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Negative Feedback Kakyuu sent broken doll with undisclosed mods

Oct 16, 2005

    1. Ok,I want to make it clear how hard it is for me to be posting here. This is my side to this poll thread http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40005 These eyes come from my F16 Gene.

      I am resonably new to Dolls and opted to get my FCS from Kakyuu @ Super Dollfie.org. She does offer a great price that seems fair. But being new, how would I know if I was getting Zouks or not? There are not many pics that show the flat backed nature of Zouks the way the pic in the zouks tread does. I trusted Kakyuu to get me a doll and figured she would take care of him.

      We talked extensively about Gene and his personality, She and I struck up a friendship in the process (which is why this post is hard for me to make) I opted to have her do the faceup because I was worried about translation. I had a very definate idea of what I wanted him to look like (A well read mature man, with defined sexy brows and a thoughtful understated handsomeness).

      She had already told me I would have a long wait as she was busy, This was fine. I repeately told her to take her time and get it right. Moreover, I told her that if she was really pushed for time, I would have an artist local to me paint him She insisted on wanting to do him. I was really understanding of her personal troubles at the time and gave in. She was under no obligation to rush him. This is a mock-up I and some friends made

      [​IMG] (pretty, femmy, mature, thoughtful and sexy)

      and the result was here [​IMG]

      (Ten year old little boy lost, with a cherub like sadness..WTF?!)

      After telling me she would take her time, Suddenly she told me he was completed! I was shocked, but she said she wanted to get him out to me ASAP. So, even though I didn't like the face-up. I did not know until it was too late. She sent one approval pic and I knew it was wrong then. So, I asked her to give it another go, and that the brows were wrong. She started talking about the amount of pressure she was under, and whining about not having enough time. It made me feel guilty about asking for a repaint. So, being a soft touch. I remarked that it was ok and I said I wanted her to post him so, I privately and discrete arranged to book him in for a repaint ASAP. I did not want to endanger my frienship with her and I knew she would be upset (I did tell her that it was going to be done in the end)

      She had also told me, that he had arrived with a broken finger but told me she had repaired it and wrapped his hands. When I took the wrapping off the finger was not there and I coud see she had not glued it at all. (repair means glue one would assume) She assured me she was getting him new hands (I have heard nothing about them yet, two months later.

      I do realise some of this is my fault for not speaking out more. However I did feel for Kakyuu. She was very stressed, and wanted to show kindness and patience toward my friend. she definately took advantage of our friendship and my softheartedness and rushed Gene.

      I was going to keep quiet but now that these eyes aren't even Zouk (THE WEBSITE STATES YOU GET ZOUKS as you would expect for FCS) I am so mad, the story had to come out. I have emailed her about the eyes and some other missing kit (namely wig spray) I am really mad. and Feel very ripped off, mainly where are my Zouks Kakyuu!
    2. First of all *HUUUUGS* You neeeeeeed a hug ò.o
      Second... I think it is nice to understand her like that ^^ - I know pretty well the feeling of gulty even when you are not guilty, still sometimes we must learn to say NO! (and I know it is hard, specially when we are friendly to this person....)
      The face-up can be fixed... - if you said it was ok then you have to acept the responsabilitys your "yes" gave to you. Saying yes she won't be able to change without being paid for it... so, you may do it by yourself or sending him to somone to do that ^^' - and paying for it
      Still you MUST ask for the eyes. If you asked for it you must recive it. She did not ask you if another eyes were ok, so, this time, you said no "yes" and so it is not your responsability.
      I hope things will get solved ^^

      Loads of kisses and best wishes,

    3. Update to Louisa's story above:

      The F-16 head is modified. We asked Louisa about it and she definitely did not ask for any sort of modification to the doll. Only a faceup. Yet numerous pictures clearly show the head was modified. Even the pictures of the doll before it was sent to Louisa clearly show the modification.

      As of the moment Louisa has been refunded some money for the eyes, but nothing was done in regards to the fact that the doll that was sent was modified (and therefore not a brand new doll). Nor has any explanation about the eye mix up or the modification been given.

      The picture of Gene Louisa posted above was sent to Louisa before he was mailed to her. Even there you can see the unusually large eyes. Unfortunately Louisa being really new to this hobby did not spot the modification until after the doll was received and a friend pointed it out to her. Her friend Armeleia also offered to do a faceup for her and so she removed his facepaint. She sent us this:


      The one of the left is a blank unmodified F-16. The one of the right is Gene, Louisa's F-16 from Kakyuu. As you can see, this shows even more clearly then before that the doll has been extensively modified and is NOT a brand new FCS doll.