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Leekeworld L Gentle Body Type? Difficulties?

Mar 19, 2009

    1. Hey everyone,

      I received a Leekeworld L Gentle Body Type in January. The body was from the LE Leekeworld L Cliffe. I didn't know that Cliffe's body had different resin color than regular Leekeworld Resin. So Cliffe's body is slightly pinker than Leekeworld Resin. I have a Min head that I put on t he body but I've been having such difficulties with the body. I love my dear Min to death but it's so vexing with this body!

      Is the Cliffe Body only made to fit Cliffe and not other Leekeworld Boys? Or is just that the body is just bad with poseability? I mean, he can't even have his head posed looking down! He can, now, look straight or up and barely tilted. The body came to me strung loosely and I got him restrung. Now he's tight. Maybe I just need the elastic to lessen but...it's just bumming me out. :( He was much better than I got him but ugh, this body has been a pain for me. Has anyone experiencing difficulties with having a Leekeworld L Gentle Body Type? *sighs* I just don't know what to do. :\ I know the Real Type is probably WAY better. I didn't think the Gentle Type would be THIS bad.

      Please submit your opinions, suggestions and answers here. Thanks so much! ;;

      NOTE: I didn't know where else to post this so if there's a better place, please move it to the correct location!
    2. bump for you ^_^
    3. i messed around with a Leeke L body and let me tell you ... i hated that body. there were so many times when i just wanted to throw it against the wall. :lol: i'm glad you got him to sit, i couldn't even get that much out of him!

      no, it's not just you or your boy. i think the L body is just poorly engineered and is made more for show than to be played with.
    4. @prowlcat111 - >u< Thanks for the bump! I appreciate it! :) :aheartbeat

      @Praesagium - Ugh. Thanks for reassuring me. I thought I was just going crazy something! Even my friend who restrung him hated him to bits! I really hate this body a lot. It's so beautiful but...that's what lies to you! *_*

      Well...he needs assistance with sitting. He has to lean on a wall or something. What ticks me off the most is I can't get him to pose the head. I like my profiling. UGH. I do want to throw this body at the wall. I don't know what I can do to make it workable. :\ Nor do I think people want to buy this poorly engineered body. *sighs* Do you know anything of the Real type?

      Thanks so much. I thought I was just the one going crazy over this body. >_O
    5. unfortunately, i don't, but it has to be better than the L body due to the chest joint alone. it also reminds me of the Volks bodies and from what i'm told, the Volks bodies have some of the best poseability out there.
    6. @Praesagium - Yea. It HAS to be better. I know that Volks have really good poseability, no doubt about it. XD But it's rather hard to get a body that doesn't cost you a lot. @_@;;

      I'm wondering if I can send this body to a modder or something so they can mod him to e actually poseable and playable! @_@ It just makes me so sad whenever I look at him. I just hesitant to pick him up. He deserves so much love but...it pisses me off. T_T :doh
    7. I was curious about how articulate Leekeworld's female L-type bodies are. They look to be double jointed, but never know!
    8. I got my Ojallin with the L type body recently. She is my first 60com so I really dont have much experience to compare her to the others. However one thing is that though she is new ( got her last mth) and I did not play with her much, her foot just fell off the other day. The screw on her foot fell out when I was sitting her on my bed. I did not raise a complain to Leeke as I was not sure if it was my "fault". I fixed the screw with applying white glue on and so far she is still okay. But this gives me the feeling that the quality of Leeke is not that good. I also have Yos, Alice Cherry Bloosom Piggy & Pipos Baha at home. This "thing" never happened to them.
      Comapring the articulation of Ojallin Vs Yos, I find the Volks joints are better & more flexible. But since they are of different sizes, do not know if this is relevent.
    9. Ack, that's not very good... I'll keep that in mind..