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Little Rebel Doll Discussion

Apr 8, 2011

    1. Company website: http://littlerebel.net/

      Insomnia doll is a new brand by a Spanish artist - and a member of our very own forum - 'Gothland'. I've been watching her work on Flickr for awhile and I really love it!
      Some BJDs produced by artists outside of Asia, while very lovely in their own right, I find have a slightly different style or 'feel' to those produced by asain artists (it's hard to explain it!), but think I think she's really captured the spirit of asain bjd with her dolls.

      Her first head is Shinji. There are few heads available pre-cast but if the response is good she says will start a pre-order. They are produced by Dollshe in their colours so we know the quality will be good, but I don't know if the slow down dollshe ahs been havbing with their own dolls will affect a preorder?

      I hope to order Shinji, and there's also work in progress photos of another head, Ciel, on the Insomnia doll flickr. I don't know if he will be cast for sale. Fingers crossed he will!
    2. Shinji is lovely. I like the way the artist has done his mouth. Does she have plans for girl dolls?
    3. I will be watching this thread for more updates! Glad to see our very own members making wonderful dolls!
    4. I think Shinji would be a good girl too! If I could buy one, I would make him as a girl. That mouth is wonderful.

      Kat is good making awesome asian boys, but I'm sure she can make good girls too. I hope she can release more heads in the future ^^
    5. Hooray, she's finally releasing Shinji! :cheer unfortunately I'm broke :( Will Shinji only be available for a limited time or can we order this mold on certain periods?
    6. I'm trying SO hard not to order Shinji right now! Ugh, don't really have the money for him but omg :aheartbea love!!
    7. Hi!!
      Thank you so much for all the nice comments! I'm totally surprised about the great response that Shinji has received.
      I've received a lot of orders and I'm afraid I won't have enough heads in stock ;_; I'm going to order more reproductions to Dollshe now but probably they will take about two months to be ready for sale again ><
    8. Sweet! Gothland has exquisite taste in dolls, so it's wonderful to see that distilled into her own sculpt! Also love that he's cast by Dollshe so we know exactly what the resin will match. I hope there will be preorders later in the year. :3
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    9. I'm really happy Gothland has started to make her own sculpts, I really love her work. <3 The sculpts are a little too young-looking for me for the moment but I think they're great! I'm not surprised at all they are already sold out. ^^
    10. Always happy to hear about one of our own getting into the business! Shinji is very nice - he has a very soft look to him.
    11. Lol I'm in the exact same situation as you Galifrey ^^'' Ahh he's so tempting...But now I'm a little scared, are really all of the heads already sold out? Argh I knew I should have ordered him earlier today....:(
    12. Good, now I have time to save for him for the next sale!
    13. oooooooh!! I love him! He is too cute, I just love his little jowls (sp-???). I've been looking forward to a single-artist to put out a sculpt I love and I've finally found it. I'll have to bookmark Gothland's website and hope I catch the next ordering time. :D
    14. I really like the Shinji sculpt. I just love his mouth. :) If I had the extra money I'd get one asap. What other companies match the oriental skin tone?
    15. A quick search in the Picture Request thread says it may be close to Volks Normal.

      Does anyone know how long Gothland will be accepting pre-orders? The more I look at Shinji the more I really must have him. A back story started forming the second time I looked at him and he is telling me to buy!! lol
    16. I saw Volks, but was wondering if there were any others. What about Luts? I noticed one of the Shinji heads was on a Luts body.
    17. I have fallen in love with that 'pout'..... such an interesting and wonderful sculpt..... I have placed my order and am very excited about getting my hands on and doing a face-up! I may make Shinji a girl!!

    18. thank you so much! reading all your comments makes me really happy :D

      I'm accepting pre-orders but the problem is that I don't know yet when the next batch of heads will be ready. Anyway, If you prefer not to do pre-order, there will be some more heads in stock for sale in a few months.
      thank you : )

      I'm going to take comparison photos with different bodies as soon as I can. I will post the pictures here, in my website and in my flickr. Thank you ~
    19. I've took some comparison photos with different boy bodies. I will update with more pictures when I have them.
      Thank you ^^
    20. Thank you so much Gothland. The pictures really help. I like the DollNDoll bodies so that might be a good option for Shinji once I can get one. Thanks!!