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Resolved Looking for Starfall - RESOLVED

Apr 4, 2007

    1. Hello!

      I have a pending transaction with Starfall- I purchased a pair of Ethereal Angel eyes from her on the 26th and pair for priority with insurance and delivery confirmation. The eyes were supposed to be shipped out monday.

      I sent a PM on the 29th to inquire to the label numbers, but it showed she has not logged in since the 28th.

      I sent her an email as well, since she hasn't logged in, but have not recieved a reply.

      I know she said she was very busy lately (which is why she hadn't been bumping her sales thread), but it's been over a week and priority normally does not take this long. If the package is lost, I did pay for insurance to compensate me for the loss.

      If anyone has a good email or a way to contact user Starfall, please let me know :)

      If she didn't get it out yet, that's not a problem, I just want some communication XD


      I forgot to update saying I did recieve the eyes. It was shipped out later that expected, but it was shipped out how I asked (priority with delivery conf and insurance). I recieved it on the 5th, a day after posting this.

      So all is well!
    2. I recognize that this is a rather old post now, but I just wanted to apologize for that delay, Dechanique, and say that I am happy you did receive your item. ^_^