LatiDoll Yellow Discussion Part 26

Sep 22, 2016

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    1. Awww... what a cutie! The last Lati doll I got was Tarzan. He took a year to arrive, too, but he also was worth the wait. But I'm not going to do it again.
    2. My Nia is here! I finally got some time to unbox her and play. Here she is on the right :D
    3. Awww... she's a sweet one - and Ninja Ruki looks very fierce ;-)
    4. Guys, I'm new to latidoll. I'm super interested in their new greek mythology dolls. I have one question: do they offer layaway?
    5. Angelie23, no, Lati does not offer a layaway. The waiting time for a doll is one year now.
    6. Oh wow, thanks for letting me know. :3nodding:
      I will have to decide whether to go for it or not. *_*
    7. Wow, 1 year wait time now? That is incredible. My last order from Lati was the Monster House range years ago, 2013 I think, and back then the wait was around 8-9 months.
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    8. She is too cute! Congrats!
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    9. Congrats! Cute little darling in a very nice outfit:love Like the background too.
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    10. She's SO adorable, and great picture!!! :D:D I have a Lati Yellow, and love her to death!! :love:love:love
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    11. I'm honestly not sure if she is a yellow or an orange but I received my Choco awakened version about a month ago after a 13 month wait, her outfit didn't show up until earlier this week while I love the doll after this long of a wait I must confess I am a bit disappointed her outfit doesn't fit (it won't close in the back).
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    12. I came here to check on wait times after seeing the unicorn girls. Those chubby unicorn legs just make me want to squeal. But... 1 year? The last time I ordered was a limited Sheep Miel. That must have been like 10 years ago, and I waited about 6 months. I guess I was hoping Lati would have improved on their wait times :(
    13. Lati's waiting times just keep getting worse. And besides those Unicorns are Hong Kong (or some other event) specials, and there is no guarantee that they will be available at the web site. I hope they were. And that the waiting times were not so long. I'd love to have that dreamy unicorn, too.
    14. Thanks for the info! :) Hopefully they will be available, although considering the long wait times I might just wait for one to pop up on the secondhand market.
    15. Klein, congratulations on your Choco! She is very cute and is definitely my favourite from the Magical Lati release. I am sorry to hear her outfit does not fit. Did you complain to Lati about that?
    16. I have a question I bought a Ari from Lati (doll Pedlar) she is pink comparied to the used coco tht I just purchased also which is also a NS. Has Lati changed their skin color. Doll Pedlar said that this was the new normal color. Has anyone gotten a recent doll. Also Coco is different than my Pury which is a white skin doll.
    17. Yes, Lati has changed their "normal" skin color to a more pink one. Even the "old normal" skin colors varied quite a bit, but generally they were quite pale.