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La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. @GreenTeaSlug Yes! That is exactly what I was picturing - classical ballet with all the elegance of the old school costumes. My sewing machine is kaput, though, so I'd have to do it by hand...so I'm thinking...a year or two to complete? :XD:

      @zekarmisama Look at you, already out of the starting gate! (I know it wasn't intentional, but in the second picture your boy looks like he's thinking 'don't touch the hair!') I am so impressed with your artistic ability, and it's exactly the size that I would envision for one of these big guys. It's also the perfect opening for a project journal - please tag it here when you get rolling, so we know to follow!

      @iamkathybrown You just gave me the fabulously wonderful and disturbing image of popping a smirking Black Pearl head onto a ballerino body. I only wish mine was a color match so that I could give it a try! :lol:
    2. @celga TBH I'm surprised I got the proportions pretty on point just via free handing.. I decided to use an Irish Warmblood as the reference horse and I only needed to do a few small tweaks.

      lol, my SSDF guy is definitely a "don't touch the hair" sort. He is a 1920s guy who has strong feelings about the superiority of automobiles.

      I will start the project journal as soon as I get fabric. I'm trying to decide on the perfect champagne palomino color fabric.... I don't know why I keep talking myself into extremely specific blonde/cream shades for things. I also drove myself bonkers dyeing hair for a doll who is a very specific shade of creamy yellow.

      Gonna give this horse a ridiculously glossy mane with silk roving or something.

      Horsegroom "Isn't this a war horse?"
      Parzival "Yes"
      Horsegroom "And you're going to spend part of your salary telling me to groom him extra?"
      Parzival "He is gonna be the prettiest war horse."

      I have no idea what rank Parzival is gonna be. Probably not too high ranked, but I also want to sew all the fancy stuff.

      I'm sure I will regret it when I need to buy like ten miles of military cord and stitch it all down.... :sweat
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    3. You know, as you describe him, he sounds like a captain to me - key player, but not at the top of the ranks! And any cavalry officer whose hobby is ballet - the most graceful, elegant and athletic dance of all - needs a horse to match. His poor, unfortunate stable boy. :XD:
    4. Oh no, now I also want to make a dressage outfit for him.

      Of course the horse knows how to dance too.
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    5. That's precisely what I was going to ask. Clearly it's required now. :lol:
      Definitely looking forward to seeing this project journal!
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    6. Oh wow, you must! And then the horse will need the dressage "do" for its mane! That poor stable boy's life just gets worse and worse. :XD:
    7. My shorter dolls are a bit more stylized than both Pygmalion Robin and LLT Neil's faces, but I might dress one of them as the poor put upon stable boy.

      I found a rocking horse & carousel horse restoration website that sold 2-inch wide stirrup irons last night. Kind of expensive at $25+$7 shipping, but having a solid piece will look nicer than me sitting around bending flat craft metal. I'm happy there are enough people who want toddler-size rocking horses with real stirrup irons to warrant making these. Kiddy stirrup irons for kids who can safely ride a live horse/pony are a bit bigger since you should not let a toddler ride a live horse...

      I was looking at this page (Attractive, Distinctive, One Size: The Military Uniform in the Late 18th Century) and I think gonna use this Captain of 5th Hussar regiment as my reference for the military outfit.... though I also like the brigade general light cavalry outfit. The cape. But brigade general is kinda high ranked. .....Parzival is a German name but I keep ending up looking at French stuff.... I'm just gonna say I'm running Hodge-Podge Fantasy World...

      I'm gonna need so much cord... so much buttons... Also I have never made a nice hat before. I gotta make a nice hat...

