Looking for SporkNinja - RESOLVED

Aug 11, 2007

    1. Thank you for responding Spork! All is good ^^ Just had PM issues it seems.
    2. I'm going to have to come is and say I've been waiting quite awhile as well.

      She was also suppose to be sending a certificate out for my Misa-Minky head since I didn't receive one but I never got it.

      I PM'd her last night so I just hope I get a response, my commission was started more than 5 months ago and I haven't seen or been offered any photos.

      I don't want a refund and I'm not giving Spork bad feedback since she's always been nice and responsive to PMs, I just want to know how my outfit is coming along since I've been waiting alot longer than expected.

      Also, the mods deleted her commissions thread with the details of all this on... :(
    3. I just saw this thread after getting an email from Napalm13.

      Unfortunately I haven't seemed to have gotten any PMs. I've also sent a few that don't seem to have made it. I am really sorry for any worry or inconvenience this may have caused.

      Anyone who needs to contact me send me an EMAIL to:
      Contact (AT) Gravitydoll (Dot) com. I'll be checking that daily to make sure everyone gets a response.

      Napalm13: I've sent you an email response already.

      Rinoa: I sent the certificate a few days after you originally asked for it, but I'll re-mail it since it hasn't arrived. Can you please email me as well if you have any further questions?
    4. Thank you Spork for replying to this, and sorry if it seemed as if I was being negative, I just thought you hadn't been on DoA for a long time and was worried.

      I'll save your email and use the email instead if I have any questions!
    5. Going to have to re-bump this up.

      In November she promised me more photos within a week and I never received them, she also said she'd be working on my comission as soon as the last one (Napalm13's) was complete, which it now is.

      I emailed her a few days ago but haven't heard from her, and I've noticed she hasn't been on DoA for quite some time. I just want my comission finished since I did comission her almost a year ago for this outfit. :(
    6. I've also just remembered something else, I still never got that certificate for my Misa-Minky head ._.;