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Looking to contact Satohai - RESOLVED

Aug 26, 2010

    1. I contacted Satohai in late July, inquiring about a free faceup for my first doll. After seeing that she received positive feedback from a previous free faceup, I went ahead and sent out my head (August 6th). She contacted me on the 10th telling me she received my doll and she would be starting the faceup soon. The last time she was on this forum was August 13th. If any one has any information that could help me, I'd appreciated it.
    2. SatoHai was last on the forum 13AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'm here! I messaged all the people I was in the middle of transactions with about my personal situation that lead to my lack of communication and the aweful situation I put some of my "customers" in, not logging on for weeks and such. I know no one should have been put through my personal problems and I should still be able to deliver/communicate/deal with the things I was in the middle of.

      Without explaining the whole thing, lack of communication from awefully-timed personal business and lack of transportation due to this personal business, and then my older brother coming from Iraq. I'm very sorry and I'm getting the faceups, dollies, and messages answered and shipped out!
    4. The problem has been resolved. SatoHai and I have been in contact and my doll is back home.