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Negative Feedback Looking for Derginia

Feb 28, 2018

    1. Paging Derginia because they have not responded to messages since 18 February 2018. I really hope everything is okay, but I am also worried regarding our transaction.

      Payment for a Resinsoul Mei body in white was made from my side, via paypal to the address stated by Derginia, on 18th Feb.
      Since then, I have neither received a confirmation that the payment was received, nor a tracking number, nor answers to questions. I have also tried to reach them via the email address they stated for paypal. I really hope that we can get in touch again soon, lest I'll have to rely on paypal to solve this issue.
    2. @derginia was last on the forum on February 17. They are now being paged.
    3. Just to keep this updated, Derginia has not answered to any messages in the meantime.
      I have now reported the issue on paypal and hope to receive my money back.
    4. Luckily, via paypal I have now received back the money.

      I have not, however, received any message whatsoever from Derginia.
      Therefore, I would like to change the title of this to "Negative Feedback".