LatiDoll Yellow Discussion Part 26

Sep 22, 2016

    1. That dress is to die for!,,,
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    2. Please someone update when they get one of their Lati Village dolls!
      I'm thinking of ordering Berry from Dollpeddlar. :D

      I think someone has already gotten Nia! I have yet to see the other dolls.
    3. Hello! I'm new to this thread even tough I've been lurking around for long. ^__^ I've got four Latidoll Yellow which I've all bought second hand. My dolls are Lumi, Kuroo, Momo and Aabie. They've all been some sort of limited edition dolls and I've been really lucky to have them. :) Here they are having Christmas eve with their Bluefairy Pocketfairy friends. I wish I could buy few more dolls from them in the future. Loving to see all dolls here.

      [​IMG]Little Granny's Christmas party by Kaisu, on Flickr
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    4. Yes it shocked me when I got the newer doll and she was so much pinker. I got a used fairy body and she would not have worked with this doll at all.
    5. So very cute!
    6. Did anyone order any full set Lati magical girls?
      Can I please see them I am really struggling to find pics lol
    7. [​IMG]
      I have an old Lea that has the old discontinued "Fun fun faceup" that Lati offered a few years back. I have since customized her as Hugtan from Precure anime<3
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    8. Hello! did you finally get your Som? Please share pics! <3
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    9. [​IMG]
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    10. So after 10 months, my girl is finally being sent to me!!!! ARGH im so excited
    11. It's a loooooong wait! Who is it? And congratulations!
    12. I got an Artic Friends Mina!!

      She’s at home but i won’t be home til this weekend! The wait is KILLING me Dx
    13. OMG! She is adorable. I love her little blushed cheeks. Such a gorgeous Lati! Congrats again! <3
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    14. I just unboxed her today! I'll be on it :thumbup
    15. Thank you! I want to see her. <3 How is your first impression of her?
    16. [​IMG]

      Here's my new girl out in the garden. I love her serious little face; artist was definitely the right character for them to give her. She always looks deep in thought.

      I feel like her resin is less pink/orange than my Nia from the Magical release, and it looks like they've gone back towards the older Lati makeup style with the paler lips with dark corners. All a plus to me as I prefer that style :) Her blush is very very pink and there's a patch of it on her chin, which I thought looked a little odd in real life but it's gorgeous in pictures. She stands well, though I think her arms are a little tight. I intend to make or buy her an easel (there are tiny easels with canvases available for crafts and I'm gonna start there) so she'll be posing a lot with her arms up which will chill them out! The only bad point is that she arrived with a tiny sealant scratch on her jawline. I didn't even see it until I looked at the pictures close up, so it's not a serious thing :3nodding:

      All in all I'm super pleased with her, though I will always be jealous of the people who got the Little Woman release and got their Soms first ;)
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