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Looking for FinFin Updated! - RESOLVED MEMBER BANNED

Dec 13, 2006

    1. This all started in the end of May/begining of June when I replied to a post saying that I would get free anything for my doll. I spoke with the leader of the little group (FinFin)and because of some money troubles she asked I pay to ship it to her. I thought okay that isn't bad. It is December and my doll is still not home.

      I had been told he would be done in a month and to save on shipping since I was going out to Georgia anyways I told FinFin I would pick him up from her house. It was a plan.

      When I got there he was incomplete. I was actually handed all his pieces in a ziplock bag. The strings with him were too short so they were obviously not the ones he was shipped with. His face up was horrible and the blushing to his body was orange. I went to a meet out there where his hand even broke because FinFin had attempted to string him with the shorter strings. This is how I knew it was too short. So after I attempted to fix him at her house she decided we should be a team and get rid of the other guys. The other guys had insulted me anyways so I was like sure. But after a while I decided I wasn't cut out for the job and now I am stuck.

      She owes me $235 which she asked me to loan her and she would pay me back by August. I have been pming her for months to send me my stuff back but she either doesn't respond or gives an excuse.

      I have 2 heads of another owner and I just want to send it back to the owner. She is ecstatic that the owner hasn't asked about getting her dolls back. I do not have the time to work on these dolls. I want to wait until I get my stuff back before sending the heads back and pming the owner but I am afraid the owner may become angry at the wait. I don't want the owner to have to deal with what I did. But I don't want to send the heads back to the owner and tell them what is going on and then I never see my doll again. He's my first doll! I have gotten a second since him but still he is my first!

      Also she couldn't paint the head so she sent it off to 2 people and I am the one who ends up paying for it. She sends it off and tells me it will be free then all of a sudden I won't get it back if I don't send more money. She keeps saying "Well I would have paid but I'm broke." Then I look and she is buying more and more things. She frequently will buy a doll then 1 or 2 payments through relist it saying she couldn't pay it all and jack up the price to make a profit.

      I wonder if FinFin will read this. Maybe this will make you send him home.

      FinFin had called me and asked for my address soon after posting this message. I had been expecting all of his stuff back. The box I had originally mailed Ash in, the pillows used to protect him, his boots with strings, head and head cap.

      When the postal worker handed me the box that was mailed to me I was confused. This box was not big enough to hold the box and all that I had sent. A bit of movement as I shuffled hands and moved stuff about produced a rattling(I didn't shake the box like a child on christmas.)

      I took the box home and thought a head of time to take pictures.
      This is the box I received.
      As a size comparison I put my mini next to it.
      The bubblewrap doesn't even fill the whole box.
      He has not other protection. He has a brandnew face-up. The bubblewrap was loosly wrapped around him.
      Thankfully there is no damage to him.
      Also at the bottom of the box were the laces to the boots that were never returned. Why would you return the shoelaces without the shoes? While putting in the earrings after my friend strung him up, his ear broke. The piercing that had been made too large and too close to the edge of the ear fell away like paper. So now I will have to send him off again to someone else whenever I get money, just to get his ear repaired.
      This is ridiculous.
    2. Looks like people are having trouble getting their group order things from November as well.

      This sounds incredibly irresponsible and if she is technically not doing the commission work, she shouldn't have people send her their dolls/heads. Breaking them up with half going here and her holding onto the other half, is just asking for trouble.

      Hopefully this information will caution other members.
    3. Wait... so she's blackmailing you by holding your doll head hostage and saying you won't get it back unless you send money/do work for her? That's just... wow. There are no words.

      Do you know who the owners of the other doll heads are? I think they need to be notified ASAP that their dolls are most definitely NOT where they believe them to be. I think we all know how special these dolls are to just about every owner here, and I know I would be horrified if I sent my darlings off for work only to find they had been shunted off elsewhere without my knowledge.
    4. The owner of the two heads I have in my possession has been notified and knew I had been working on them, being as I was her partner. Everything is being worked out between the owner and myself.
    5. I've directed the members of the group order to this thread.
    6. Hmmm....... I really trusted her.. but... wow...... I just.. have nothing to say now... I should go file a paypal claim.....
    7. Bump for those who have saved this thread and want to see an update.
    8. so did you get his boots back in the end? x_x
    9. I'm the owner of some stuff that went to FinnFinn and then to Amara and I'm upset about the whole thing. Because I've been pretty lucky & had good experiences up till now, I paid for everything - including return shipping to me ($33.85 for three heads and a body) in advance - this came to a grand total of $182 and change - back in AUGUST 06. I thought it was taking an abnormally long time to get things back but I've had people take a long time before and I don't like to bug people constantly so I let it ride. Then I heard from Amara she had my heads and was no longer dealing with Finn. I asked her to send the heads to someone else and said I'd pay for shipping, which is what she did. The heads were sent (at an additional cost to me of more than $16 because of heavy insurance & the fact someone at a store packed the box I guess - I never had two heads cost more than $4.05 to ship in the continental US) and when they arrived guess what? There was no back to the heads, just the face part. No headcaps. Two totally useless heads and who knows where the back of those heads are not to mention the other head (a Breakaway) that I sent to Fin plus a body both of which are MIA. No response to any emails sent to Fin. Amara has responded and says she will pay me back the money Fin gave to her for her part of this ($70 - Fin kept the rest) less the additional $16 postage it cost her to ship the heads to somebody else for a face-up when she has the money. I know that I am gullible and naive in my belief that most people are trustworthy. It was dumb to send the money for everything including return shipping prior to any work being done. Now I suspect I'm out three heads (because what good are two faces without headcaps) plus a body plus of course the $182 and change. I'm pretty ticked off. I guess if the stuff is gone it's gone, but is there some recourse I might have that I am missing? I don't mean to imply this is Amara's fault, she has made an effort to communicate with me although I didn't get the full story of what's going on with Fin until I read this thread. It's obviously partly my fault for being overly trusting. It just all leaves a really bad taste.
    10. SKYWHYS, last I knew, FinFin had your Breakaway head. Or she should, since I sent it back to her quite some time ago. (She never did let me know if it arrived safely.)

