Looking for a way to contact Red Rosin - RESOLVED

Aug 2, 2010

    1. I'm looking for a way to contact Red Rosin.

      I've her bought Husky (thread link http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...mp-Afghan-HEADS-Volks-SD16-Iris-Luwen-NNR-etc)

      I've paid 2000$ to the Red Rosin's paypal address at 11/07/2010. It was 20 days ago.

      She hasn't been on DoA since I sent my payment and I'm looking for a way to get in touch with her.

      If anybody knows her e-mail or other contacts - please help me.
    2. Red Rosin was last on the forum 16JUL. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. A fellow DOA member just phoned me about the page (thanks Rachel!). I apologize for the trouble and will be PMing everyone imediately. ^_^;;
    4. Hope it's ok to post in the same thread.

      I paid for red rosin's Afghan back on 07-14-2010.
      She PMd me on 08-02-2010 and I did not heard from her since the 2nd when she told me she would ship the doll on the next day.
      Still waiting for tracking number.
      I hope she's fine :(
    5. I thought she had been updated about a faceup delay but my PM seemed to have gone missing. *headdesk* I did get in touch with Doria and we are getting it figured out. Thanks! ^_^
    6. My part in it has been happily resolved =) Thank you red rosin!
    7. Thanks Doria! ^_^

      Mods - Both shipping issues with Doria & silver.hakuei have been resolved at this point. I have yet to hear back from silver.hakuei, but I PMed her a month ago in reguards to Husky's shipping delay. According to USPS tracking, the package was delievered to silver.hakuei on August 11, 2010.
    8. silver.hakuei - Did you recieve my PM on 9/8? Please let me know if Husky arrived OK last month. I would greatly appreciate if this thread could be updated and officially "resolved". Thanks! ^_^
    9. silver.hakuei - I have PMed you a couple times since my last post, so I hope you recieved them. If you see this post, could you PLEASE respond? I really would like to close this thread and I will appreciate any response from you at this point. :) Thanks!

      red rosin
    10. silver.hakuei was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    11. silver.hakuei - Have you received my PMs? Please respond if you have a moment, thanks!

      Mods - I sent 3 more PMs to silver.hakuei since Oct. 7, and I have not received any response. Silver.hakuei has been on DOA 3 times since that date, and I am wondering if I should start an actual "Being Paged" thread for silver.hakuei. It seems excessive but I am not sure what else I should do at this point. :?
    12. red rosin ~ silver_hakuei IS Being Paged because of your request in this thread.
    13. Oh, yes, I understood that part... sorry I should have been more clear. :doh I did not see a thread posted for contacting silver.hakuei, so I was wondering if I should post one. But, like I said before, posting a whole new thread seems excessive. I can just continue to wait for silver.hakuei's response.
    14. I'm really sorry for delay because of broken PC.
      It's all right now!
      I received the package.
    15. Thank you for your help. I think, we can close thread now)
    16. Silver.hakuei - Thank you for responding! I hope your PC is OK. ^_^

      Mods - Everything should be complete now. Silver.hakuei responded so please un-Page her too, thanks!