Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 3

Dec 18, 2015

    1. @Blancasia Oh my, Tengu is absolutely lovely! You did such a wonderful job with him! (I also am waiting for a Loongsoul Chaos). I look forward to him coming home~ :celebrate

      Also I take it he is supposed to be Ootengu from Onmyoji? he looks exactly like him and I think the costume is extremely well done! (He was also my favorite the time that I played x3)

      Also it's good to hear the french resin (environmental resin) isn't going to be a problem. I actually bought a Min Yan from someone secondhand (still really new though), and he will be in that resin type. I was initially worried since I have no experience with that resin type, but hearing you speak good of it has me feeling relieved. :whee:
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    2. @TatsuKitty Which body is it? But I think LS will let you choose the bust for female body, the L bust always very big to me (I have seen 58cm, L bust irl). Only 69cm girls have XL bust which is super super large. About the bust part be able to change between old and new body or not, I think you can do a bit research at the measure by looking at the official site or you can ask the official LS about this.

      @Aria Oh thank you! I'm so happy that someone know where he's from, yay! He is Ootengu, Tengu for short I also making a Hiromasa but not yet finished :(. I actually made Ootengu and Higanbana outfit (Higanbana bjd belong to a friend of mine), I did my best with the costume and prop, they're hard but also fun to do! I have a friend to take picture of him and Higanbana, since I don't have a good camera but my phone haha.
      [​IMG]Ootengu by Blancasia, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Higanbana by Blancasia, on Flickr
      Also I have a habit to collect photos of every Chaos sculpt I found from different owners, if your come home, please let me know, I love that sculpt too much :whee:!! I'd like to see more of your Min Yan, I love that sculpt too!
      P.s. I also love Little HuangLin but haven't actually order him yet but soon in the future, also yay I'm waiting for Huihui too (teen and grown) :dance.
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    3. @Blancasia I am in such awe by your skill! Such level of skill and both of them look lovely, and I would love to see Hiromasa when you finish with him~ :D Also it must feel extremely rewarding when you complete a cosplay like that~ No matter the challenge, the journey and eventually the end result would definitely feel worth it~

      I am still quite new to the hobby and opted to learn to sew for my dolls, which I am still in progress of learning! I've only recently managed to get some of my dolls in~ :3 I look forward to maybe one day being able to do some of the amazing things you do now~ :XD:

      I would be happy to show you my Chaos and Min Yan once I have everything together for them~ I know how you feel, I absolutely fell in love with the Chaos sculpt. It's why I also got little Huang Lin too ::whee: They both should be arriving within the next couple months I hope~ :DYea I saw Hui and felt like I had to have him~ :D I probably won't see him anytime soon though since I ordered on a very long layaway, probably the only way I could have ordered so many of the dolls I have ordered thus far~ I'm toning it down though. XD No more dolls for the year, I have one more I'll buy later in the year, but he's been pre-announced and therefore I can plan ahead for him. :3 Getting Teenager Hui would be cool too~ :O Maybe down the line since I think he's permanent. x3
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    4. @Aria Yes, I feel great when I finished those. It's more rewarding because I'm making clothes from characters I like :3nodding:.

      Idk if I can be call amazing bc I'm new too. I start from Feb 2018 (when I got my first BJD), so I'm only on my 2nd year. I learn how to sew since middle school so it's quite handy. I think if you have passion, nothing can stop you! I'm rooting for you!

      I hope you will get your dolls from LS soon! Boy I feel excited with you :dance. LS have the best faces to me so far, I love most of the male sculpts. Hehe I also get that feel from Huihui, I can hear shouting from my inner self that I have to get him, no rush on the wait let's meet again in Ringdoll discussion once we got our doll, I'd love to show you my own Great Mentor concept too since I don't like the official outfit much. Why I'm getting 2 Hui because he will be a special character that can switch body from teen to adult and back.
    5. @Blancasia I can understand that. I definitely feel compelled to eventually make some of my own cosplay outfits too someday!

