La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. @dollsoflace She's so cool! The sweater is lovely on her even though she doesn't like it xD I can imagine her making an unimpressed face while wearing it :XD:
    2. Hi everyone!))
      Does anyone know if LLT is going to releaze Lazuli head this year?
    3. She's making a new male dancer's body and will release Roderich and Lazuli when it's released but I can't find any even general dates
    4. Oh, thank you for the info,
      I'd prefer the head separately, though.((
    5. I don't think she's planning on selling the head separately, based on her responses on Instagram. Maybe try the marketplace?
    6. @Chikku thats the impression I got too

      so excited for this release, Isidore is stunning. I already have the money saved on the side for his release lol, Im expecting it to be this summer like the last two full doll preorder periods

      Im also pretty sure the neck holes of the heads have been modified to fit the new dancer body, its 12cm
      So if you want the smaller neck hole, it is also better to buy the older heads?
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    7. I wonder what body would be suitable to hybrid with the Black Pearl head? Someone is selling a head (3 times the original price!!!) but I don't want to buy a new body for him. I have an Impldoll 72cm body.
      * by the way, what is the proper name of the thing you put around the base of a head to reduce the size of the neckhole? Perhaps it would work as I've heard LLT heads tend to have really large neckholes.
    8. @Clarice_Raven

      Black Pearl was never ever offered head alone :( so there was no set price for the head

      What skin color is he?
      Both tan and the darker tan is very hard to hybrid, its not a decent match to any of the tans I own or seen

      White is a pinky white, somewhat suitable for dollshe's fresh skin but not an exact match, its also good with iplehouse white

      Normal Im not sure, I never owned one

      Black Pearl has a smaller head than Ahaz and Ludwig so maybe you will not need a smaller neck thing
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    9. I don't have a Black Pearl head but I tried my Ludwig on a Idealian 75 body once, it looked pretty cool. Can't talk for the resin match though.

      Even though you can use a neck donut (that's how I heard that thingie was called most of the time xD) in order to reduce the neck hole size, the actual neck size might look weird, depending on the original neck size, hybrid neck size, and the doll's face shape.
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    10. Thank you Ivelia and GreenTeaSlug for your suggestions! It was definitely weird seeing the entire Black pearl doll being sold for around $1000 but the head alone being $600... I guess I'll wait for a bit until someone sells the whole doll, as hybriding seems like such a hassle ^ ^;;;
    11. If you see the whole doll for sale, it might not be as "cheap" (*coughs*) as $1000 (the ones I saw around on 2nd hand marked were rather in the $1100-1450 range), and I did not see a whole lot of them xD

      But yeah, hybridizing those is not easy xD

      You could also get the head now, hope the color does not move too much, and get a LLdT body later down the line, I think those are not limited? (you might have to split away a head though, I can't remember if bodies were sold on their own, so that might not be a super time and cost effective solution)
      (Disclaimer: I have poor dolly purchase control, and I don't mind having heads sitting in wait for literally years before making a nice looking hybrid, so I might not be the best advisor around. Only purchase what you're comfortable with purchasing after taking careful consideration :D)

      BTW, if anyone has other suggestions for hybrids, I'm still looking for a body for my Ludwig ('cause he can't exactly steal that one body, there's too much competition for it xD)
    12. What color resin did you want @Clarice_Raven ? I saw a full doll available in white.
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    13. Thank you for this information! GreenTeaSlug mentioned this to me as well, but I guess after a recent doll haul, I'll be a bit more cautious about my money, and guess I'll wait for a while before I buy any more dolls :XD: I doubt there'll be more room left when the three SDs that I ordered arrive XD
      Thank you nonetheless!
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    14. Oh no, now I need to come up with more reasons why I shouldn't buy it myself! :sweat Three SDs on the way does sound like a good rationale, though. Hmm...maybe I need to consider that...
    15. I've decided to work on my Roderich. I have him since three years and he stay blank all this time !
      I've done his faceup last week and wig this week.

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    16. @Follow-the-Wind He looks amazing! I love those details on his face and the wig is awesome :love
    17. Just throwing this out there as an FYI for people still on the hunt for clothing, because I tried Idealian duds on my Black Pearl and thought someone else might be interested in the results. The shirt fit okay, although his arms are clearly shorter. Still, not bad.
      The pants, however, are a big 'don't bother' unless you're planning to just have him stand there looking pretty. (No, he's not wearing them in the bad photo.) They will slide all of the way up with a little work, even fit over his big bubble butt and then close at the waist - in fact, they look pretty good - but once he's in them, he can't bend or sit. A pity. It's amazing how much difference a couple of cms can make, and that behind of his definitely has a few to spare.

      If anyone has had further luck clothing these guys than in previous pages, I'd love to hear about it. He looks pretty silly wearing nothing but a shirt and his fig leaf, and leather isn't really the look I'm going for. :sweat
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    18. @celga pants (and clothes) made for HID fit okay, even though they both look very different, some of the EID tops by SartoriaJ fit, but only if its loose style

      For Pants, I dont think there is anyone better than Darkling's "leather" laceup pants, specially because of the booty LLT dolls have lol

      Im not sure she sells them atm, but she sometimes has slots available, she's Dar_k_ling_1976 on instagram, you should take a look! I have a few and they are worth every penny, and even imo, a bargain for all the details put into them
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