Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 3

Dec 18, 2015

    1. true, but the small bust looks like a high end, go big or go home, boob job ;)
    2. :lol::wiggle

      Go big indeed.
    3. You might be thinking of the XXS bust. the XS looks more like a B-C cup.
    4. Lol the small is definitely a go big or go home boobs!
    5. I think my XinLan has either the medium or large. They are very big and heavy. Hard to fit clothes plus her posing ability is hampered a bit by the sheer weight of the breasts.
    6. You're right. I was looking at the XXS. The XS looks much more natural.

      Does anyone know how the 69 cm girls with the small bust stand unsupported? I know large busts are too top heavy and they topple.
    7. The small bust to me doesn't seem like it cause any posing issues, she can stand on her own unsupported. Sometimes I think it help with her balance because she seem like a very balance hour glass.

      However, there been time when she just bend over on her own when I'm trying to change her so maybe she does have a slight too heavy. But then again it could be her stringing since it take a lot of effort for me to change out her head.

      Other than I can't find any clothes for her, I don't mind her size as much as I make it seem lol. I mostly want to change it because of clothing options. I'll try to get a picture soon of her in a Volks Dynamite dress that still 1cm too small on the chest on her for references here.

      Some pictures of body side view, front, and how huge in general she is compared to my other SD and MSD. Small size wearing a Volks Dynamite dress with 1cm gap in the back that I cannot close. I think the XS should fit the Volks Dynamite outfit perfectly.



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    8. finally got my doll today :)
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    9. My girl stands solid as a rock. For example - sloping, slippery terrain, in heels, and holding a prop:
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    10. Congratulations. I really like your Eleven boy.
    11. @Ifiamondy Hes beautiful and your photography is amazing!
      It looks like an insert of a CD album :D
    12. Hello all! I am very, very remiss at posting here. I have been a lurker, and a Loongsoul fangirl! I currently have 3 LS, and I have a Twigling Eloy head that I had put on a Dollshe Mystic body. I knew that I wanted an LS body, but tried this one, against my better judgment. Now, the Dollshe body is getting a proper Kylo head (Anhais Jupiter) and Eloy will finally have his LS body, whoot! Nice to meet you all!

      I have LS Thunderbul Kui and his lady, Twiging Ingenue:
      [​IMG]Loongsoul Thunderbull Kui and Twigling Ingenue by Alicia Helton, on Flickr
      Fierce Beast TaoWu:
      @fionvarre , I know you asked a couple of months back, but here are a couple. If you need more, let me know! He is lovely! The wings were sold out, though!

      My Loongsoul fierce beast TaoWu that I did body paint on by Alicia Helton, on Flickr
      and Beast Baize, and his lady, Twigling Newkiru:
      https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40732590743_aae33d8059_z.jpgLoongsoul beast boys by Alicia Helton, on Flickr
      https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47699001421_904677a101_z.jpgLoongsoul beast boys by Alicia Helton, on Flickr
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    13. They're absolutely lovely!!
    14. Thank you very much! I love how well Loongsoul poses! The only issue I have is how easily the body blushing scratches on the beast versions
    15. YouYing is so beautiful. The color palette of her face-up is just wonderful! It's a bit too soon to order a new doll, so I am going to order her outfit.
    16. Long shot, but would anyone be able go take a picture of their plain white resin head on the white import resin body? Vice visa or have at least the two resin on top of each other?

      I want to buy another Loongsoul body/part but I'm afraid that the import resin may be too different for me to hybrid even with another Loongsoul head that's the old plain white resin.

      If you happen to have a Crobidoll normal and Loongsoul normal imported that would be great too! :eusa_pray
    17. thank you so much :)
    18. more awesome LoongSoul posing. I got one of my big boys to pose on their new (3D printed and fully functional) skateboard
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    19. @Girrl - Cool pose! Where did you get the skateboard?
    20. woahhh they can balance like that.