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Kid Delf Body BOY Type 2(Multi Body) LUTS

Aug 12, 2017

    1. I am wondering if owners of this body like or dislike it? Because I liked my first LUTS doll I am pondering over a new one. This body has separate elastics that hook to a peg on the legs and I haven't seen that before. Anyway after not finding anything about it from searching (tho I do not trust my searching skills) I thought I would ask. thanks.
    2. I did a comparison of the Luts KDF girl bodies (Type 1 vs. Type 2) in the Photo Reference section. I imagine a lot of the same pros and cons would apply to the boy bodies as well.
    3. Thank you, it took me awhile to find it, but your review was very good. Here is the link (I hope) if others want to see
    4. I've got a girl type 2 body.

      I don't have any problems with it at all. She holds poses just fine, and can stand by herself just fine.

      I don't have any other MSD sized doll to compare her to though, and I've not needed to restring her yet.