      Granted, I have also never made a 1/2 scale horse with all the tack either. This doll is turning into a big project doll. All my other dolls the most complicated thing I do is mens formalwear which isn't hard-hard so much as it needs to be sewn in a really exacting manner. My dad says a very well tailored suit needs to fit a guy so exactly that he will need to buy a new suit if he gains weight.
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    8. Bleh, been sick, but I have to say I have enjoyed reading all of the ideas for the ballerino dolls so much! :chocoheart

      My wife is in love with your Parzival. She was very happy to hear that the horse can also dance. :celebrate
      I ADORE those military uniforms you linked and yes, the cape! :nosebleed

      As for myself...I don't have an idea that I purchased my Neil for. I just fell hopelessly in love with the body sculpt as soon as teasers started appearing, and I'd been eyeing Neil from a distance since his release. I just have a hard time with very muscular, heavy bodies (and even then I was tempted because it was quite gorgeous!), so I was SO excited to see this graceful body offered with Neil. :chocoheart

      That said...while I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling these last days I had a few ideas. Not sure if they will stick as I tend to have TOO MANY ideas for every doll, hehe...but here they are so far:

      I have a Nabarro Kalan head and the idea occurred to me that I should pair him with my Neil. I was planning to make him into a sort of candy/confections/sweets themed prince (like a sugarplum prince a la the Nutcracker), buuut he seems determined to be some kind of wizard? So I think I give up and he will be a sort of mischievous wizard and my Neil would be an etherial sort of magical counterpart to him. Something like Prospero and Ariel. I am half tempted to make Neil swan themed (all in white and pale pearl colors) and have my Kalan be Baron von Rothbart, as in Swan Lake (getting that ballet theme in there). My idea is that they would look lovely in contrasting colors, Neil all in pale colors and Kalan in dark. Of course...I have no idea if they will actually look good together, and my Kalan is still awaiting his body, but I suppose in my head that is the idea I am currently taken with. :lol:

      In a bird/swan theme, I was also thinking of the fairytale The 12 Brothers, who were turned into birds and their sister must silently make shirts to return them to their human form. But she runs out of time and the last brother is left with one wing arm. Something between the swan princess and this last brother with his telltale feathered limb is what I'm daydreaming about right now. :)
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    9. Ooooh a swan/bird theme would be cool!

      I was counting buttons on the hussar captain and I apparently need 85 buttons for the dolman.... and then there's a fur lined pelisse on top of that dolman jacket so I need.... 187 buttons.... :horror: How did people keep the military clothed back then. I found a person who made a hussar uniform and documented much of the process on facebook and it's both enlightening and.... daunting...
    10. Goodness....that is a lot of buttons! :eek:
    11. t sounds absolutely amazing and scary at the same time. I would very much like to see the process and the outcome; it should come out perfectly perfectly. :aeyepop:
    12. @zekarmisama - Wow, I doubt I'd ever have the patience to tackle all that detailing. I'm sure it will look great on your guy in the end, though!
      Your project got me thinking again about how it ought to be possible to design a 3D-printed horse (hollow hard plastic, I mean) that's both posable and can bear the weight of a BJD if you used the right kind of joints (like rosette/hirth joint/locking hinges style? The kind you can press a button on the side to adjust, but I'm having trouble finding any diagrams of how that works) and now my brain won't stop trying to design parts for it. Shame I don't know anything about 3D modeling software!
    13. Parzival and his horse are gonna have the longest project journal...

      Speaking of, I haven't named the horse. I think the horse's official name is something really manly or a really pompous pedigree name but Parzival quietly calls it like Smooshkins or something when he thinks no one is listening.

      If I was better at 3-D modelling, I'd give it a shot since I can't be the only person who wants a gigantic poseable horse and 3D printing is a lot easier to do repeatedly and consistently than sewing a plush (currently I have a feeling I will be handsewing a lot of padding on the horse for shape details), but I have a hard time wrapping my head around that sort of thing and get frustrated too fast to put in the time to improve. I haven't gotten any farther than a hilariously lumpy low poly spaceship from a class I took 10 years ago...

      The scientists need to finish inventing the "make what I am picturing in my head when I push one button" computer. lol
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