ones from Ringdoll, I mean jointed hands from other companies that may fit?
    2. Hi there,

      I asked this same question some time back, and received less than lukewarm responses. Since then, I ended up just swapping a pair of Loongsoul 68cm jointed hands onto my RGM-3 boy (note: there is a lot of mobility with this pair, but the wrist ball does stand out.)

      I do have a few different pairs of jointed hands in my possession from other companies, so I'll do what I can to give you some options. I have some Doll Legend 70cm jointed hands (male, short nail), which have a smaller wrist joint than the Loongsoul ones I have. They are actually very close in proportion in the wrist ball region (loads better than the Loongsoul pair), and are in general in scale with the rest of the body. I also have some 1/3 DF-H hands which are very close to the same circumference as the Doll Legend pair and would probably work as well (note: they're the SD 1/3 scale and not the 70cm ones. I haven't handled the 70cm pair, so I can't determine whether or not those will work.)

      Outside that I have some DH-A 70/75cm hands that would be too big, and Resinsoul 70cm (for their slim 70cm male body (Long body), not their 72cm Yi body) jointed hands which are too small and dainty for anything above a 60cm male.)

      I can't give you a very thorough comparison on all the available jointed hands out there, but I hope this proves helpful for you in some way :kitty2

      Edit: I took a couple photos of a Doll Legend hand on the RGM-3 wrist to show how it looks:
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    3. Thank you so so much, this really helps with my decision :)
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    4. @jade-eyed-cat I'd love to see the look of the LS hands on or next to the RGM body, if you have any :XD: