La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. @Mandagore 'before June 2020' is the expected shipping date that was stated in the confirmation emails! :)
    2. Oh I see! :) Thank you! So, let's hope everybody stays healthy and fit for work until then, because that delivery date rules out any paypal claim periods by a looong time. Fingers crossed! Dollshe's customers do it every day.^^
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    3. @kagami cyberpunk ballerino would be a cool costume to make!

      I am so hyped to sew for this body. Wonder if his butt will give me as much trouble as my dollshe 28m...

      According to me, sewing for man butt is like a scale from easy like SSDF's flat butt to dollshe 28m's crazy hip to butt ratio...
    4. Thank you for the love @kagami The wig is custom-made by SophyMolly :)
    5. Hi friends, just wanted to add to the information there. We received a confirmation of our order but a denial of our request to add the pointe and demi-pointe feet. The reason was, "it's not possible to add order after 1st September". We'd sent a separate message on that date requesting to add them to our order and had repeated the request in their confirmation e-mail that asked us to pay the shipping costs.
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    6. This order period did not go smoothly. I hope the production of dolls goes well.
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    7. This is the entirety of my conversation with Julia.


      I included the time stamps but Instagram's DM time stamps aren't as specific as I'd like. The first time stamp, "Sun 12:02", was September 1st USA time at 2 minutes after noon, around 24 hours after my first post related to this topic, in which I wrote:

      Never did I resort to personal or ad hominem attacks against Julia or LLT prior to my final message. I was indeed upset, but I don't believe I was ever out of line before that final point. My most extreme comment, that final point, was the one posted yesterday (Sep 5) on page 38 of this thread. I admit that I was more upset than others in this thread have shown themselves to be, but I don't believe I misrepresented anything. Even in my most extreme comment here on DOA, my focus was on the feelings of myself and my friend, as well as our experience and frustration, and how Julia's response made us feel. The focus was never to attack Julia/LLT, but apparently Julia took the way that we felt as a personal insult, yet doesn't see it as her responsibility to address it. I'm not saying it is her responsibility to address it, it isn't, but she can't have it both ways to be offended as well as not see it as her problem. Furthermore, those experiences and feelings are things that actually happened and existed, but Julia chose to misrepresent them and warp them into pettiness on my part, which the act of messaging her solely to give her attitude would constitute as.

      Furthermore, I don't feel it's inaccurate to say that I was polite and objective in the messages that I'd sent to Julia directly. The point at which she accuses me of messaging her solely for the sake of "showing [her] [my] attitude" is when I'd only sent her the messages at a point in time prior to the comment I made on page 38. I acknowledge that the final message I sent to Julia, which I did chronologically after I had posted my comment on page 38, was indeed impolite, but I'd intended it to be because I was done trying to deal with her.

      It's very disheartening and frustrating to be treated like this, to not only have the experiences of myself and my friend completely invalidated, but to be misrepresented in such a manner. I get that fundamentally, I'm just an unknown collector who Julia can mistreat without repercussions. Nonetheless, I don't feel that just because an artist is gaining popularity that it entitles them to behave like this. Then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Not sure if anyone remembers but Julia was the one who tried to pass off those generic $20 tall boots for 70 cm dolls with big feet as her own creation and design and tried to sell it for $65. :doh

