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Limited Editon versus Blank [What do you think?]

Mar 10, 2012

    1. So if you were going to buy a new doll but the site you wanted it from is out of stock on the version you wanted but had the limited edition version that comes with everything, clothes, wig, eyes, the style body you want, everything. Would you wait till the blank version came out and just buy the doll body or would you go ahead and pay the little more money to get a complete set of it if you really like the clothes and all it comes with? I'm really torn between what I really want to do, just wait for the non-faceup blank doll to come back into stock or go with the limited edition one and get everything you want instead of paying for it all separately and just change the face-up on it if your not too fond of the default face-up? Can anyone give me their advice :?
    2. I would fist ask the company if they are going to sell the basic doll again, because most of the time 'out of stock' means retired.
      If they don't sell it anymore, you can host a split, which means you ask someone else to join in on your order. You could try to find someone who's interested in buying the clothes and that way you save a little money and aren't stuck with the outfit if you don't like it.
    3. Thanks Snow XD I know that the company will get more of the blank bodies in, I have asked them if they will and they let me know yesterday that they should be getting soom more in soon but I'm just to impatient to wait anylonger as I have been waiting a while. The clothes and all you get with the full set I really love and comes from nine9 style so I know the outfit alone is pretty pricey and when i looked at that site I didnt even see the outfit so I think it might be that you can only get it with that set. I have been doing my own calculations on things similar to what the set comes with and buying everything separately comes pretty close to the actual cost of the set just maybe like 10 bucks off and thats it. And with the doll being a 43cm doll even looking on ebay I dont really see much i like for $10 to buy for her. So i'm thinking it might just be better to get he set then buying the blank body and everything else.
    4. First, I would contact the company to see when (or if) they will stock the doll you really want. If it doesn't seem like a reasonable amount of time, or it is, in fact, retired, then I would look for something else (such as the limited you mentioned--kind-of like a backup).

      Honestly, I would probably just dish out the extra money for the limited stuff seeing as it's limited and I would still really want it. Anything I wouldn't want could probably be sold or given away as a present. But this is what I would do.

      Anyway, I hope this helps you out! Good luck! ;)
    5. In situations like that I personally tend to buy the fullset. I know it sometimes seems like a waste to pay for the face-up when it's one you plan to change anyways, but I've been pleasantly surprised in the past by this sort of thing. There was a doll I bought, planning to change the face up because the marketing picture made the face-up look horrible. Then when the doll arrived to me in real life, the face-up was amazing and I ended up keeping the face-up with some slight enhancing to what was already there.

      Plus, fullset deals have never turned out badly for me lol. I've sold the clothing items from fullsets separately after receiving the doll and normally for more than it was originally worth from the company. So in that regard, it can be a very pleasing thing later on down the road. ;) You never know if you might tire of that outfit 3 years from now and someone who saw it years ago and loved it pays you twice was it was originally worth to buy it. Then you'll be happy you paid the extra cash at the moment, got to enjoy the outfit all that time, made a profit on it and made someone happy in the process. :aheartbea At least that has been my experience.
    6. Don't forget to factor in shipping, getting things like wigs/clothes from other places. Really, if you definitely like the limited outfit, and you can afford it, it seems to make more sense to get the set. Having to wipe the face-up is kind of unfortunate, though... maybe you could ask the company if they do custom face-ups? I guess most don't, but you never know.
    7. I would go for the fullset, if you can afford it--even if you end up not wanting the items, as other said you can resell them, and often the faceups are gorgeous in person. I've never regretted getting a factory faceup--I have regretted NOT getting them, though! (I am not much of a face painter). Besides, there is nothing like getting a box with all the goodies included. :)
    8. Aww thanks guys this helps alot. :D Yes as i keep thinking about everything I am more towards the fullset as i do love the stuff it comes with and the faceup isnt that bad its more on the softer side then what I had in mind but i still like it nonetheless. So I'm on the edge of my seat about to purchase the limited edition fullset!!!! I'm so excited :fangirl:
    9. So thanks everyone for your opinions and suggestions, I am very excited and went ahead and ordered the fullset version :fangirl: I cant wait till it gets her. . . I know that I'll love her very much and know that this was the best deal to do. EEEEKKKK so excited!!!!!
    10. Congratulations! :)