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Kungjaa versus cookiizz

Jan 17, 2012

    1. Cookkiizz bought a rosenlied outfit from me. Communication was okay earlier in the transaction and she then got busy after I sent her payment information. I had sent two pm to follow up with her and she finally responded and apologized that she had been busy and didn't see my first pm. She asked me to wait for payment for another 4-5 days until she got time to transfer fund but she did pay earlier on the next day. Unfortunately I had to be out of town on the next day so told her right away that I will ship the dress out immediately when I return which is 3 business days after she made payment. The overall transaction is okay. Cookkizz has been nice and polite throughout the transaction.
    2. I bought resenlied outfit from Kungjaa. It was first time that I did transaction with her. She was reply PM very fast and alert to pay attention to me. Unfortunately, I has been busy in last few week ago so I didn't saw her first PM. Then she sent second PM to me and threaten with Flakey Feedback if I didn't reply more quick :sweat
      I'm sorry but I just saw her on second PM then I was pay to her on next day. I think she's very strict and make me scare.
      Unfortunately, after payment, seller have to go to an up-country for few days. So she was ship the package out after that.
      However, well, I think all transaction was done fine. She was kind and hold an item for me. Nice pack and outfit has been arrived to me safety.

      Thank you so much for support.:)
    3. I would like to add more information to my first feedback for cookkiizz as I see that I was too kind and decided not to provide all negative information of her in the feedback since at the end the transaction was completed. After seeing her feedback for me in response to my feedback, I am very disappointed in her, not only she doesn't understand the rule here but she is also very emotional and childish. Being a irresponsible buyer is one thing, but being irresponsible and do not understand what you have done wrong and express your thought by attacking others this way is another thing. This is unacceptable.

      Summary of what happened
      - On Jan 2nd Cookkiizz sent me a pm express her interest in one of limited roselied dress I have for sales. She asked whether she could pay by Fund transfer in local currency or I only accept paypal payment.

      - On Jan 3rd, I replied that she could pay by fund transfer in LCY and let her know the price in LCY since we live in same country. I didn't provide her payment information yet as I am not sure she will buy the dress or not

      - On Jan 4th, she replied asking for payment information. I sent her the payment information on the same day

      - She didn't reply since while I saw her online many times during that including the night of Jan 4th when she initiated another transaction with another seller for a SD dress. I know about this because I was checking clothes selling thread and found a seller put her name on hold for that dress.

      - I didn't mind since I know she may get busy with another transaction and still trust that she will send payment soon

      - On Jan 5th, I saw the holding status on that SD Dress for her changing to waiting to ship= She already made full payment to the seller. I am a bit curious why she hasn't responded to me as I saw her online many times on that day. Still I decided to wait for her payment.

      - On evening of Jan 9th still no communication from her while she was online frequently during that time. Tired of the waiting, I decided to send last pm to her stated that I will give her until tomorrow noon (Jan 10th for her response. If she didn't responded by that time, I will give her flakey feedback.

      - She responded really quick this time^^; within barely 5 hours.

      To be continue on next post
    4. Oh I forgot to mention that on Jan 7th, I sent her a first follow up pm. She didn't reply. So I wait until Jan 9th to send another follow up.

      - She responded on my Jan 9th pm stated that she was busy and hasn't been online since receiving payment information and she just got back online this morning (of Jan 9th) and saw that I put another SD dress that she may interest and ask for more photo. She also stated that I mentioned no holds in my sell thread and she understand that if there is another buyer who can pay first, she wouldn't get the dress and hence do not need to transfer fund anymore. She said that she just asked for my payment information in case she would have time to make payment and if the dress hasn't been sold yet. She also said if there is other buyer interested in this dress, she is okay to let me sell the dress to him/her since she was really busy. And if the dress is still available in another 4-5 days when she expected she will be available by that time. She will send payment to me.

      - She said that I couldn't give her flakey feedback since she didn't cancel the transaction only just been busy and not available to make payment. She said that she doesn't know why I can see her online since she hasn't been online everyday, just came online this morning and saw that I have another SD dress on sales. She then apologized and ask me whether I still decide to sell the dress to her and if yes, she will pay soonest and giving me mobile number to call her just in case.

