LatiDoll Yellow Discussion Part 26

Sep 22, 2016

    1. Thank you for your reply. I actually called asking a similar question to your reply, all of the dolls are in stock unless it says preorder! Now I am just debating on which doll I want! I really like Yuna and Yuri but, I’m considering getting the Lati Yellow Kitty Merry-Go- Round Noa set.
    2. My HoneyBee Sissi ))

    3. @duckydollie I got my Hana from doll peddler. She was in stock and she shipped the next day. Who are you getting?:chibi
    4. I can’t decide :sweat My decision basically comes down I want to buy a full set or nude doll. The only downside to a nude doll is all of the clothes I’ve found are shipping from Thailand or China so I would probably have a doll without clothes for a bit.
    5. @duckydollie there are soooo many cuties in stock it was so hard for me! You could always buy some of the clothes from dollpeddlar so she has something to wear while you wait!
    6. Buy the doll you like best!
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    7. I know right! I have literally looked at the website over 20 times in the past week just studying the dolls trying to decide haha. Most of the clothes they have don’t fit the personality I have planned unfortunately :kitty1
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    8. I just purchased a Kitty Merry-Go-Round Noa :D I can not wait to receive her! [​IMG]
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    9. Yay!! I can’t wait to see pics! Please post them here :3nodding:
    10. I will!