La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. @bsistrunk She is a single artist company, so her dolls have pre-order periods during which you can buy them. Edria is not currently for sale.
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    2. Oh no. Ok Thank you so much!
    3. You're welcome! Keep your eyes on her IG for for future sale periods. :)
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    4. Thank you! Will do! She's my grail so hopefully she will come up again sometime soon.
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    5. When you get marketplace access, you may also get lucky and find one there sometime. You never know what will show up!
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    6. The fact that some people successfully used a certain browser and others didn't have success with that same browser, or some succeeded by cleaning their cache, others didn't have success with the same action - and so on, all across all the browsers and different problem solving procedures used - is in fact the strongest point in favour of the server traffic overload theory.
      Had it been one or two browser types, or had one procedure worked all the time to solve the problems, then we could hypothesize about compatibility issues or bad programming. But if you read all the accounts carefully, this really points towards a more close to the core, general type of technical issue.

      This website was obviously overrun with people from all over the world (excluding China), starting even before the sale went live. GreenTeaSlug gave a good example of that. So I agree with you, it was down to luck, and what could be more fair than that. It's life, really. :sweat
      Congrats to all who succeeded, and better luck to all who will try next time!:hug:
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    7. I LOVE the idea of a dancing cavalry officer - it sounds like a movie musical from the 1950s, lol. He sings! He dances! He charges courageously headlong into battle waving a saber!

      I am planning for a ballet outfit with an embroidered top, too, probably fitted but with poofy sleeves - but I think I'll just use the leotard under it. I doubt I could sew a teeny pair of snug, well-fitting pants to save my life...and I sure as heck could never create a 3 piece suit. :sweat I'll have to wait and see what the measurements are for this body, and then start hunting for possible fits.

      Looking forward to seeing your creations! :thumbup
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    8. Lol, it does seem like the set-up for a musical.

      My character Parzival started out super serious and now I am imagining a guy who seems dead serious but then he starts breaking out into dance when the feelings are too much.

      In possibly an act of hubris, I was like "eh, I can sew my own leotard!" because none of the colors felt really like "this is the one" to me. I hope this does not bite me in the butt.... :sweat

      Also since he is cavalry, this means I must make him an entire horse at some point... I don't know how I plan to do that.... because it needs to be like very large.... I kind of want the horse to have something resembling fur so I guess I either need to flock a sculpture or sew one.
    9. Oh, what a fun idea! I've seen a few vintage horse restoration projects on DoA, but I can't remember if I've seen one made from scratch. You should consider making a project journal that the rest of us can ogle when you get around to it. :thumbup
    10. I will have to do a project journal for sure. Not sure if I wanna start now or wait. Like the ballerino body is close to SSDF except for having a thicker neck, a smidge wider shoulders (like a 1 cm difference) and more hip/booty. But the length of his legs isn't listed on the LLT website unless I'm having a dyslexic moment.
    11. Ah! About the same as SSDF's legs.

      Guess I can start on the horse....this project will probably help pass the wait time.
    12. I still don't know the style I'll give to my Roderich... I change my mind one hundred times at day :doh and there are a lot of months ahead XD
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    13. @Dolly Wardrobe I'm exactly the same way. I can't even settle on whether he's going to have dark, medium or light hair, much less what kind of faceup I want for him. :XD: Clothing style, not a clue - except he needs one ballet outfit, or it would be a sad waste of those beautiful point feet!
    14. @zekarmisama You might look at the My Twinn horse. I found one recently on ebay and then another one was listed for some time.
    15. @celga I love your idea so much, because I can imagine it in my mind like the classical dancers you see on TV, with the audience all dressed up with their golden binoculars lol! I love that image, Im eager to see what you come up with when the time comes
      The good thing about leotards and body suits is that you can sew the fabric on them... cut it while they are wearing it and then flip it to make it look nice and clean. Ive just started sewing the past year and if its a leotard like the one on LLT (without the sleeves/ shoulder inserts, neckline etc) it makes it easier, plus if you accent it or use a fabric with a busy pattern, it would hide the imperfections XD

      @kagami Im going based on the measurements alone that these dancers are very close to Venitu in size (off in a few places, but closer to Venitu than Iplehouse dolls)
      Im guessing your Bermann is the 18M? (by the way, is he the original or refreshed Bermann?) You can get an idea of his size here since they are comparing their fifth motif to their dollshe
      Venitu (5th Motif) Comparison Photos

      @zekarmisama Thats very interesting!
      Theres a cool article on BJD Collectasy here with the process of an artist making her horses in 1/3 scale for BJD's
      ~ Casting Nahar ~

      If you dont want to go through that and would rather buy it direct, Im pretty sure she still sells them if you contact her. I *think* Salem Sisterhood on IG did that and her horse looks amazing in all black!

