Resolved looking for Sonambulist19 - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Apr 8, 2011

    1. Sonambulist19 started a layaway with me for my LTF DES she payed her first payment on March 19 of $150 and her next payment was supposed to be two weeks from that on March 30th I have sent her many pms, emails, and paypal reminders since the 30th but have heard nothing from her. I'm sorry to say but if I don't hear from her by Monday April 11th I will be putting her back up for sale and since all payments are non-refundable which she knows about she will be out that money which I really don't like having to do so if anyone knows her in real life or knows of a better way of getting ahold of her please let me know thank you.
    2. Sonambulist19 was last on the forum 22MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. well it's the 11th and I still have not heard from her so I guess she's going back up for sale and if she's not sold by the time Sonambulist19 finally decides to get ahold of me she can have her for the rest of what she owes me.
    4. I have now sold her to some one else Sonambulist19 still has yet to get ahold of me and will not be getting a refund for the payment she made since as I said all payments are non-refundable so I guess you can close this thread.