Lati Yellow Discussion Part 26

Aug 7, 2016

    1. This is a discussion for LatiDoll Yellow.

      The Lati Yellow line are the most popular dolls produced by LatiDoll. The genderless basic "renewal" body is 16 centimeters tall, with the special bodies (abbreviated SP) which can be male or female are roughly 20 centimeters.

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    2. There was no Part 26 as far as I could find by searching. So to get the ball rolling again, here's my little Halfling - her name is Kismet Glitterglass.

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    3. Cute little guys looking very well behaved! Love the hammock. :thumbup

      Oh boy so much hair!! She's looking a bit stressed, I wonder if her head aches. :)
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    4. Awww i lover her outfit *___* Remind me a little bit on Robin Hood, but a girlish version :D

      youŕe boys are all so damn cute, my favorit is Ymir.. his smile is so sweet :D

      Congrats to youŕe new baby, she is really lovely. I like the white wig on her, thats a nice contrast to her skin :)

      Awwww her bear is sooo sweeet *///*


      I want to show you my baby too. Her name is Naná and i adopt her from a really nice person :D
      Naná is a princess of underworld Happy. I hope you will like her <3

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    5. Lazysunbather - congrats on getting your Flower Garden Lea! She is one of my favorite Leas.

      vanori - congrats on adopting this cute girl!

      My kittens :kitty2

      [​IMG]My kittens
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    6. Thank you so much, her hat was styled after RH. :) She has a TD sister who has a green outfit.

      I love this little one of yours too. Did you make her outfit? I like that she is a princess of underworld Happy, that sounds like a pretty cool place.
    7. Youŕe kittens are soo sweet =) Jia is from Cinderella release right? :D

      Oh can you show a picture with them togehter please? I think they are really pretty together :D

      The Outfit is from Latidoll, it is her stock outfit :D
      But she can look cute in casual clothes too ^///^ (sorry for the spam)

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    8. Youŕe Zilla look like a queen in my mind *___* Here eyes are amazing, may i ask which company they are?
    9. they're from luts I think, not sure, will have to take a look at my older orders to find out! Thank you. I almost sold her. Now she is one of my faves.

      edit - yes, they are 12MM P-GLASS EYES-NO.17, from Luts :)
    10. Oh yes, very cute, I like her kitty too. :)

      You can see them both here ~
    11. Thank you very much =) I didn't know luts have such great eyes :D

      Naná love plushys x3
      Aww they are so cute together :D I really love the background ^^
    12. guess i haven't been on here since forever, can't figure out how to quote replies. *smirk*

      Xanadu Dolls: heheh, we like big hair in this house!

      vanori: thank you so much! i'm smitten! congrats on adopting your little one.

      PinkPanther: thank you, lea is and always will be my fave! so so happy to have her! btw, your kittens are adorable! i really regret not buying mystic sophie :(
    13. Oh my! This girl is adorable - I love her hair as well, supercute :)

      I have been out of the Dolly world for some time now, so there is so many New lati releases I know nothing about - but just screams cuteness and/or awesomeness. After a couple of years away, I only have one bjd left - and she is of course a lati yellow.

      She is a pirate lea With custom face-up - her name is Teddie :)

      [​IMG]Long time, no see by Katrine, on Flickr
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    14. Does anyone know if it is still possible to find a Princess of Underworld on the secondary market, and how much I should expect to spend? I can't remember if she was released internationally or not.
    15. Princess of the Underworld was sold on the website for one day only so she can be expected to be very rare.
    16. Lati yellow are soo cute, it's criminal ! Have you seen the froggy Lea ? :drool I've never seen a lati so is it possible to see a lati in a hand for comparaison ? ^^