La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. @GreenTeaSlug Thank you, I'll look into SartoriaJ's shirts - I had a feeling that the wrap tops might fit these boys. And if Darkling starts commissions again on those pants, I might jump in. :) I think that someone in the thread mentioned that the HID pants would fit the waist, but are kind of unattractively saggy in the legs - which I could probably take in if necessary, but it seems to be a moot point, because all Iplehouse sells in that size right now are training pants and of course...leather, lol. I wish that Julia had foreseen this issue and come up with a small line of clothes for these bodies. :sweat
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    2. @celga oh the HID pants are not going to be tight fighting, it looks loose everywhere but the hips :(

      Based on measurements, the Spiritdoll Herculean jeans should fit, but the waist will need to be tightened to be nicer, and they are pretty cheap lol
      Blue jean_Herculean_Outfit_Accessories_Spirit Doll

      Freedom Teller used to make clothes based on measurements, but I dont think they do that anymore :( They are not making anything new for SID/EID and when I requested a suit for SID and Venitu they said they are not going to be making them, even as custom orders :(

      Im actually surprised that the dolls are not purchased as much, because out of all the larger male bodies ive handled, the LLT body is by far the most pleasant to look at and pose

      The good thing is that Julia does have clothes! I asked her if I can buy some clothes so he doesnt arrive naked, and I was sold Cargo pants and a vest lol. She also had pirate clothes for the Black Pearl release, not sure if it was an option or its something I asked for but i did get it
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    3. @GreenTeaSlug Oh, thank you! I'm such and idiot - I actually looked at the Spriritdoll website for their Herculean clothes, but I didn't notice that there was a second page. Yeesh. Those jeans will work fine! I don't much like the way they look now, but into my dolly laboratory with a little bleach and fine grain sandpaper, and they should be perfect. :evilplot: Now I just have to find something good for his big ol' clodhopper feet!

      I would love to get the original Black Pearl clothing release just for fun, but it's been years, and I'm guessing she doesn't have a stock of them.
    4. Wow, the new body is looking amazing on her instagram! The Roderich looks so good.
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    5. I'm sorry if this had been asked before but does anyone know if LLT is going to rerelease Ahaz at any time? He is one of the most stunning dolls I have seen and he would be perfect for a character of mine.
      Black Pearl is my grail, one day... one day.
    6. Sha hasn’t mentioned it. She’s only been talking about her upcoming release, which is for Roderich, Lazuli, Neil, and the new guy Isidore.
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    7. The ballet body is so prettttyyyy.... but Julia said it's similar to SSDF in measurements on instagram so it's too big for my floating head.... Of course the easy answer is buy more heads. :chomp:
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    8. If only it was 58-60 cm, it would be great for my Red Dove. Or rather, it's good that it isn't, my wallet doesn't need that right now. :lol:
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    9. The body is really beautiful, I love it! But...I don't think I want more doll right now xD
    10. That body is gorgeous. I don't know yet if I'll spring for it or not, but if I do, it will be the first time in a whole lot of years of collecting that I would buy a doll specifically for the body instead of the face. <3
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    11. I do love the body too! I’ve been wanting a Roderich for a while, but I think I want the body more— it’s so beautifully sculpted
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    12. Is she really re -releasing Neil?
    13. Yes, they’re all going to be released on the new ballet body she said.
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    14. Yey I'm so excited! Neil is a grail doll for me and absolutely perfect for the character doll I'm doing. Can't wait till they are up for order. Do they sell out quickly or are they available to order for a set time n then made to that amount? Did she mention a about time for order? :)
    15. She hasn't mentioned a time frame yet-- just when the ballet body is finished. Which seems pretty soon! I would keep an eye on her Instagram. :)
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    16. @primeterri28 The last two full doll releases were in the summer, and the preorder period lasted for 3 months? or 2 month? The dolls were shipped 2 months after the preorder ended

      So I am guessing the new full dolls will be up for order this summer too. Isidore is amazing, but the new photos with Roderich with the sleepy eyes look beautiful too!!!!
    17. Yes it will be Neil or lazuli for me. Both are perfect for my character doll. Any idea what size this body is going to be? Like how tall? I have a 65 cm boy who is coming soon and want this doll to be a little taller but not towering over him.
    18. An update on my Ahaz re-release question, for those curious, I messaged LLT about it and they actually said he is likely going to be re-release during the summer (around July). I can't wait for the other re-released sculpts and the new one. I totally want to get the ballet body though, it's stunning!
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    19. @Underthewillow Thank you for telling us. :3nodding: I agree the ballet body is stunning. I really want to see it in person! :love
    20. Of course! I figured there might be others like me who are pinning away over the possibility of getting him. So there's hope he's coming back! I want him in tan so badly. :sweat I'm just fanboying away, looking at the calendar willing July to get here yesterday. lol
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