La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

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    1. Thank you!


      Thank you! He is on Spiritdoll Proud body (old version) in custom color.
    2. @JinCIncy She looks great, that red is gorgeous with her skin tone.
    3. It's June at last!! :dance I thought it would never get here. Orders from the end of August should start shipping soon! (I hope. That was one heck of a stressful order period, and now this annoying virus...) Can't wait to see my boy...can't wait to see everyone's boys!!
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    4. @celga I miss all of them too, but mail delivery is awful right now. I'm afraid we'll wait.. longer time :atremblin
    5. @ceza I'm sure you're right - shipping has basically resumed, but due to fewer flights, the cost has more than doubled, and delays at the incoming ports are awful. I wouldn't blame Julia for holding off just because of overpriced shipping. But we shall see...hope springs eternal, and at least we're getting closer!
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    6. @celga, none of us (Julia or customers) can do something with the situation. In any case It's better to wait more than lost the parcel.
    7. It's June.... gosh this has been the longest few months because staying indoors has made me lose all sense of time but it also feels like every new day is more bad world news on the worst timeline...

      I have had slow packages and I have one that is in limbo for no reason. Like the tracking number worked with absolutely nothing for a whole week, then it's literally accepted in my city a few days ago but then no movement since Thursday....

      And I'm antsy trying to get a response from a customizer... it is driving me crazy because the dolls looked like 90% done so it's like so close and yet so far.

      So godspeed and safe winds to the ballerinos whenever they get shipped.

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    8. Just got the email that shipping will begin in July instead.

      Not the worst delay, tbh.
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    9. Well, we've already been waiting for so long that another month is practically nothing. :sweat
    10. Still shorter than Dollshe lol
    11. :lol: Waaaaaay shorter.
    12. I have been a bit stressed about my Neil shipping, to be honest. I have other packages in shipment limbo (already mailed but not moving) and much as I would love to have him now, I know it's safer to wait a bit and hope shipping clears up some. So I'm glad they have delayed them going out. :)

      I actually made a flower crown just a couple of days ago. I had been thinking about making it for quite some time and finally decided I should do it already, hehe. It has floating butterflies. Such a pain to make. :sweat
      I think I will save it for this doll. It matches a harness that I was making too so I guess there is a theme to start him off with. He's gone through so many ideas and he isn't even here yet... :XD:
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    13. DHL and FedEx are both operating at near normal delivery times.
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    14. Please forgive me for this question, but this delayed shipping notice applies only for those of you who ordered in 2019, correct? I was just a bit curious if those of us who ordered in 2020 were also supposed to receive the email. I thought I read from Julia that both sets of orders were going to be shipping at the same time, but now I'm wondering if I misread that. I'm in no rush as I've just placed the order, only curious :)

      Edit: nevermind, I found the email! To my PayPal email instead of the one I ordered from :doh
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    15. Aw, please show us! This poor old thread is so dead these days, I'd love to see people's concepts for their incoming boys...
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