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Looking for a certain pair of shoes

Nov 9, 2008

    1. Ok, so I once saw on a doll a pair of rocketdog shoes and now that I'm getting a mini I'd really like her to have a pair. I'm pretty sure I saw the shoes on a Narae, though it could have been on an MNF. Does anyone know where they can be purchased?
    2. Mabye they were from a keychain. What color were they?
    3. It was a while ago, I think though that they were aqua or a similar green color. I could be completely off however.
    4. Thank you for helping, but these had the rocketdog label on them and were styled more closely to lo-top converse than regular sneakers. Ebay turned up no results for the wonderful idea about them maybe being keychains...
    5. Heh sorry, I don't quite remeber what Rocket Dogs looked like (so many diifferent styles). The probelm with the key chains is that there will be two of the same foot!