La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. That's so sad :...( I really love this sculpt but it seems there is no chance to get it.
    2. My order for light tan Neil was accepted! Did anyone else get their order approved?
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    3. My order was accepted too!!! I’m so excited now!

      Btw, last year pre-order was finished in 40 minutes, so I’m curious how about this year?! I sent my order email at 00:42AM (UTC+8) (๑>◡<๑)
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    4. I wonder too. I missed the last preorder and I submitted my form at exactly 00:00am.

      @Angeville Which doll did you order?
    5. Congratulations to everyone who managed to get one of these gorgeous boys this time around! :D
    6. I also received confirmation from LLT:XD:
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    7. Congrats to everyone who made it in! Since she is releasing the gloves hands separately I will be trying to order those but I decided to wait for the next pre-order for a full doll since it’s a bit hard financially right now.
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    8. Mine is a normal skin Roderich :D.

      Neil is handsome, too. I love that unique look of him.
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    9. Congrats to everyone who has received order confirmation on these beautiful dolls! :) Mine isn't so thrilling, but I did get an okay on ordering a pair of demi pointe feet for my incoming Roderich from the last preorder, so I'm happy. I would love a pair of those glove hands, too, but now is probably not the best time for me to be spending extra money.

      I think it was really smart of her to handle the ordering through email, and to only give a few days of advanced warning. It completely avoids the insane click war and the ensuing resentment that some people felt last time.
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    10. Congrats on your ordering of extra feet.

      I missed the last order. I can imagine the war on the website though.

      I know the order opened in China last year also resulted in a war. This year she opened overseas first. I am really interested to know her coming opening in China. She promised this time that she will hand pick buyers to avoid recast as much as possible. I totally support her to do so.
    11. I agree. I think it's just tragic that Isidore met that fate - he's a gorgeous sculpt, and I would have liked to own one someday.
    12. I'm so bummed about Isidore too because I was hoping to get him next. :(

      But I also fully understand and support Julia's decision. It must be so heartbreaking for something like that to happen. Ugh...
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    13. My Edria, just because I had her out to play today. She's on a DT17 body
      [​IMG]A Force by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    14. Wow @JinCIncy, what a beautiful and elegant lady! I love the way you've styled her. <3

      Now that I have two LLT guys, I'm starting to consider the possibility of a girl next (which is actually really saying something, since I only have two big girls in the sea of big boys that dominate my collection). I'm already floored by Julia's sneak peek of the body that she's currently working on...just gorgeous.
    15. I just received and paid my invoice for my Roderich! I can't believe I have done that haha. This is my first more "realistic" looking doll. I am not sure how he will fit in with my others but he is so lovely I just don't care!
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    16. Congrats @I<3MySD - you will love him!

      ...I paid for my feet. :XD:
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    17. I paid my invoice just now. I am done for this year, seriously no more boys this year, or I will cut my fingers! unless the R OE version, but it is very unlikely :eusa_naug
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    18. Congratulations to those who had luck to order the new LLT boys! I am thinking of ordering the LLT gloved hands, would suit my characters well.
      The recent photo of my Lazuli (name's Armi) belongs to february 2020. I think I never showed him here in this newer "beaten" faceup that I had refreshed last year.
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    19. Wow now it's May 2020. Waiting for the ballerino has turned into a very strange passage of time.

      .....and yet I still haven't finished Parzival's horse....
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    20. First real photoshoot with my Roderich today!
      Here is a pic of him:
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