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Looking for crvkva10 - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Aug 5, 2009

    1. It says her last activity was last month and I really just want this to end.

      She contacted me in April wanting to put a few doll clothes and shoes on layaway. We agreed to a payment plan of $50 per 2 weeks.

      "1st payment $50
      2nd payment $50
      3rd payment $50
      4th and final payment is $18 + shipping.
      Shipping is $8 for normal airmail, or $18 for registered."

      I received the first payment on the 13th of April.

      2nd Payment: When it came to over 2 weeks I PMed her asking when she'd send the next one. I received a PM on the 14th of May saying she had moved house and was sending the payment. I would have preferred she had told me she was moving house before that as I was worrying quite a bit, as you can see it was twice the amount of weeks we had agreed on. She did not send the payment until the 20th of May.

      A lot of things were going on in my life for awhile and I forgot about the layaway until I got a PM from her on the 25th of June asking what her remaining balance was, even though she was replying to a PM of mine that stated the plan and what I had received already. I let her know in reply.

      On the 11th of July I got the next PM from her stating she'd "post everything tonight" and then another asking about the registered shipping. I responded with details of the shipping then.

      17th of July I get a reply saying she will send the remaining 2 payments of a total $68 + $18 shipping.

      "Okidokies will send 68+18
      thank you

      And that's the last I heard of her. I've sent a few PMs with no reply. I'm feeling rather frustrated at this point. If I've counted correctly, this 7 week layaway is now 17 weeks long with little to no communication and never once was a payment on time. I would refund what she's sent to me but I no longer have the funds and am on a tight budget.

      I just want the last payment to end this and I'm sorry but this must be a warning to others about doing a layaway with crvkva10, who knows when she'll reply or send the payment.
    2. crvkva10 was last on the forum 16JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I really do not wish to go on with this layaway. I have PMed crvkva10 and let her know that I consider this layaway over and will send a refund when I can.
    4. Hi so sorry only able to log on here now. Been sooo busy . I am really really sorry bout this.

    5. Please post as to how resolution was met and if this thread can now be closed.
    6. yes please how can I resolve this I am really really sorry about this.