      Sorry about the negativity folks, y'all deserve better, but sharing my experiences is the only way for a nobody like me to not be completely swept under the rug.
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    8. Yep, I sent my request for adding the demi-pointe feet on August 31 US time, and still got a "no" in response. That "after 1st September" is a little confusing given the fact that it was more like 'after first 50 minutes', but I think when they saw the number of orders, they just said 'enough is enough!' I'm a little disappointed, but oh well. Honestly, I'm just pleased to have been one of the people fortunate enough to make the site work properly...and I'm reluctantly willing to count it as my own fault that I panicked and hit the buy button before I grabbed everything I wanted. I would've been a lot more disappointed to miss out on the whole doll because I dawdled! :XD:
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    9. I'll just say this. At this point it is entirely possible that all the website acting up during the pre-order was due to more people accessing/ obsessively refreshing that website and clicking on buy buttons at the same time than that server was built to handle. Dozens or even hundreds of people putting things in their carts all at the same time would be enough to make the buy button disappear for others trying to access. In that event, it is very probable that Julia would not even have noticed any technical problems on her side. That kind of severe server overload is not something she could have foreseen or found a solution for during the pre-order process. Nor would it be something she could rectify (or be held responsible for) in hindsight. We do not know the technical facts, probably never will.
      So I would be very, very careful before assigning guilt and implicating things of any nature. It's common sense, really.
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    10. I knew there were problems as soon as she announced that the pictures where up on the site. I could not bring up the new home page even with a cntrl-refresh. I had to switch to a different browser. I am sure she was not aware of the problems but they were real and not simply due to the volume of traffic.
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    11. Personally, I feel with click wars, this was probably one of the smoothest ones Ive been part of, and LLT is still a small company, and this is their first preorder with that overwhelming interest.

      Ive been in a Volks click war not more than 10 days ago that lasted 3 hours. Hours of refreshing, getting errors, clicking checkout, completing the credit card information & verification only to be thrown back to the main page again to repeat refreshing and crashing throughout the check out process on a highspeed broadband internet (I went to my friend who streams his video games just to get better chances of not crashing). 3 hours and I didnt even get the outfit. So many others in the thread had the same thing happening to them, and this is Volks, arguably the biggest BJD company now. That clickwar frustration is now something you read about everytime Volks releases new clothing selections, its just a part of it.

      Its actually amazing to me the website has not crashed, that it processed the payment and confirmed the order.

      After all the dolls sold out, Julia messaged me direct and asked me if I managed to get one. No other company Ive dealt with has ever done that except Bimong. She actually cares and gets excited to see what people do with her dolls. She also messaged my other friend. Just putting this out there, I have very little instagram presence - I am not a person with a lot of followers, and I dont post regularly, so it wasnt about social media clout at all. We were just one of the many that followed Julia's process through out.

      There were so many of us waiting for the doll to be released, have you seen the views on the news post? Not an hour after it posted, there was about 800+ views on it. Now imagine all that interest on their server since a time and date was provided. It was a click war and the cart option will disappear since people were adding it to their cart. I wanted OE Roderich, and the add to cart option was not available literally 20 seconds in, but the others was available. I wasnt going to waste my time on trying OE Roderich so I went straight to Isidore. (OE Roderich alone was limited to 20 - the others were limited to 80 in total). OE Roderich was in high demand, and Im pretty sure sold out within minutes if not seconds, or at least it was sitting in peoples carts through checkout which made it unavailable for those who refreshed the page.

      Im very grateful and excited that I was able to get Isidore. I really did need that little bit of cheering up and Im going to be building a diorama to make the time pass by a little faster.

      I would love to know what everyone's plan is for their upcoming dancers, what aesthetic, makeup and mood and background will you have for them? I know once the release is nearing Ill be refreshing the database like crazy to see what you come up with lol, its probably my favorite place on DoA

      I have 3 Black Pearl, a Ludwig, and Ahaz full dolls + a Neil head (which by the way, I got as a gift as a complete surprise from LLT). All of them are the best quality in resin and sculpting. The weight is heavy, the posing is beautiful, and the resin feels very rich. Anyone getting one will be very happy because it excels in appearance and engineering. These are also older dolls, so I cant even begin to imagine how amazing the new dolls are with their improved body engineering. June 2020 sounds like a long time, but I personally prefer they take their time making a high quality product.

      This was the first ordering period, Im positive it was frustrating for everyone involved (including Julia and Miho) and Im also positive the website will be worked on better for the next ordering period now that they know what to expect.
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    12. No one can change what happened in the past, but acting as though a problem that indeed existed didn't, saying it didn't matter because it worked for enough other people, and finally implying that the people affected were at fault for failing to purchase, is not fair to anyone. Furthermore, a person shouldn't need to have spent thousands of dollars on someone and years telling them how awesome they are to be treated with basic human courtesy, which includes not dismissing and insulting someone who's trying to talk about a technical problem. Someone who treats one person nicely is also capable of treating someone else badly.

