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Resolved leery feedback for Change8023 - RESOLVED

Jul 25, 2006

    1. :roar OK, i've had it with Change. i ordered a pair of new white boys' hands from her on June 10. they haven't arrived. i contacted her several times. first she blamed it on the factory, then said she'd sent it via airmail (which can take a month!) instead of EMS, and gave me a tracking number, as if it wasn't her problem. the tracking number told me my package had arrived in the US on July 17 :o we took the tracking number to the local post office who told me the package had been addressed to and signed for by some woman in Danville, CA. the post office says this is paypal's problem, so i'm filing a complaint with paypal. i want my money back and from now on i'm ordering from yuanzhisky or the Edendoll site.

      EDIT: OK, everything's fixed. after a little wrangling Change gave me my money back and i've ordered my new hands. please excuse my previous- ahem- outburst :sweat