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Looking For Yuurin - RESOLVED

Jun 21, 2010

    1. I finished paying for a Volks body from Yuurin on 5/20. She wasn't able to ship it out immediately. The last time she responded to a PM was on 6/2, saying she'd ship on the fifth.
      I've PM'd her three times since then and gotten no response.

      Has anyone heard from her?
    2. Yuurin was last on the forum 17JUN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. My problem is that in a little over a week, I'm leaving for a month. If for some reason, I need to do a dispute with Paypal, I need to handle things now.
    4. The body arrived - or should I say A body arrived. i was buying a volks SD10 FEMALE body from her. I don't know what make this is, BUT IT HAS A PENIS. I do not want a BONUS PENIS.

      So, I'm leaving for three weeks, paid more than 5 weeks ago, and now I have THE WRONG BODY.

      To be fair, she said her mother was shipping it for her - but I want the body I was buying. I can't even ship this one back to her until I get back. This REALLY sucks!
    5. Answered your PM. There was a big mistake...

      I'm sorry, I will pay you the shipping costs, just read the PM.
    6. Hello Spax13, you have apparently received MY BOY body from Yuurin and I'm about to receive your girl body. This is just ridiculous. I have been waiting just as long as you to receive my body and now it is with you. I want the body I paid for IMMEDIATELY. WHAT IS GOING ON?
    7. Spax13, I have sent you PM regarding this whole mess. Please check your inbox, thank you.
    8. Let me just cut and paste these, shall I?
      From Belladonna:

      You have my SD10 Boy Body in your possession...

      Hello there,

      Yurrin has mixed up our purchases. She shipped to you my SD10 white BOY body and shipped me YOUR girl body. The girl body has not yet arrived but is currently on it's way.
      (tracking info and address)
      I understand that you are going on a trip for 3 weeks, please I beg of you to ship the body you have received to me before you leave, it is my body and I would like it as soon as possible. I understand we shouldn't have to deal with this mess however if we want it sorted out responsibly it is best not to rely on Yurrin.

      Once your body arrives to me, I can ship it out to you immediately. This is the courtesy I beg of you as well.

      I simply need your address and I can ship it out to you once it has arrived.

      Yurrin has agreed to pay for our shipping costs, so we can cover it in the meantime until she pays us.

      (my edit: NO. No we cannot, or rather, no I cannot.)

      My reply:
      Re: You have my SD10 Boy Body in your possession...

      Hi -
      I'm really sorry, but I'm leaving tomorrow, and leaving, literally in ten minutes to meet my family before I leave. There's no way I'll be home before the post office closes today.

      I'll message again tonight, but trust me, I'm pretty annoyed, too

      Next PM, when I come home:

      Re: You have my SD10 Boy Body in your possession...

      Hi there,

      I understand, however is there no way for you to have a family member or friend ship it when you are gone?
      How long will you be gone for? When do you get back?

      If there is no possible way for you to ship me my doll, I will ship your doll once I receive a tracking number for mine.
      (emphasis MINE)

      I reply, a bit miffed at the "mail mine, THEN I'll mail yours"

      Re: You have my SD10 Boy Body in your possession...

      You can refuse to accept it and send it back to Yuurin and SHE can ship it to me. If you're going to hold onto my body until AFTER I mail yours, then I'm not breaking my neck to mail it the day after I get back. I'll do it sometime that week.

      Yuurin is responsible for getting me my body. She'd better pay you to ship it.

      But there was another one - sent before my reply!:

      Re: You have my SD10 Boy Body in your possession...

      I'm sorry, but please see this from my point of view as well. After waiting a month for the body to be shipped out by Yurrin, now I have to wait almost another month for it to be shipped out by you. Is there no possible way for you to ship it out before you leave? Please, I desperately need my doll home, I'm begging you.

      Admittedly, now I am annoyed at EVERYONE.

      Re: You have my SD10 Boy Body in your possession...

      Hi -
      I *just* got home. It's the fourth of July weekend, and everything is INSANE here. There is literally no way I can get to the post office before I leave tomorrow, if it's even open.

      I paid Yuurin on May 17th. Imagine how I feel. I've been waiting longer than you have.
      All that time, she basically ignored my PMs, and now, this.

      Try to see MY point of view. I have a graduate class to worry about getting to - I have three weeks of packing and any second I take from that I *must* spend on the books I need to read - and then, tomorrow, I'm looking at five hours at the airport, an overnight flight, two hours on a bus and then another five hours before being able to get into a dorm - all of which I paid/am paying a LOT of money for. There is no way on earth I'm going to get even more behind by correcting someone else's mistake.

      If Yuurin had mailed my body at ANY time that she said she had, or anytime before I had to resort to paging her, even IF this mistake had happened, there would have been plenty of time to correct it.

      As it is, I'm really sorry. Your doll body is perfectly safe. However, until I return, I can't do anything about mailing it out. I also won't complete Yuurin's transactions until she's paid for the shipping 100% and I know my body is here or on the way.

      IF Yuurin sends the right body to me in my absence, and you can get another DoA member with the mod's permission and photographic proof that they've taken responsibility, they can come pick it up - my petsitter will hand it over to them, provided they show ID. Why can't I ask the petsitter to mail it? She can't easily get to the post office, and she's unwilling to be any further involved an expensive and messy transaction. *I* am unwilling to pay her $50 to do it, either. It's really safer if I mail it myself.

