LatiDoll Yellow Discussion Part 26

Sep 22, 2016

    1. What beautiful little girl! She wasn't a planned purchase for me, but seeing your photo has changed my mind completely!
      I think I'll be receiving her this week, too! Thank you very much for sharing your little girl! :love

    2. My pretty G. Belle

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    3. She is so cute!❤️
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    4. Thank you so much rita333, you are so kind! Please show us your dolls ;)
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    6. Adorable! I love those overalls! May I ask where you got them?
    7. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask (let me know if it's not please) But how can you access the Lati Q&A Board? I have posted 2 questions but it always asks for a password which then says that it's not the right one.

      I'm so lost with the board and emails are not answered @[email protected];
    8. I have the same problem!!! I always just write my e-mail address within and ask them to e-mail me for the answer. I explain that my password is never correct.

    9. I had that problem with another siteonce and asked a friend to send a message on the Q&A board.
    10. Does anyone know what their Paypal address is, cause it sent a payment to Kim Jeong [email protected]. Any help is appreciated.
    11. I bought a doll and the payment was sent there as well.. I am however unable to contact them in any way. This is so frustrating.... :(
    12. I did get a reply back from Lati, all is well, I was able to ask a question on their Q&A Board with my order number. I gotta admit, ordering from them was easy, but I was not sure about the Paypal address they use.
    13. Thats great!
      Did you set up a password for the Q&A when you posted? I haven't been able to make mine work so I can't see what they reply. I'm using different browsers and it still won't work for me
    14. Yes I have my password from when I made my first order in 2005, I try to write them down and keep them in a safe place when I am ready to order. Also have you tried using Chrome to see if you can access your account? Also your virus protection can block certain over seas websites content or say that it could be malware.
    15. I can log into my account just fine and I know the password... but the Q&A always displays this message when I try to use it "Your password verification do not match." even after being logged in.

      Really don't know what I'm doing wrong here *_*
    16. On most Q&A boards you need to enter a password when you leave a message and use the same password to read the answer. I always just use the same password as the site.
    17. Thats the thing.. I even copy/paste it from a notepad to make sure I'm not misspelling and it won't even work. Thats why I'm so confused because I know what the password I set up for the Q&A is and it's not being misspelled at all @[email protected] ;
    18. Lati‘s Q&A-Board has a limited amount of letters you can use for the password. Try typing in the password with one letter less at a time and see if that works. :)