      I had your head for quite a while because of FinFin's refusal to pay me for my work and return shipping. She told me that she hadn't been able to get in touch with you and that you hadn't paid her, which is why she couldn't pay me, and that the last time she talked to you you didn't mind the head being gone so long but that now you weren't returning her PMs. (This was before the PMs were fixed, so I thought they might just be getting lost.) I asked if she wanted me to try and contact you and she said no, that she was working with a mod to get in touch with you.

      Unfortunately I sent the head back to her before Amara came out with all this or I would have just sent it back to you. (Though she didn't give me the headcap either.) I had no idea FinFin was making a habit of sending her commissions out to other people to work on. She just told me she was too worried she'd mess up the head, because it was a limited, which is why she asked me to do the mod. I thought it was a one time thing or I never would have agreed to it. She told me she would be doing the faceup for your Breakaway, but it seems that she doesn't even do faceups at all, so it's likely it got sent out to someone else again. :\

      I really hope you get everything back from her safely.
    11. I have a copy of the pp transaction showing I paid Finfin $182 plus and exactly what it was for on August 29th of last year should anyone doubt that fact. And I have never been un-responsive to PMs re face-ups and I'd love to hear from the Mod she supposedly was trying to use as an intermediary to reach me. Alas, however, setting the record straight about who is the liar here is not going to get my heads and body back to me. Does anyone have any ideas as to how that might be accomplished? I doubt one can pursue legal or criminal remedies in these situations but right now I am willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get my stuff back and to give Fin some real life negative feedback about doing business this way.
    12. Just for the record, due to the huge number of complaints, some time back FinFin was denied all Marketplace access except for the Feedback forum. (So that she can still see that people are looking for her.) About the only reason she hasn't been entirely banned from DoA is because at least if she has access here it gives you all one more means of contacting her -- even if she doesn't always reply, at least it's worth something. :sweat

      Unfortunately, there is very little else that the moderators can do to help. :( I really wish you (and everyone else who has been scammed by her) lots of luck in getting your items back -- I know this is a truly horrible situation and I just really hope that things turn out okay for you in the end!!
    13. Through the help of a few people myself and some friends were able to track down FinFin's information including her phone number and address. Today eveshka, romancedinthepast and I all went to her house and recovered a number of items that did not belong to her. There were a lot more things than we were expecting to find. We have taken detailed pictures of how the items were packed and their state when we recived them and we have repacked it all in zip-lock bags. If you are missing something and it was in FinFin's possesion or if you were in her group order we may have your items. We do not want to post a list for fear that people will make claims on things that are not theirs. If you think we might have your items please tell us what they are and give a detailed description, pictures are best.

      I can't pay for shipping but once you have proven that you own any of the missing property I can give a shipping quote and can mail it out to you via priority mail ASAP!
    14. You guys are really awesome for doing this. :D
    15. I agree, thank you guys for getting our stuff. And I really hope all those missing head-caps were returned to their owners! (And heads and bodies and everything else of course....)
    16. This thread is HORRIFYING.
      jerrysugarav, eveshka, romancedinthepast - you guys are like superheroes. :aheartbea :fangirl:
    17. I agree- you're like superheros. I'm disgusted and horrified by everything I've read here. This thief- I won't even call her a "female"- should be ashamed of herself. I would use stronger language, but I know it's against board rules.

      Amara, thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. And jerrysugarrav, eveshka, romancedinthepast, thank YOU for taking it upon yourselves to go to her house and take the things back by force. God- or gods, as you see it- bless you for that.

      My only other question isn't meant to lessen what you've all done, but why didn't anyone contact the police to let them know what had been going on?
    18. Good grief, this is insane!!!!! Scary thing too, since a lot of us just work on the basis of trust. >.< Can't hurt to be too careful or paranoid, I guess. :(

      Kudos to amara for posting this, and for you three for getting the stuff back -- I do think you should be filing criminal charges, seriously.

      My rule of thumb in any sort of exchange or commission -- there should always be frequent communication. If someone is avoiding you, not replying, you have a feeling somethng's off? Something probably IS wrong. Argh, freaking scammers. >.<
    19. I had sent my doll to FinFin, and the first thing she said to me was: "she has beautiful hands" next thing I know finfin is in a car accident and the only thing that was damaged was my doll's hand. I asked for pix of the damage, but never got a reply. She told me she'd buy me a new one, and never did.
    20. Ugh. I'm glad I've not done any business with her, and that things seem to be coming together. I would encourage those who have been scammed to file police reports if your stuff is not returned, but mostly be glad you've gotten your things back.

      Dark Angel - why the hell would she have had your doll in her car?!