LatiDoll Yellow Discussion Part 26

Sep 22, 2016

    1. Rosebud: Is there a comparison photo you can post? I'd like to see Ari.
    2. I ordered the Aphrodite Cherry girl in NS without any options. I still had 105 points that I wanted to spend. I wish the wait wouldn’t be so long...

      Did anyone else order from this release?

      I wish Lati would get their business back on track, it cost them so many fans and customers... but that’s a wish I have for a long time now. :sweat

      I remember this thread being so active a few years ago, but with these crazy wait times it’s no wonder barely anyone still pre-orders their dolls.
    3. Besides the waiting times being so long, there are very few releases that are available from the website nowadays. The current release is only the second this year, I think. Most releases are for doll shows only and not available online except occasionally for a short period, so it is difficult to get any new Lati dolls even if one is willing to wait.
    4. I noticed that! My new Nia is really pink compared to pretty much everyone else. Some time when the sun is out I'm tempted to try and line everyone up for a comparison shot. There's a ton of variation.

      I really like the Hermes Chloe, but I'm already waiting for Som from the Lati Village release... do I really want to do it again? Maybe after they arrive Doll Peddlar or someone will have one in hand for sale...

      Like many of the rest of you I'm sure I would love for Lati to just start offering their basic Yellows again. Even if only a few molds at a time.
    5. Kiyah: Does your Nia look pink close to this?
      <b><i>BALL JOINTED DOLLS++</i></ | Lati Doll | Lati Yellow | | Doll Peddlar | Dolls, Clothing and Accessories

      Lati is calling the Greek Mythology ver. Hermes Chloe "Peach White skin".
    6. @stellarphenomena I would say she's warmer or oranger in tone than the one you linked. She makes everyone else look WS :) If you look at the Magical Lati release pictures, she is nowhere near that pale!

      Chloe also looks very pale, it's true. I wonder if it's a new colour entirely?
    7. Kiyah: Ok thanks. Kinda scary about Lati color variance. I have Sophie and though I love her, in person she is more peachy pink than I'd like. I wanted that Nia at first but now I wonder... Would be curious to see a photo if you do one.
    8. So the unicorn girls will be available for sale the 10th, I would love to own a little unicorn Happy! But the wait times are just too insane and it doesn't feel as fun collecting Latis anymore. Such a shame. She sure is cute though!
    9. I'd love the mystic unicorn, too, but I just can't take the over-a-year waiting time any more.
    10. Does anyone know the price range of the event dolls that will be up for sale on the 10th? Thanks in advance! :)
    11. Lati did change their NS. There is a comparison of the resin color on the lati yellow body page on their website here: ::: LATIDOLL :::
    12. Does anyone know why it takes over a year to make the Lati Dolls? Most other dolls are half a year, isn't it?
    13. There seems to be a huge backlog in their production I think. They release new dolls for pre-order without having completed producing the previous limited release.

      They also started attending a lot of doll related events and producing both exclusive and basic dolls for sale there.

      I personally think they prioritize the event doll production, because it means earning money without adding more people to their never ending list of unfulfilled orders.

      I could imagine that they don’t produce in a ‚first come first served‘ way and follow an order (which would be the fairest way in my opinion) and instead produce what brings them more money right away like the event dolls.

      I know it sounds mean, but I personally think the online orders are the lowest priority in that production line, because they already earned the money they need in order to cast dolls etc. and basically run their business. I couldn’t find a different explanation for why it takes so damn long to produce dolls. :sweat

      Please bear in mind that this is only my assumption. Does anyone else have an explanation? I would like to hear your opinions.

      And sorry for the wall of text!
    14. My first and last order from them directly was a Sheep Miel from 2009. Even back then, it took them over 8 months to ship her out. I ordered her in late October and received her sometime in July the following year.

      I always had the impression that part of the reason why they were so slow was because of the ver1 and ver2 body options, the colour options and the magnetic and non-magnetic options. I don't know, maybe it's tedious to check and assemble each doll according to the options selected?
    15. Lati production times originally were reasonable, a few (3?) months only, though they started the calculation from the time the event ended, not from the time the order was placed. The magnetic parts were discontinued long ago, they were only available for a short period. The production times started to get longer gradually, and they just keep getting worse. I wonder if personnel has left the company, or why they can't produce dolls as fast as other companies. The phenomenon of offering dolls only at doll shows is a more recent phenomenon. The production times started getting unreasonably long before that.

      And considering that Lati only offers the Yellow line dolls - and occasionally the White line - and even basic dolls only rarely it is hard to understand why their production times are so long when other companies can product lots of different sizes in reasonable time and basic dolls can be ordered any time.
    16. Thank you for your input!

      I am very new to this hobby, and have chosen Lati to be my first doll. But the one year-wait surely put me off. Plus there isn't really anything available on their website! :( I had to buy from a re-seller. I hope in the future, they would be able to produce dolls in a more timely manner!
    17. [​IMG]
      My best girl! :aheartbea
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    18. I've got one second hand, it's not a sculpt I see very often! Well, she doesn't pose very well (body 1 is the worst) and she had some damage to her face but she is pretty anyway.
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    19. Did you get her with the hooves? The hooves were terrible to pose with. The legs just kept bending. There was something about the curve of the kneecap area that made the legs so kicky. I got a separate body for her so that I wouldn't have to keep changing out the hooves. The second body was also v1 but it posed a lot better.
    20. What doll is she?