La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

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    2. Lilla wrote:
      "Thanks for such a cheerful prediction."

      :) I like to think of it as pragmatic. We're going on three years? Three and a half? Some of the delay has been health related, some aesthetic related, but still a long time. So, for sanity's sake, I wouldn't count on him till we see him cast and for sale.
    3. What a lovely way to christen the new thread!
    4. Actually, I think it might be closer to four years. I remember I discovered Ludwig one fine day in summer but I don't remember if it was 2010 or 2011 but I'm pretty sure it was before 2012.
    5. Yeah, four years, but Julia has had so much work to do in building her first body from scratch. And then health issues to deal with. It has almost certainly been more painful for her over these last four years than it has for us. Just toys for us, but a seemingly endless piece of work that HAS to be completed for her.

      And that faceup is beautiful. Agree. Great way to start the new thread.
    6. @Innelda_Isher That's a very lovely and soft Roderich !

      I love all of Julia's work, I would totally get them all if I could !
      Here is both my (boy) Edria and Roderich. I wanted them to look very similar. I prefer Edria on a boy body right now, because I can't seem to find a female one that has broad enough shoulders for its head size ! I am eyeing the future DT17 with interest ;)

      The Crows
      by Arlequeen M, sur Flickr

      By the way my Roderich is on a NYS 68cm Loongsoul body. It is just one of the best hybrids I have got so far, in terms of proportions, neck mobility and even color ! I don't remember having seen this hybrid before so I thought I would share :)
      On a side note, Edria (I got this head second hand here) is way pinker than Roderich (which I got some time around 2013 Christmas time)
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    7. Zardi , MadamMauMau, Marlequeen,
      you made me blushing. Thank you.
      Sorry if it doesn't fit to this place.

      your boys are absolutely incredible. You choose my favourite palette, black iris or lilac...
      What pastels do you use to this face-up? I tried to reach this vivid juisy lilac and was absolutely failed...
    8. Marlequeen, what a lovely pair! I adore your face-ups :D.

      Innelda_Isher, he looks so gentle - a gorgeous Roderich.

      It has been a while since I last posted a picture of Gawain - here is one for the new thread :).

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    9. Sigune, more redhead Roderichs!
      Thank you for your compliment)
    10. Innelda_Isher, Marlequeen, Sigune: Thanks for posting pictures of your boys and girls. They are all so beautiful and their face ups are so diverse. It is a pleasure for the eyes.
      Has anybody any news regarding Ludwig? I feel he is the only possible contender to Granado Mars and the Dollshe men at the moment. I am looking forward to more pictures (especially one with the knees and elbows bent) from LLT. Though she doesn't seem to answer emails, I am hoping she still reads them.
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    11. My WORD, he's beautiful!! I especially like is wig. Well done!!
    12. Hey guys! Little question... I’m a bit confused at the LLT website. On the roderich page, it says that the period sale for him is closed, but the price is still normal , unlike the opened eyed, they put $9999, and like last time, they put the red dove head on the roderich page ( i think because the period sale was closed.) but I can add him to my cart. I checked jeeryama from ebay which is a dealer of llt, doesn’t sell the roderich head. Someone care to explain..?
    13. I use Schmincke pastels and Sennelier watercolors paints. Both brands are VERY (!) pigmented and awesome quality :)

      @Sigune Thank you ! And that's a lovely redhead Roderich you have here ! Somehow I never pictured mine as a redhead, he can only be a raven black hair guy ?

      @ceza Yay, another Edria boy ! Nice style and perfect wig for him :)

      Well the original "dreaming" Roderich version is still for sale but it seems that the open eyed version is sold out (I didn't know it was a limited version though !)
    14. wow there are some lovely pics in here. is the roderich head similar size to volks sd17/sdgou or smaller?
    15. Such a beautiful boy you have there! I love the face up you did on him, the freckles look very realistic. So many of the dolls in this thread are beautiful! I can't wait for my first! *___*
    16. It's a 8-9 in size head, the open eye version is closer to 8" than 9". I think it depends on which Volks sculpt you're comparing to, because my 1st release Roderich is just a tad bit smaller than Volks Williams/Reisner, but is similar in size to say like, Volks Ryoma. The head sculpt for the open eye release is really small for some reason...but still fits very proportionally on a Volks SD17 body. I'm not too sure if there are any size difference between different batches of Roderich...
    17. Weird. No sign of Ludwig though a new boy's head called Lazuli is offered in the LLT site. It is offered in a 'Volks Normal' (?) colour.
      I am still hankering for a tan Red Dove :love straight from the shop. I cannot bring myself to buy a Normal Skin Red Dove. I wouldn't know which Dollshe resin it would match anyway.