      - I responded let her know that I know that she was online from her recent actinides and status( green traffic light) and from her other transaction with other seller. I also understand that she was busy but at least she could have dropped me a short pm 'Sorry, busy and will transfer when available' and would really understand and wait for her payment. I also told her that the SD dress she asked for more photo was sold out. I also told her that since she contacted me now, no flakey feedback is needed. Told her that I will wait for her payment until Jan 14th since she said she expected to be available by that time.

      - She replied that she will send payment as agreed and let me know when she did. She also accepted that she had another transaction with other seller and sent payment earlier since that seller accepts only paypal payment and she asked her friend who is another member in DOA sent payment from her account since she doesn't have paypal. She said that since she had to transfer in LCY for my transaction (note: she is the one who asked for this payment) and she doesn't have time yet so she paid that transaction first.

      She then stated further that she didn't see my first follow up pm on Jan 7th and then quoted the first pm message I sent her ^^; Told me that I sent this follow up email after she already finished transaction with other seller so she didn't check her message after that. Then thank me for holding a rosenlied dress for her.
    5. - Jan 10th late evening, she sent me message telling me that she already made payment. I responded to her message early morning of Jan 11th that I received her payment and I am going out of town for 4 days and will return on evening of Jan 14th (I was actually at the airport at the time) I told her I will ship her dress out on Jan 15th (though it was Sunday). She replied saying okay.

      - I came back on Jan 14th and shipped the dress out and sent her ems# around noon after I came back from post office.

      - She replied on Jan 17th that she received the dress. I responded that I will write her factual feedback as you can see from above link ( I was kind for that feedback)

      - She gave me feedback the day after stated that I threatened her and was strict and made her scare while hide the fact that she was having other transaction during her 'not online and didnt see my first follow up pm' period.

      My point of view:
      - You need to communicate with your buyer/seller for pending transaction.
      - No holds doesn't mean you didn't have to pay or can pay whenever you will be available from your busy schedule or from your other transaction here without communicating with them.
      - You should know that your status is showed. Please do not say that you hasn't been online but your status showed that you online many times and have other transaction during that time also.
      - Please do not say someone is strict and made you scare when you are irresponsible and not communicated with them( They do not have super power to know that you are busy but still can have another transaction with other seller during that time)
      - Given flakey feedback is not a threat. I just pointed out the rule of this marketplace to you. I recommend that you read the ruled thoroughly so you will understand what you and others as buyer and sellers can dohere. Not reading the rule carefully may result in what happened to your friend which I think you don't want it to happen to you.

      I want to say that I didn't make a fuss (Okay, I know I am writing to long^^;) out of this irritating feedback you gave me because I am upset. I was in this hobby seriously and if I will be in this and in this forum, I will do it right. I felt that you are irrational and cannot accept factual feedback by calling me strict and made you scare. Or calling I threatenned you when you are a irresponsible buyer who made me send you a pm indicating a flakey feedback will be given.

      I do hope you will understand.
    6. I just want to add that there are more than few buyers flake out on the transaction with me in the past. I never gave them bad feedback due to they are still communicating with me telling me the reason whether it was true or not. The reason why I didn't is that they do not leave me hanging and waiting for reply. They openly communicated with me and that's acceptable for me. You are the first one I feel I need to give factual feedback on you behavior. You must know why. So here we are.
    7. I'm sorry for lately reply, I just come back from Chinese new year holiday with my family.

      I think it would be misunderstanding between me and kungjaa.
      I'm not a good writer in English but I'll try to explain everything.

      I'm accept kungjaa's time line is correct
      but additional notice is only kungjaa's view and misunderstanding
      so I would like to be clarify.

      First : Since Jan 4th
      About why I'm not reply first PM about payment information sent.
      As I told seller that I has been busy and didn't saw that PM.
      I'm on mid-term examine period so I can get back to DOA after examine (about 9th)

      I'm a university student, mid-term examine is mean a lot to me.

      I didn't explain to her first about my examine schedule because she said "no hold" and I not yet hold it.
      I just ask for information and I really don't understand about "no hold" in seller meaning. I think it not make seance, I'll explain later paragraph.
    8. Seller said she saw my status is online several time and my other holding status on another SD Dress was changing from waiting to ship.
      For this point, because I'm busy during examine (for a week) I have a few minute per day to using iPhone to access DOA and didn't see PM alert during that time. (I haven't a time to open inbox in deep)
      But DOA website is always home page in browser of my home computer.(I'm using automatic log-in)
      This computer is also sharing to other member in my home too.
      So I think it would be cause that i didn't see PM alert and lately check it.

