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Leeke Blind Head Project

Aug 2, 2007

    1. I looked for a bit but didn't really see news for this pre-order project, so hopefully this isn't a repost.

      $75 for a mystery head! One of three. Somehow, I doubt that if you got two, they'll give you two of the same thing (that would be rather cruel). Link



    2. Is this a buy a head/get one for $75 event?
    3. No I think the doll heads are at 75$ but it`s a random head. hence the blind sale
    4. Will they sell the heads separately after the event i wonder? ^^;
    5. Shipping for one head is 23.16 I wonder if we could do a group order? I'm hoping for Koji, hotness! :)
    6. What size are they?
    7. Ladyrixx: They are SD size (Leeke-L).
      purplepaws: From what I understand from the Leeke site, they will be available later at regular price.
    8. they're all stunning! but I can't really tell the differences between these three heads....
      they look to me as if are the same head just with different make-up? @_@?
    9. I did a photoshop overlay, and they're all different-- just not shockingly so. Min and Hero are the closest-- with Min's eyes and mouth being bigger, and his lower lip being flatter. He has a more formed nose than Hero, too. His face is also wider and his eyes sit lower on his head. Hero is very similar to Koji, but his eyes slant downwards (Min's eyes do that too), and he lacks Koji's cheekbones and square face.

      Pretty small differences, though. I bet if I got Hero/Min, I wouldn't know which one he was until I read his papers. :(
    10. I have a question if anyone knows but, if you pre-order one now will you get the head 20 days after? or is it 20 days after the pre order period?

      EDIT: got an awnser from the company, it's 20 days after the order is placed.
    11. I just got my group order of heads yesterday and I can say from seeing all 3 of the blank heads in person that they are all very noticably different. The features also aren't nearly as soft as they appear in the pictures. There's a lot of detail that got covered by the faceups.

      They're all much prettier in person, even without a faceup, in my opinion ^_^;;
    12. All three heads are now available standard in the L 'Parts_Heads' section for $105, no faceup!
    13. Is there body parts for the heads? I don't see them. Boys and girls?