      Parzival sounds like quite the character and Im very curious to see how looks like when you get him! For some reason, Im picturing Aaron Taylor Johnson in the Anna Karenina movie, with all the dancing, the youthful beautiful face and the cavalry part :)

      Which lucky Ballerino did you get by the way? I looked through the thread and your profile and Im very curious!

      I know exactly what I want to do with my Isidore. I chose the darkest skin option for him and will be sending him off to Komorebi for a faceup. He will have dark eyeshadow, exaggerated eyeliner, with metallic accents, thick wild eyebrows, natural colored lips and multiple earrings. Im going to be trying to make my own eyes for him, using the Dollmore Glow in the Dark powder mixed in, just for fun. One pale "blind" eye with a white iris and the other a dark brown eye. Im going to try to get in depth with him because I always loved reading people's profiles and the BJD Database (this is what im excited for the most! I want these dolls to come so someone can start a database for the dancers and I can read what everyone came up with)
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    16. @nancy_schroeder_ca those are too small. I saw someone with a SID girl riding those and her leg goes way too far down. Aesthetically, I just don't like it when the rider's feet extend too far past the chest of the horse. That is like my main sticking point for horse sizes.

      @GreenTeaSlug Aaron Taylor Johnson does kind of have some similarity to my planned look! lol. He is gonna be a blonde with curly/wavy hair. I got the Neil head, but might be using the Pygmalion Robin head for the ballerino body. I'm like hmmmmm will I want to make tweaks to what I envision for his face?

      Unfortunately Nahar is smaller than I want. The fact that 70cm dolls are particularly leggy just makes everything they sit on look so small. Like I have trouble finding furniture with a seat height that doesn't make my SSDF boy look like a man squatting in those small kindergarten/preschool chairs. Like even stuff I've seen specifically for larger dolls will have like 5 inch seat height.... which is fine for SD, but looks very awkward for my 70cm boys.

      By my current estimate, I want a horse that is about 24 to 26 inches at the shoulder so that it is an average to slightly above average size horse scaled to my character who is 6 feet tall. I've seen people suggest a horse that is like 15 to 17hands tall for 6 foot tall people so 60-69" to his 72"

      First sketch, for size.... need to like check proportions and pick the horse breed look I am aiming for and sketch out the width I am going for so I don't end up making a skeleton/armature that is the wrong size.

      [​IMG]horseplanning by Kaxen6, on Flickr
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    17. I keep thinking about this body... And how I kind of want a 70 cm tan boy. But the head sculpts she has now are just too serious for what I'd want. It is fun to imagine a bodybuilder girl with a ballet dancer boyfriend though.
    18. @GreenTeaSlug Yes! That is exactly what I was picturing - classical ballet with all the elegance of the old school costumes. My sewing machine is kaput, though, so I'd have to do it by I'm thinking...a year or two to complete? :XD:

      @zekarmisama Look at you, already out of the starting gate! (I know it wasn't intentional, but in the second picture your boy looks like he's thinking 'don't touch the hair!') I am so impressed with your artistic ability, and it's exactly the size that I would envision for one of these big guys. It's also the perfect opening for a project journal - please tag it here when you get rolling, so we know to follow!

      @iamkathybrown You just gave me the fabulously wonderful and disturbing image of popping a smirking Black Pearl head onto a ballerino body. I only wish mine was a color match so that I could give it a try! :lol:
    19. @celga TBH I'm surprised I got the proportions pretty on point just via free handing.. I decided to use an Irish Warmblood as the reference horse and I only needed to do a few small tweaks.

      lol, my SSDF guy is definitely a "don't touch the hair" sort. He is a 1920s guy who has strong feelings about the superiority of automobiles.

      I will start the project journal as soon as I get fabric. I'm trying to decide on the perfect champagne palomino color fabric.... I don't know why I keep talking myself into extremely specific blonde/cream shades for things. I also drove myself bonkers dyeing hair for a doll who is a very specific shade of creamy yellow.

      Gonna give this horse a ridiculously glossy mane with silk roving or something.

      Horsegroom "Isn't this a war horse?"
      Parzival "Yes"
      Horsegroom "And you're going to spend part of your salary telling me to groom him extra?"
      Parzival "He is gonna be the prettiest war horse."

      I have no idea what rank Parzival is gonna be. Probably not too high ranked, but I also want to sew all the fancy stuff.

      I'm sure I will regret it when I need to buy like ten miles of military cord and stitch it all down.... :sweat
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