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LatiDoll Yellow Discussion Part 26

Sep 22, 2016

    1. Altoy- That is so retro 50's wear! Just adorable!
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    2. They are so cute.
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    3. Oh how I wish I could order a Sissi in this new Light Taro skin, it is so lovely! But I refuse to support a company that takes a year to make dolls, it's just too long to wait for something this small. I would love to collect Lati Dolls but it's just not possible with their waiting times. I have ordered twice in the past and by the time I got the doll I was already so upset with the wait I didn't bond with the doll anymore and ended up selling them. It was really sad :/. On a happier note, I love seeing everyone's latis here <3. They are all so cute!
    4. I agree!! I usually do better (emotionally, Lol) with second hand dolls, because the wait time often kills any excitement I might have about a new doll..

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    5. Yeah I'm the same, if the wait time is too long (like 6 months or more) it kills all the excitement and joy.

      And while we are at the subject of second hand dolls I found elf Lea in ns that wanted to find a new home so I'm looking forward to joining you in this thread with a lati once again ^^. I'm sending the payment tomorrow and then the waiting really begins. I'm super excited, I have ton of clothes and wigs to choose from!
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    6. Hi guys, I'm not completely certain if this is the correct thread for this type of question, but the Lati waiting room thread(s) did not seem active and I wasn't sure where to ask.

      Does anyone know how long the wait would be if I just ordered some clothes and shoes for my Lati? Also I just paid for my items and the order isn't appearing on the orderlist - is this a normal thing?
    7. still hoping and looking for a lati girl to call my own
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    8. Hello! I think ordering clothes might be faster than wigs...
      I ordered a wig once and it took a month or more to arrive... but I ordered only clothes once and it came within a week! ❤️
      If your order doesn't show up, try emailing them for confirmation?

      As for my dolls, I got my Greek Mythology in early November and they came late May.
      Lati White basic, no faceup, took less time-- late February arrived mid June. ❤️
    9. I hadn't got my shipping notice but suddenly I received a notice from local post office, I didn't have time to get back into it until today and wow, my Latidoll Yellow Emilie basic was shipped out. I ordered her a face up, I hope she does have that. Ransom for the customs was paid so I hope she'll come home next week! Just for the record, I ordered Feb 26th. Makes me think I might want to buy another one if there's interesting releases around.
    10. As usual my new Lea didn't like anything I had so I had to get sewing. Her wig arrived earlier this week, now we just wait for her new green mako eyes to come and all the spoils I bought from etsy for fall season XD.

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    11. I just bought a basic Lati Hana with a bunch of nice clothes by Ylang Garden. I can’t wait for her to come :D
    12. My Hana is here!!! She is sooo cute! I love her skin, she is so peachy. She needs more clothes! :D

      We are on instagram! @ksm.doll
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    13. So lovely Hana! I like her image!

      And my Joy in favourite overalls

    14. Has anyone ordered a lati doll from Doll Peddlar? I am in the United States and I expect it to arrive within two weeks if I order from them, I actually called them today and checked the availability of a couple of dolls.
    15. @duckydollie If the doll says In-stock, it should ship quickly! Some of the dolls listed are pre-orders and are not in-stock yet. But Doll Peddlar is a good source!