Looking for Red Rosin - RESOLVED

Nov 17, 2010

    1. Let me start by saying that this is in no way meant to be negative as Red Rosin has been wonderful and very polite throughout my transaction with her! I didn't want to set up a paging thread, but I'm worried that something has happened to her as I have not had any contact from her since the 6th of October.

      I enquired about the availability of a YOSD size dress from her from her sales thread, and after finding out from a very polite and friendly Red Rosin that it was available, I sent payment to her paypal address. This was on November 5th.

      I paid for the YoSD/LittleFee Brown & Cream Polka Dot Squirrel dress set in this thread:

      We exchanged PMs for a while, each one of them friendly and jovial. Red Rosin was really helpful and was happy to answer all of my questions about the dress and shipping. She told me there was an issue with the clip-on hair bows and that rather than risk the clips not working correctly, she would change them at no extra cost. I found this to be incredibly nice of her and as I did not need the dress right away, I accepted.

      The last PM I received from Red Rosin was at 4:15 am (GMT) on the 6th, stating that she would sort the clips out over the weekend and mail me a tracking number once the dress was shipped. She specified that she would probably ship on the following Monday (which would have been the 8th of October).

      After waiting a while with no contact, I sent her a PM whilst she was online on the 12th to find out how the adjustments were going and whether there was any time estimate on when the dress would be shipped. I hadn't worried or complained about it as she had been online and she had very graciously offered to adjust the oufit. I sent it at 4:24 pm (GMT) and I'm not sure if she read or recieved it.

      I also sent her a PM at 7:24pm (GMT) on the 16th asking if she was alright, but this has likely not been read as she has not been online at all since the 13th.

      If anyone knows her or has any way to contact her, please let me know if she's okay!

      Thank you!
    2. Red Rosin was last on the forum 12NOV. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Thanks Zagzagael! I sent an email to the email address noted as her contact email on my paypal receipt at 16:20 (GMT) today.
    4. It's been 24 hours since I sent Red Rosin an email. No contact as of yet, so I'll keep the thread updated. I really hope she's okay :(
    5. Red Rosin has just PM'd me and let me know that all is well : D She has been trying to get in contact via PM, but it looks like her message may have done a dissapearing act on it's way to my inbox. Now that there is no reason for alarm and I know that Red Rosin is safe and sound, if a moderator would kindly close this thread I would be very grateful : )

      I will keep the thread updated for the rest of the transaction if a mod deems it necessary.
    6. Just PMed you again, Enky. I rarely checking my email, so I apologise for not seeing your email either. PMing me through DOA is the best way to contact me. Unfortunately I have been busy and did not check in with DOA yet this week. I sent you a PM last week explaining the delay (about having to reorder the clips), but I am guessing the PM did not reach you since you are now paging me. I am truly sorry all the trouble.

      Mods, I sincerely apologise for taking up your time yet again. *headdesk*