Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 3

Dec 18, 2015

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    2. Yay, new thread! I think this calls for new boy spam;)

      @Zettaichan - Yep, new boy is Decimus Flint, thanks for the kind words :D
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    3. Oh, he's gorgeous! I love that little smile!
    4. Any week now and Halrein, my Kylin dragon should be here. I hope Loongsoul is doing well with keeping up on order promises. Just too excited :) I can't believe it's already been 5 months. It doesn't seem like I've waited this long.
    5. Congrats! i have my eye on a Kylin as well, however my wallet is quite empty at the moment cuz i am currently waiting for my Meiji and Qingli to be shipped. i found them so beautiful i bit the bullet and ordered both. i can't wait to get them. they will be my first dollies over 50cm :D
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    6. how well can a loogsoul pose?
    7. Youtube is your friend. Type in "Loongsoul posing" in Youutbe. Loongsoul are one of the best posers. They're super sturdy and they have a great joint lock system too :)
    8. Girrl has a number of photostories that show off the posing of her Loongsoul dolls. This one has a couple of her Loongsoul 73cm boys, and at the end of the photostory are links to many others, lots of them showing off the posing of Loongsoul dolls (among many others). The photostories are also quite fun. :)


      There are a lot of those to go through, though, so if you just want to narrow it down to Loongsoul, here are Girrl's Flickr images of Loongsoul dolls.

      Search: loongsoul | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

      Hope it's okay to point to your stuff, Girrl, but I know when I was shopping for Loongsoul, it was your photostories and Flickr that helped me make up my mind!
    9. :blush That is such a compliment! Thank you!
      I do love my huge LoongSoul boys (new photostory in the works, but my camera battery died so the lighting is going to be all wonky, unless I'm "too sick" to go to work tomorrow... :sneaky hmm...) And they are amazing posers. Seriously Amazing.
      I was actually just popping in to spam a picture of Julius with his new hat (being worn by his thieving girlfriend, Astrid)
      [​IMG](under my) Umbrella
      On the posing topic, Julius is free standing while holding the umbrella and holding up Astrid (DZ Aurora) because she hates standing in the shoes she's currently wearing. So these boys are solid as rocks even while holding up other big dolls :thumbup
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    10. And hard on the heels of @Zettaichan's kind words about my photostories, I've posted another! (New Year's resolution to do a photostory a week, so we'll see how that goes...)
    11. Hi. I've been thinking of ordering from loongsoul however I can't enter their official site. I can get to the page where it let's you choose Chinese or English but not beyond that.. Does anyone have the same problem or is it just me?
    12. The Loongsoul site seems to go down often. Your best bet might be to buy through dealers. Jeeryama sells Loongsoul items via eBay, and Alice's Collections at acbjd.com also carries Loongsoul dolls.
    13. I really like the look of the Loongsoul bodies - and I love what I've read about the posing and standing ability. Seriously considering replacing one of my guy's bodies with one of these when I have funds.
      Will SSDF size clothes fit them?
    14. Hi, thread newbie here ... I'm in love with LiuGuang but I can't find any pics of their different skin colours so I thought I'd ask in here :)
    15. Ostensibly... but I've found it rather hit or miss. Some things seem to fit, some are just a couple shades too small and some stuff is swimming on them (mostly SSDF size tops from TATA's, I keep suspecting that they're sending me EID sized stuff by mistake, but I don't have one of those so I can't really tell...)
      Stuff specifically sized for SpiritDoll proud fits, but that's fairly hard to come by
    16. What I've gathered is that SSDF clothes tend to be a bit small for Loongsoul 70cm guys; SID sized clothing fits; EID clothes will be too big on them.

      Kentarin D'Ley was offering clothes sized for Loongsoul boys but her shop's Facebook page is gone, so maybe she's on hiatus. Stacy's Pink Ocean makes clothes that fit 70cm Loongsoul boys; she uses an Ivan as a model for some of her clothes.
    17. Mintoncard has an image of the three basic resin colors here:


      White, Normal Yellow, and Normal Pink. Loongsoul also has those three shades in French resin which is more translucent. French resin also comes in two more shades, Real skin (aka Wheat) and Tan skin. If you search Google Images for "loongsoul resin" you can see lots of pictures comparing Loongsoul resin colors to other companies' resin colors.
    18. Thanks for the info - Girrl and Zettaichan.
      I'm kind of hoping I wouldn't have to get yet another set of clothes made for him - he's been on several different bodies and on about the 3rd custom set of clothes! But I'd really rather have him on a body I like that will pose well and can stand properly, if he needs new clothes again then so be it! :D

      How yellow is the normal yellow resin in real life?
    19. Not super yellow, more buttery pale than actual yellow, but it "tans" nicely into a more sunkissed look over the years
      Tom is NY (and about 4 years old at this point) The redhead on the left is Dollshe Fresh Skin, and the blond on the right is DollZone NPS. If that's any help.
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    20. I'm really interested in the wheat/real skin but all the searches I've done haven't thrown an example up (I'm terrible with search engines for some reason - technologically inept I think lol)... I'm currently trawling through all the loongsoul threads. I did think it was weird though as I'd only seen the real skin referred to as wheat skin so it's nice to have that clarified - I was getting kind of confused lol :)