La Légende de Temps - part 2

Jul 8, 2015

    1. @celga
      Sure, it's this :hug:


      The wire band goes around the back of the head (under the hair) and the flowers rest on top of the head, with the butterflies trailing down the back of the hair.

      The harness is pale pink elastic with gold rings and a gold butterfly on the chest. I found the butterfly sequins while I was cleaning and thought it might be nice to make them match, since I'd had the idea to make this flower crown. Hehe. We'll see how it looks or fits when he gets here, but it kept me entertained anyway. :XD:
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    2. Ooooh that's really pretty!
    3. @zekarmisama
      Oh, thank you so much! I just wanted to make something delicate, hehe. :)
    4. Wow, it's really very beautiful, and so tiny! It must have been a real effort to make. Looking forward to seeing it with the harness! Do you have faceup and hair plans for him yet, or are you waiting to meet him? I haven't been able to settle on anything at all for my boy...except for a pair of high heel boots. Naked, faceless and bald, but with elegant footwear, lol. I keep waffling on his style from one day to the next...
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    5. Oh my gosh, I'm glad it's not just me @celga :XD:
      (The nothing but fabulous boots sounds SO familiar.)

      I have a small pool of clothing that my Neil can try on, since he seems to share Venitu size clothes. He even has an outfit that I ordered just for him (currently in mail limbo). It's all black. Hehe, so not really in line with all the pink and butterflies?
      I had made the harness on another doll, but the body got snatched by a different head who's character would never wear it, so it has been waiting for a proper candidate ever since.
      Oh dear, I'm just letting the cat out of the bag on how disorganized I am when it comes to styling my dolls!

      As for a wig, I have the Volks Rapunzel wig that I am itching to try on him! :D

      And thank you so much! Hahahahahahahaha...I burned myself with hot glue so many times. :sweat
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    6. Oh I don't know, an all black outfit seems like the perfect backdrop for a splash of delicacy and color! I really like that sort of dichotomy. :) And OMG, I must see a boy wearing the Volks Rapunzel wig!! The thought never even crossed my mind, but that would be awesome! Julia's sculpts have the potential to be so flamboyant. I haven't even met him yet, but my guy is already telling me that bland is not the way to go...
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    7. The smaller hands and black pants for my Red Dove finally came in after a year of waiting. The shoes on the other hand, which weren't the shoes I originally wanted, but switched to because the other ones were holding things up, were still too big. Looks like he is going to continue being barefoot.
    8. @iamkathybrown
      Aw, no. Shoes can be so fiddly. I'm sorry they didn't work out! What style are you looking for?

      You are right! It would be a great contrast. Not sure if the actual components would allow me to show off the harness though, as it has sort of a cape/vest part.
      I'll post a picture with the wig when he gets here! Hehe, I seem to be growing a collection of guys with very long hair. :chocoheart
    9. I want some black formal shoes. But every thing is 8 cm and up. I just want some size 7s.
    10. I am sooooo excited seeing all those boxes and dolls!! Eeeeee! :love
      Soooooooon <3
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    11. @Lady Ravenswood I know right? Crossing all my fingers and toes that our dolls will be ready to ship soon! :whee:
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    12. I second that emoji! :whee: Has anyone heard anything at all? There doesn't seem to be anything new on Julia's IG. The funny thing is, I was waiting on another doll who was shipped as soon as I paid him off, and he arrived three days later. Are the current restrictions so different in each country? My little guy came from France, and while their usual methods of postal shipping like EMS are dead in the water, she sent him by FedEx with no issues at all. I wonder if Julia has that option. I would certainly be willing to pay extra for the speed, dependability and safety....
    13. There is a picture of lots of dolls in Julia's story.
    14. Oooh that is a lot of dolls lined up!
    15. Yes, the dolls and boxes (an earlier photo) were on her Insta stories. :chocoheart

      Hm, I think there is certainly variance by country for mail. I was also able to receive a package from France even during the earlier pandemic mail limbo. But Russia, for example, has no movement on packages shipped to me in April. So it's hard to say.

      Either way, it seems the dolls are getting prepped to depart on LLT's end. :sumomo:
    16. Excuse me, problem already solved.
    17. Well poo, I want to see, but I am IG challenged and don't know where to look. Can someone please link me? :sweat
    18. @celga, both stories are not available already, but they are too hopefully))
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    19. I wonder how many orders that photo accounts for? I'm able to count 55 boxes, but of course there are probably more off-screen. And maybe that 30? dolls all laid out that go off camera.

      I've managed to keep my purchase out of sight out of mind for a year, but looking at those pics I am totally amped up.
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    20. I'm really regretting my decision to get normal skin instead of light tan, especially after seeing them all lined up. :doh Next pre-order I guess! They're beautiful but I love the tan colors I can barely see.