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Resolved kitten_princess, please get in touch with me!

Mar 9, 2006

    1. I'm really stressing out about a purchase I made on the forum with kitten_princess.

      January 28, 2006: She agreed to sell her Soulkid Harang to me.
      January 29, 2006: I paid her $347.15 US through Paypal.
      January 30, 2006: She said she'd ship him the following day.

      February 16, 2006: She PMed me to tell me she'd been sick and hadn't had a chance to send him yet. I said that was fine, and I'd wait. She said she'd ship him EMS so he'd arrive in a few days.

      That was the last time I heard from her, and I still haven't seen the doll.

      I PMed her on February 28, and on March 4 asking about him, but she never replied to either of them though she's been online.
      I emailed her then, thinking maybe the PMing was broken, and she hasn't responded to that either.

      I bought him for my sister, and by now, she's basically under the impression that the doll is not coming and that she's lost her money, and she's worried sick about it all, and so am I. :(

      So, Melissa, if you read this, please, please, please let me know what's going on! If you want to keep the doll, let me know, and please send us a refund. It's not fair to keep us in the dark like this. If you've already mailed him, can you PM me the tracking number so we can figure out where he is?
    2. Yes, please get in contact with rinabell! We'd really like to know what's going on with this. I don't think it's too much to ask. And if there's a problem going on you could let us know and we'd be pretty understanding.
    3. yes, if you have a deal to sell a doll, then please email or PM the buyer. it is the only proper and correct thing to do... I had a similiar experience and wish that people would be more responsible.. you have the money, now ship the doll already..stalling only makes people extremely nervous and understandbly so..
    4. Can you PM me or email me or anything? Please?
      I'm not trying to pester you or be annoying -- I'm just really worried and desperately want some sort of communication. :(
    5. oh muwata rina I feel so sorry for you!! I really hope everything works out! ;0;
    6. I've seen her posting here, Im sure of it...
      Maybe the doll is stuck in postage? Did you pay for tracking?
    7. She's emailed me, so it should be okay.
      I think she just mailed him now ... I'm waiting for the tracking number.