LatiDoll Yellow Discussion Part 26

Sep 22, 2016

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    1. I would love to see some Noa spam =)

      My favorite is the Olymp Noa on human body ( i look for one for myself but can not find her anywhere )
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    2. What a cutie! Can you tell me which Lati doll she is. I am new to BJDs and I am not sure who she is. Thanks!
    3. She’s Lati Happy :)
    4. Dear Stelladolls, thank you for letting me know.

      I having been saving for another Iplehouse BID but I think I am going to have to add the Latidolls to my list. I sure hope the list doesn't get any longer (laugh).
    5. Hi everyone, I would like some help please. I sold a dark tan S Belle and today the buyer got back to me with a list of flaws on the doll. As I don't scrutinize every single detail on my dolls, could someone please let me know if these issues are normal? The doll has been in her box and I never played with her, hence I sold her.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've also emailed Lati but have yet to hear back from them.

      Links to photos sent by the buyer:
    6. I don't see anything unusual. You either have a very picky buyer or a case of buyer's remorse. Personally I would allow the buyer to return the doll.

      These dolls are all hand painted and small variations do occur. Variations with tan skin tones are common especially along seam lines.
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    7. You are absolutely right. In addition - often there are small casting defects, gaps and crevices when individual parts coincide. This is not considered a marriage, even Lati himself.
    8. Thank you so much for the input. I was pretty shocked as well as I never scrutinize faceups that closely, right down to the lip lines. I will try to work things out with the buyer. With covid19 and some borders closing arranging a return is going to be a hassle. I am super stressed out right now as I was relieved the doll made it out to the buyer just in time, only to be met with a barrage of messages the entire day today.
    9. I think it’s not a big deal... my recent Lati dolls especially dark tan have had sealant issues(cracking, bubbling) and I think that’s exactly what it looks like here. I personally wouldn’t do a return on that but that’s just me.

      the top of the head is covered by a wig, does it really matter how it looks? :doh
    10. To me the top of the head just looks like a slightly lighter shade. It's not even cracked but smooth, and like you said, it can be covered by the wig. As for the lips, I was honestly stunned that she would look that closely to even find that tiny mark. Now I'm just hoping for a response from Lati so that she can be satisfied :pout:
    11. Dear stelladolls, I have a Latidoll question. I am a Newbie and I am going to make a posting in Newbieland with a few questions but I thought I would ask you this questions since you mentioned that your doll is tan.

      I am looking at the Yellow Lea. It doesn’t say that she comes in tan. Do you know if Latidoll will custom make a doll in tan? Thanks.
    12. @Owl Queen Lea has been released in tan before in the limited collections, but your best bet would be trying to find her secondhand, as she is one of the older sculpts and is seldom released in the limited collections now. Lati doesn't do custom tan orders, unfortunately.
    13. yes, as bbotss said Latidoll are mostly released in events and 4 or 5 sculpts only are available for purchase. Sometimes they come in tan, you just have to hope that they will do the sculpt you are wanting. Unless you want a basic doll but those are not available all the time either and they don’t offer tan skin for it. Lea was my first Latidoll but she’s rare now and it’s a little sad :frownyblush:
    14. Dear bbotss, thanks for this information. I cannot tell from the Latidoll site which dolls are new and which dolls have been retired or which dolls are only sold at certain times. I saw two different Yellow Leas on the site and I don't know which one is current. I am not ready to buy yet so I am doing my research now so that when I am ready, I will know exactly what I want. Thanks again.