La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. Anyone knows if in the new release will be available getting two heads with the new body? I want Neil and Roderich

      I check everyday the LLT networks LOL

      I'm not sure about this, only Roderich open eyes will be limited so I guess this one will be sold out fast
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    2. Ask Julia. She did that for the first release of Ludwig and Ahaz, but only because we asked. :)
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    3. Thanks! Yes, I will!!
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    4. Does anyone have an Edria and little Edria so that I could see the difference side by side? I have an Edria (mostly closed eyes nodded more open) but I wouldn't mind having a more open-eyed head for him. Just need to determine how different the heads actually are.

      Pic of my Edria for reference.[​IMG]
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    5. Would someone be so kind as to post Julia's Instagram ID? I keep thinking I have it, but apparently not. Thank you!
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    7. Love her insta! I wonder when she’s going to release the OE Roderich.
    8. Just today, she posted a short video on Instagram with two Roderich with open and covered eyes. :love
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    9. Julie now has detailed body pictures up on her Instagram....Who do I need to sell my soul to for this body?!
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    10. I'm so in love with this new body and I'd love to get another Lazuli or maybe Roderich. I just hope my wallet will be ready when that time comes *_*