      I'm glad that those of you who were able to get your dolls did so successfully. I sincerely hope that you have a great time with them.
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    13. Thank you for that, @GreenTeaSlug. I was so thrilled and grateful to have been one of the lucky ones who snagged what they wanted (and yes, I was refreshing like a lunatic and already checking out about 30 seconds after the cart buttons first appeared :sweat), but to tell the truth, I've been feeling more and more gloomy and guilty about my success as this thread progressed. I've never felt that way after a purchase before - as though I had stolen someone else's doll (and I know that no one was trying to make anyone else feel bad, only it's hard not to under the circumstances) - but your post took away at least some of that anxiety. The sad truth is that there will always be winners and losers in a click war, and it all comes down to sheer luck vs. technical difficulties.

      @sno4wy I am, from the bottom of my heart, sorry that you and your friend were unable to order, and that you were hurt by the response to your conversation. At this point, I suspect that you want nothing further to do with LLT at all, but I can only suggest that your friend watches the MP, eBay and the social media sites like a hawk after these dolls start coming home. One person's Grail can surprisingly often be someone else's Eh, not so much. If she still wants him, I truly, truly hope that she is able to get him.
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    14. @celga Thank you, and thank you for how kind you've been throughout this whole thing. I understand that my frustrations may have caused others to feel negatively so I really appreciate that you've been so patient and supportive even when I've not been great. People like you are a true blessing to the hobby.

      I've said enough here so I won't be saying more. I'm going to be selling my LLT dolls after I find shipping boxes for them. Best of luck to everyone in future releases.
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    15. @sno4wy I just read your post - I am sorry that you couldn´t order. But I was gratefuel to read about your experience, I thought I was the only idiot who didn´t get the cart button to load. I considered contacting the company about it, but didn´t do it in the end - which I am glad about now, after reading of your experience. Worst response ever to get from a company - you feel really really valued as a customer then. /irony off
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    16. I received my confirmation mail as well, and a bit later also a reply to the email I sent right after I ordered. :) I'm really excited now, although it's a long wait.
      BTW, I used only Firefox, I didn't clear the cache or anything, just remained calm and refreshed until I got a cart button. A few times the page wasn't displayed correctly, like buttons or pictures not being loaded. In my experience that's what happens when a site is being hit by too many requests, which was bound to happen after all the attention Julia's posts received on Instagram. So I too think there was nothing wrong or unfair about this sale, it was simply down to luck.
      I actually didn't count on being lucky, I was rather quite sure I wouldn't get my Ballerino. I thought the dolls would sell out much faster, so I'm reeaally happy now. Congrats to everybody else who was lucky, and :hug:to those who weren't.
      @GreenTeaSlug I'm not 100% sure what character my dancer is going to have yet. I usually work that out once I have the doll in my hands and work on it. Or at some point I suddenly get an idea and everything falls into place. I'll see what happens!
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    17. I don't know about the ballerino body, but my Black Pearl has a really big ol' butt. I tried a pair of Soom ID pants on him, and he nearly split the seam. :sweat
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    18. OMG. That is a lot of booty!

      Like tentative outfit ideas for my boy are like....

      -Cavalry outfit
      -some kind of ballet outfit with tight pants and poofy sleeves and lots of embroidery
      -probably some variant of a 3-piece suit because I always gotta do one
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    19. I'm so curious to know how big these guys are going to be. I only have my Bermann as reference now and the largest boy I've ever handled is an Akando. :ablink:

      What I have in mind for my Ballerino is a fallen angel character whom I'm currently RPing. Everything about him clicked when I saw him for the first time with the way Julia styled him, right down to how graceful the new body and those feet are. I can't wait to bring him to life... :frownyblush: He will be black hair and blue-eyed and he's generally a very snazzy dresser, so three-piece suits and high fashion type clothes would be what I'm after... Goodbye, money! :chomp:
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    20. Does anyone know if the LLT website is down to all US orders? I really want to order 2 Edria heads but can't get a cart button to show up for me on any computer/device. We've even tried xbox1, PS4 and an iPad in addition to my Mac laptop and desktop. I've cleared my cache etc and some of the devices had never been on that website to start with.