Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 3

Dec 18, 2015

    1. I got the skateboard Craft4dollsShop on etsy
      They can! I can get all my big boys to hold squats, and once I get them into those poses they just stay like that. it's pretty great
    2. Oh nice!! That's so cool! I'm impressed!
    3. Thank you.
    4. i tried that on my doll. but it won't balance hahaa
    5. it just takes time and patience and lots and lots of adjusting. I've gotten my boys to squat so many times I've practically got it down to a science now, but the skateboard was an extra layer of difficulty ;)
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    6. Can you get a 69cm girl body to squat on the skateboard?
    7. probably. Mari almost always has her heel feet/heel legs on - which are not ideal for skateboarding - so I'd have to dig out her flat feet to try, but I suspect it wouldn't be that difficult
    8. Hello Loongsoul lovers, I'm not so new but bc I'm shy I didn't post much, I just decide to gather my courage to make one :sweat. Nice to meet you all!
      My start in this hobby mainly from doll cosplaying and I'm on my second year in this hobby. My first Loongsoul is Chaos (or Huang Lin) human version - FWS, his name is Tengu.

      Say hi to everyone :3nodding:.
      [​IMG]Tengu by Blancasia, on Flickr

      It was fun making clothes and prop for him :XD:.
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    9. Hello, @Blancasia! And hello, Tengu! Your boy is very cute, I've always was fond of Chaos' smile! <3 Nice to meet both of you! I started being in the hobby from Ls doll as well and I think it's a great choice!
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    10. LS's jointed hands are spectacular, and I wish more companies had the realistic thumb joint.
    11. Thank you @Skolopendrokot. I...um actually read that thread you made about how you get Domimi, sorry I was shy and stayed in the shadow, yours is an amazing story and very touching (sorry if my English comes out weird, it's not my first language :sweat. I'm happy that you got your dream doll and even more happy that you got him from the same company as I do. I love Loongsoul even more after I read your story.

      I love LS not just bc they have pretty dolls but the quality too, I love how nice they can pose:3nodding:!

      P.s. Idk if you're into Hakuouki but I think I see Okita (I know this because I've been following Hirose Daisuke bc he played as Ichigo Hitofumi from Touken Ranbu).
      I agree, but I think we should consider Dikadoll hands too, there jointed hands are also as good as LS :3nodding:. But this is a LS only thread so I'm not going to talk much about it here.
    12. he is so gorgeous!
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    13. Thank you a lot for your nice words, @Blancasia ! Yes, my doll is still my little treasure, I love him more with every day. I'm really grateful that LS agreed to make it for me, especially when one girl in my community told me that she is sure that they won't do that because no company does.

      And yeah, maybe I'm not a good person to judge (since I have only one doll), but I can say only good things about LS quality. The doll is a great poser, the face-up is stunning, the body blushing lasts for a long time (I was prepared for worse) and the resin quality is gorgeous. You just look at their dolls and you see how much love and effort they put into making it. But I have to say that they aren't too good at making wigs - I ordered one and its quality was very average.

      And please don't be sorry for your language. English isn't my native one, too.
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    14. I have 7 big LS dolls and 1 Yo-SD, and yes, they all pose beautifully and the resin is gorgeous - no marbling, pitting or seams on any of them - and their environmental resin holds its color phenomenally well. My Yo-SD has full body blushing (she's the cute little white tiger they released way back) and while there's some rubbing inside the joints, it hasn't chipped anywhere that I can tell and I've had her for 6 years or so (eek, so long!)
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    15. I agree about their environmental resin. My doll didn't come back to his box since August - he sits on my desk all the time. A few times his legs were in direct sunlight - I always reacted and covered him when I saw it, but sometimes wasn't able to, because I wasn't home. I keep his tail in the box (so there is no light and oxygen) and lately compared the resin color - it's the same, any changes, any flaws. The body blushing chipped a bit from the hands, feet, and elbows, but the rest of it is in perfect shape. Really, when I was a newbie, I've heard things like 'You will have to keep your doll in a box or in a cabinet with UV glass because environmental resin ages very badly' and 'Don't buy body blushing because you will lose it quickly.' Nope. My boy is all right, thank you for your concern.
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    16. Ooh I haven't order wig from LS so idk about that :o.

      @Girrl @Skolopendrokot Oh yeah I absolutely love LS environmental resin bc I live in the tropical zone so it's usually super hot. I've heard cases of my friends doll being yellowed pretty quick (they got Dollzone dolls) but mine only yellow about 3~5%, I got my Tengu last July. I rarely keep my room too hot, I always wrap him in a towel and put him in the carry bag when we travel. About face up (I have no experience on body blushing bc I choose not to), mine haven't fade or chip, I do travel with Tengu a lot bc of work.
    17. Oh wow!! I also heard those stories. But good to hear that apparently it isn't that bad. :)
    18. @Qianna , no it's not! I'd definitely recommend their environmental resin.

      @Blancasia , but your Tengu is made from white resin, right? I think that you just aren't able to avoid yellowing then and it doesn't matter what brand is your doll. My boy will mellow one day too, but for now, he's in a perfect pink color.

      To be honest, I'm a bit afraid of yellowing of the Dollzone dolls. I just ordered one in white resin which was in-stock for a quite long time (about 1,5 years) and I hope it won't come to me yellowed.
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    19. @Skolopendrokot yes he is. Environmental white resin (or french white resin). I do bring him outside with me a lot since he's a model for me at work. Compare to Dollzone, LS has better resin, that's what I have to say, since both me and my friend do bring our dolls out to take picture or do model. I think it's okay if you live in cool/cold areas, dolls will yellow slower than hot areas. Since I'm in tropical area I have to super careful on doll care.

      Also I don't think dolls would yellow in a black box, they only do if they got contact to oxygen at least. I have seen an in-stock Dollzone 70cm from CCdollhouse (taobao) shipped to my friend, the doll is year 2015, the resin is still new. You don't have to worry much.

      @Qianna If you live in hot areas, I do recommend environmental resin too!
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    20. Hey there! Anyone know if the bust for the old girl body and the new girl body are interchangeable? I love love love the new body for the most part but the boobs are a little small.