LED lights save resin color

Mar 25, 2019

    1. I have not seen any posts about this, however, I have done as much internet research as I could and apparently, because LED lights lack UV rays, they are used in museums now where florescents have done a lot of damage to artwork.

      So since my eldest moved out of the house, I've installed blackout curtains and LED lights. This is so awesome, I can't tell you! I used to keep my dolls in dark boxes, taking them out to enjoy was a pain, so I just didn't enjoy them the way I wanted to. I was simply too afreaid of hurting them. Now, for several months, I have had my dolls in this room, and because I am forgetful, I've left the lights on (100 watt equivalent) including once with my spotlight on a small group of dolls after taking a picture. I've done this a lot, I'm very ADD. I've examined them in normal indirect sunlight and see no damage. Only time will tell, but I must say, I'm having more fun with them than I ever did before.

      What Light Sources Will Fade Artwork and Fabrics?
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    2. I'm so glad you're having more fun with them now!

      We swapped all our lights for LEDs because I have a strong personal preference for white light. It's neat to hear that's helping my dolls, but they didn't play any part in that choice, lol. I'm kinda bad, I don't worry too much about yellowing, so I just make sure they're not displayed in direct sunlight and call it good.