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Kearsy versus Poison-Bluerose

Nov 1, 2011

    1. I hate to have to do this but Poison-Bluerose flaked on a purchase twice. She was supposed to buy an angelheim luka from me, the first time she was going to pay she didnt have the money and the second time she decided she didnt want him any more, just two days before she was supposed to pay. I held this doll for more then three weeks for her then she totally flaked on me. Sellers be carefull.
    2. First off I never wanted this doll to begin with, he was supposed to be a present for my sister who had eventually come to decide she no longer wanted a Luka. "The second time" you had told me you were putting him back on the marketplace and if he was still available in November you'd let me buy him and I told you then it probably wasn't going to happen because money was very tight. Three weeks he'd been on the marketplace so I just gave up, you did not hold him for me, you just couldn't get him sold.
    3. Although the sell fell through I feel I need to leave feedback, for any future buyers. I hate to do this but I don't like being harassed.
      Kearsy contacted me after she got an AngelHeim Luka in a trade and offered to sell him to me, I had said I'd be interested and asked that when he arrived if she'd send me pictures, she ignored this and never sent me pictures. If I was unable to respond to a message in the morning she'd send me two more during the day. I started feeling harassed. When I was unable to pay she told me she was putting him on the marketplace, three weeks ago, and if he was available in November I could still buy him if I wanted, so I told her that was likely not going to happen because money is quite tight and that was okay with her.
      Three weeks later, he's been up for sale and she contacts me again asking if I still want him. Well he was supposed to have been a gift for my sister but she no longer wanted a Luka and I told her that. And because he's been on the marketplace she felt the need the need to blame it on me.
      So future buyers, beware. I don't reccomend working with her.
    4. I did hold him for you, I messaged you saying I was holding him and I have a message from you asking if you could pay on the 3rd. He never went on the market as I was holding him for you. You can check my sales posts, he still isnt up for sale as I dont even want to deal with him right now.
    5. Okay, I didn't know that. I thought you had put him on the marketplace, I never really thought to look as I just assumed you did. I apologize.
      I asked if I could pay on the third but you said you couldn't wait that long. And when my sister said she no longer wanted this doll what choice did I have? Buy myself a doll I really don't want? That seems like a complete waste of money to me.
    6. I have a PM that I sent to you saying I would hold him for you, it says the 2nd for some reason, but it does say I would hold it until this month. I left flakey feedback because I had to hold him for so long when I could have been trying to sell him. Maybe you needed to make sure this was something she really wanted before having someone hold a doll for so long.
    7. Also, I have rechecked all my messages and I dont have one asking for pictures. If I had gotten one I would have sent them.
    8. And I did, otherwise I wouldn't have contacted them about the doll in the first place. Every time I talked to her she was excited about this doll but then out of nowhere she decides she doesn't want this doll. And that frustrated me beyond reason because I don't like backing out of deals after having them wait so long. I feel terrible about it but I have my own feelings about this whole thing as well.
      Whether you received my messages about pictures or not it really freaked me out.
    9. It is apparent that Kearsy is in the right to leave flakey feedback for Poison-Bluerose. Kearsy please leave the flakey feedback in her feedback thread and link to this thread. Poison-Bluerose, further retaliatory feedback would be against the rules.