      For another SD dress, I already make a deal with seller before 4th.
      It not my first time with that seller and her already hold it for me, then I have a payment schedule and manage it before I shut myself down from an internet during examine period.

      when I return back to DOA on 9th (I'm check inbox because another PM is alert), I saw the both reminder PM then response as soon as I can. I learned that seller still hold it and waiting for me.(with a bit surprise)
      I told seller that I will send payment within 4-5 days (because I have to go to a bank to transfer money and I'm not sure when I have enough time to do it but I'll try). However, I try to seek a time and can send money within next day.

      As seller told, she have to go to up-country and send the package to me when she came back. That is OK, I understand that everybody have they own job.
    9. About no hold that seller explain, I think she should tell thing more clear. If you didn't mean anybody pay first, they can get it. Then you should tell buyer that you are hold for a week or some moment then waiting for they payment.
      I think seller should be improve this and make it right for not make anybody misunderstand next time.

      I'm understand with seller point.
      But I think anything didn't wrong but it just lease conversation.
      Especially "no hold" in seller meaning.

      I'm sorry about I'm busy so lost contact almost a week then make seller some worry.
      I think if we both improve themselves, everything gonna be OK.

      In addition, I think seller can't give me flakey feedback because I get back to her within a week and all transaction is completed fine. I think seller to much emotional and she would like to give me a flakey feedback because she upset to my feedback.
    10. Is this transaction considered to be resolved?
    11. First of all, there is no misunderstanding of you from my point of view. If you don't understand about no holds you should have just asked on the first pm you sent me. If you know that you will be busy from exam and cannot make payment, you could have just sent me a message telling me to wait for x days while you have been online many times. I would understand that you have to take your exam and wait for payment patiently. I will never force you to go to the bank and make payment. I would also understand if you told me that you have to make payment for another dress first since you really really need to get it more than getting this rosenlied dress. By the way, I didn't 'realize' that you had another transaction 'before 4th' since she didn't put the' hold' for you at the time she post the selling thread for that dress but later on the same day and she also asked my friend whether anyone would be interested in this dress before she put it on DOA on Jan 4th ( We didn't like the dress so we just passed it) So I didn't 'realize' that your transaction was already started before Jan 4th. If you had your payment schedule for another transaction and manage it before you ' shut down yourself', you should have 'remembered' that 'oh I also had another transaction here too!, I should have let the seller know that I am busy, cannot make payment now or would she accepts paypal instead since I asked her to pay in LCY so I can ask my friend to send her paypal too'
      You should have know that your transaction is committed on your side the moment you decided to buy it and ask for payment information. It doesnt mean that oh I just ask for payment information. Why would the sellers give you their private payment information if they think that you are not sure whether you will buy or not. Please do not do this to other sellers here again. I dont want to see any seller here put a No Thailand on this forum just like what happened to Yahoo Japan Auction. Next time you don't understand anything, please communicate and ask questions.

      It is also interesting that you just now explain that you suspect that your online status resulted from you shared home computer. This is very generic reason. You never explain this to me on your pm in which you admitted that you had another with other seller.

      Btw, I just want to let you know that I would have be okay if you sent me pm telling me that you don't want the rosenlied dress anymore. The point to this whole long post is to let you know that your lacking of communication while having transaction with others in same marketplace will not be understandable for sellers here. Your silent don't automatically translate into negative confirmation. Please communicate with your sellers next time you have transaction with them whether you want or didn't want the item anymore.
    12. I will not give you flakey feedback, the transaction was completed. Please do not worry. I would have done that in my original feedback if I wanted to. No I am not upset with your feedback as much as I feel sorry for your lack of understand of fundamental rules for having a transaction in the marketplace. And also no, I am not emotional but you are an irresponsible buyer who thinks everyone who doesn't understand your lack of communication and be direct with you publicly is strict and emotional. I hope you understand now.
    13. OK, Thank you so much for all explain. I'm sorry about lace of communication too. I'll improve it and hope everything is done well.