      I am LIVID at Yuurin for letting this get out of hand. Anyone can make mistakes, but if she hadn't been so lax about shipping, the mistake didn't need to be so bad. I apologize for seeming like the bad guy here, but you won't wait any longer to get your doll than I will, and I'm not ruining my trip and spending my money because Yuurin's messed up.


      Mods, let me know if this is unreasonable. I'm on the east coast US, leaving for 3 weeks. This is my first vacation in over two years, and it's a working vacation that I am paying for myself. This extra aggro before i leave has me boiling mad. Trust me, I understand that Belladonna is upset about waiting - I am, too, and I've already waited quite a bit. But what else can I be expected to do? I really can't spare the hour involved with the PO, if they're even open tomorrow.

      Oh, and that body seems yellowed. I opened it and put it RIGHT BACK, though. There's also a head. (with a luts tage INSIDE)

      I have a migraine now. Terrific. Nothing like having 400 pages on Middle English Lit to read with a flaming headache. BTW - it also means I can't drive, so there was NO WAY to get there in the 40 minutes I had after I visited my 89yr old grandfather, which is what I did/was doing when I couldn't brave the stuff today. I drove 2.5 hours to see him, saw him for an hour and a half, and spent three hours getting home in the traffic. Not that I should have to give anyone a reason other than "I can't," but there it is anyhow.

      Can you tell I'm mad?
    9. Oh, and the sad part here is that I just checked my paypal email account. I actually entertained the thought of TRYING to do it tomorrow if at all possible. However, Yuurin has not sent any payment for the shipping.
    10. Hello Spax, I'm not sure what is happening and why I am suddenly to blame. However I believe I need to clarify this: "I will ship your doll once I receive a tracking number for mine."

      Meaning that we can both ship out one another dolls at the same time.

      I'm not sure what else I might have said merited this kind of behavior towards me. I have not yet read through your entire PM as I am currently at work, allow me to simply say that I was not forcing you to do anything, simply requesting a kind favor. I understand now that this is not possible for you even if you would like for it to be. Thank you.
    11. Please allow me to add that I don't understand why you thought it was necessary to copy and paste our entire conversation in this thread as I am literally just trying to get the body that I paid for, which is a reasonable request. I am in the same position as you, as I now have to go out of my way to ship your body to you. Is it really so unreasonable to request my body from the person who now has it in their possession? No, I think not.
    12. I don't think you're to blame - I'm just frustrated and angry at being put in the position to have say "no" to you. I feel like Yuurin has made me make you more unhappy. I really would like it to be possible - even yesterday would have been okay, but not today.

      I can ship the doll out to you on Monday July 26 - the day after I return. My petsitter refused to take responsibility for shipping it w/o payment while I was gone. (I asked her while I was driving - before our second round of messages.)

      You did ask nicely. I was upset at feeling like I'd been asked three times, though - however, I do understand that you're worried and annoyed. The only thing you did "wrong" was ask me again when I was really pressed for time.

      I also don't think Yuurin did anything maliciously. I'm just really, REALLY upset that the s---t hit this particular fan at this particular moment. I mainly posted this so people would understand why I can't ship, and the amount of trouble Yuurin's delay in shipping to both of us has caused.

      I think, also, I would feel better if I sent you a photo of the body before I repacked it. I really dislike that I'm holding/shipping someone else's expensive doll - although it'll be in *exactly* the condition it arrived here in.
    13. No, it's not - well, not unreasonable for you. However, it's unreasonable for Yuurin to have put us both in this position, and I wanted to show the trouble this caused for BOTH of us.

      About the shipping money - I won't pay for shipping *unless* she flakes out and gets a marketplace ban. If she does that and is banned (which I hope she doesn't and isn't) we'll know by the time I get back. In that case, I certainly won't leave you holding the bag on shipping. We'll split the losses - which I hope we won't have to do.
    14. Yuurin please clear your PM inbox, it is full.
    15. It looks like Yuurin expects me to front the money to ship Belladonna's body to her (I'm certainly not expecting Belladonna to pay for it!) - after this, can you blame me for thinking I probably won't see that money?

      Again, really lame. Even if Yuurin does refund the shipping costs, I shouldn't have had to put out more of my money.

      Of course, neither Belladonna nor I should be having this headache in the first place.
    16. I shipped belladonna's body yesterday. I certainly hope it gets there, as the post office wasn't very helpful re: shipping styles. Yuurin has promised to refund the shipping cost on Monday.

      If Belladonna gets her body, I get mine, and the refund arrives as promised, we can chalk this up to a one-time error. I hope that's what happens, but this was definitely avoidable.
    17. I'd like to note that since I added a two-day delay through my own issues, and the shipping was complicated because of the post office, I'm not going to be offended if belladonna waits to ship until her body arrives - I would have been before this, but now it's reasonable for her to wait.
    18. Yuurin did send the shipping payment, as promised.
      As long as belladonna's body reaches her, and mine arrives here, this is going to be okay.
    19. Haven't heard from Belladonna; the body is supposed to get to her by this Wednesday at the latest.
    20. Belladonna has her body and has shipped mine. With any luck, this should be cleared up soon.