La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. Anyone knows if in the new release will be available getting two heads with the new body? I want Neil and Roderich

      I check everyday the LLT networks LOL

      I'm not sure about this, only Roderich open eyes will be limited so I guess this one will be sold out fast
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    2. Ask Julia. She did that for the first release of Ludwig and Ahaz, but only because we asked. :)
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    3. Thanks! Yes, I will!!
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    4. Does anyone have an Edria and little Edria so that I could see the difference side by side? I have an Edria (mostly closed eyes nodded more open) but I wouldn't mind having a more open-eyed head for him. Just need to determine how different the heads actually are.

      Pic of my Edria for reference.[​IMG]
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    5. Would someone be so kind as to post Julia's Instagram ID? I keep thinking I have it, but apparently not. Thank you!
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    7. Love her insta! I wonder when she’s going to release the OE Roderich.
    8. Just today, she posted a short video on Instagram with two Roderich with open and covered eyes. :love
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    9. Julie now has detailed body pictures up on her Instagram....Who do I need to sell my soul to for this body?!
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    10. I'm so in love with this new body and I'd love to get another Lazuli or maybe Roderich. I just hope my wallet will be ready when that time comes *_*
    11. The ordering in China is already over and I missed. Now I can only wait for her overseas order opening.
      That body is!
    12. Omg! Really?? :/
    13. I can’t wait for LLT’s newest release! I wanted to see if I can get the new body as a hybrid for my Sumner, hopefully I don’t miss the pre-order.
    14. yes, I think she opened around 14 Aug. I can only wait for international orders. finger crossed
    15. I hope to get it! I'm waiting for months this release, checking their social networks every week/day ^^
    16. Anyone else think Granado's Female Embody could be a good match for Edria? Looking at the measurements I'm thinking there's potential. I am really looking forward to seeing this combo.
    17. Ooo I'm glad to have found this thread! I've been following LLT on Insta and loving the new ballet bodies. Really hoping I might be able to snag one in the upcoming international preorder, but I'm not sure. Ideally, I'd love to be able to order with the help of BJDivas, but LLT hasn't partnered with them for US-based buyers. :(
    18. The LLT website mentions layaway for up to 3 payments, maybe that will help? :) I hope it will be available in this preorder! Does anyone know if there was ever one when layaway could not be done?

      I am looking to snag one myself, probably a Roderich and I can't help checking Julia's instagram all the time. The body is just so pretty :blush
    19. Sadly I would probably need something a bit more than 3 (maybe 5), as I already have existing layaways and upcoming dentist appointments as well. I'll be very sad if I must miss out on this release, but if that is how it pans out, I'll survive.