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Latidoll White

Nov 1, 2005

    1. I just caught a glimpse of it on the latidoll web :)

      the english site has a new welcome graphic that states:

      White series: 10cm A baby angel with you
      Release in the middle of November

      It seems to be less angry compared to the current lati doll yellows and incredibly pouty and cute ^^

      Not sure if anyone posted this, but to all the tiny lovers our there, 3 cheers!
    2. Ah...! =O_O=
    3. soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
    4. Let's just say I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for the little white version. Just, erm, in case. =^_~=
    5. There was some more pictures of these cute little ones taken at an event "korean Doll Free Market", they are on the first page in the little round containers. Looks like one tan one and two different white ones. I think the white one looks like a boy perhaps!

      So these are the same size as pocket fairies? or an inches smaller? jeez that is small. I like the tan one :wink:

      Hope they will show nude shots. Hope they do fit pocket fairy clothing or it will hard to find cute outfits.

    6. Valentine - XD we'll be looking forward to seeing what happens then ;)

      Treelore - oh WOW! thanks for the link, I totally missed them the last time I looked at that thread.... *squeal* so adorably tiny though! I got this super big weak spot for tinies, and one as cute as the lati yellow just makes me melt totally :D
    7. What a little cutie :D
    8. Oh really? o_o; >_>;;
      They're so cute. Despite my love of sunlight dolls this one doesnt call to me, I'm loving the normal skin. :3
    9. Oh, you never know. I think Joce would really like this little one, though. =*^^*=
    10. they are smaller , PocketFairy is 14cm
      they are Nari-Pon - size
      Cute ...I like the Tan one
    11. they look kinda like the nari-pons dolls @.@
      but they'r so cute ^ ^
    12. Nari-pon what do you dress them in?

      Are they hard to find outfit for?
    13. the naripons can be dressed with kelly/shelly outfits and shoes, so they are not difficul to find ^__^
    14. Oh, wow. I've been keeping an eye out for a tiny that would catch my eye (which was hard, because I think they're all cute to a certain degree), but the white in normal skin.... I want so very bad. :D

      I think I'll be watching LaTi very closely, now. We don't have any date other than 'middle of Nov.'? I'll just have to... look... daily... :oops: Or, does anyone know their regular 'update time', if they have one?
    15. Update from the Lati Doll website. Looks like the release will be on November 21. =^^=
    16. November 14... lea and miel will be avaliable O_O ahhhh
      and 2 more yellows? Ahhh this is awfully interesting :) Can't wait to see how the tinies look like ^^

      No plans to release blue lati yet? hmmm...
    17. Thank you! Knowing me, I would've just sat by the white page, oblivious of the announced date. I can relax a little now.
    18. and All BJDs in Yellow/Green line will be available on 00:00(Korean
      Standard Time) November 14.

      What time does the 00:00 mean?
    19. It's 24hr time instead of 12hr. Means it'll start at 12am, or 00:00 of the day.