      I don't know, your passion must definitely be shining through then! Yeah I got my Crobidoll Lance (he's the one in my avatar right now), back in March this year, and Soom Hyperon around the same time. I'll need to buy some materials and stuff to begin starting to learn to sew. I did do like some home ec sewing stuff back in middle school, but I feel like I've forgotten most of it. However, I am sure I can pick it up and just keep trying until I make it! Thank you, I really look forward to making my own stuff for my dolls. ^^ for now though I've bought them some clothes so they aren't naked while I get the hang of things!

      I hope so too! He's definitely one of the ones I've looked forward to the most, I've been waiting since November of last year (around the time I started buying dolls :O He was my first purchase~ ). Yeah I don't think I've seen a male sculpt from Loongsoul yet that I haven't liked. It made choices tough! But sometimes they call out to you and I feel that's how I know. :3

      I would love to meet up in the Ringdoll Discussion once he arrives! (though it may not be until February of next year at earliest x3 ) I amusingly did actually like his fullset outfit, and therefore I did order him as a fullset. However, I planned to still make my own themes and outfits for them alongside having their fullset outfits (for the ones I did get as fullset, that is). . I'll most likely want to show him that way once I've done something rather than in the fullset outfit though. :3 I would love to see your take on the Great Mentor concept indeed! That is interesting concept, I'd love to see it! :3 If I don't somehow notice, feel free to give me a ping~
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    6. @Aria Yes tough choices from LS haha, but no one stop you to have the heads to make different expression for your doll right? That's what I do, I'm getting 1 doll many heads for a character as well xD.

      I hope things goes smoothly for you as it goes for me since we both learn to sew since middle school :3nodding:.

      We can continue our conversation on PM. I will send you 1 later:3nodding:.
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    7. I love that picture

    8. @Blancasia excuse me while I fangirl over your Ootengu!!! :D:D:D

      By the way, Loongsoul has a new SD boy, God of Spring Jumang. He is gorgeous! A bit more androgynous compared to other Loongsoul boys, and I just might get him as a fullset because of that.
    9. I think I haven't seen him. Could you give me a link to any his photos? I can't find them anywhere.
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    10. @Skolopendrokot I have a link to the promo video. Here you go: 什么都没找到

      Edit: I don't know why the link text now says "nothing found" in Chinese, but it does work for me.
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    11. I see! He's beautiful! Can't wait to see his photos!
    12. Ooooo he looks amazing! But I think the sculpt is similar to Eleven but with smaller eyes. Still I would want to get that Hanfu! (Yeah I'm crazy for Hanfu!!)

      Also thank you @fionvarre . You made my day shine brighter, I think Tengu is pleased by your compliment as well! (Also I'm happy to know another Onmyoji fan!!! :dance)
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    13. Onmyoji is such a cool game, though I had to uninstall it because I didn't have time to play both Onmyoji and Touken Ranbu (I also have a Dolk Mikazuki on layaway).

      Ootengu's sculpt is Huanglin right? I love him, but he's no longer available through Loongsoul sadly. And I haven't seen him in the secondhand market either.

      Looking forward to your Hiromasa-sama btw!
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    14. Touken Ranbu!!! I totally want to see your Mikazuki when you get him. :) Please post a box opening. :)

      I don't have a Loongsoul yet but I'm seriously considering to buy a boy coming October. I'm saving up now. I already have two Ringdoll boys and a Granado boy. Does any of you have those too? How do they compare to Loongsoul dolls? :)
    15. @fionvarre I see, Onmyoji is quite heavy and the daily task is a lot, I don't play too much Onmyoji tbh but I do read about the character stories, sad to say I deleted Onmyoji recently too but still playing Touken Ranbu till this day (I'm a March 2015 player). And gosh nice to know someone waiting for Mikazuki too, I'm not alone anymore yay :dance! Let's wait together! I ordered him on the first period so as the page stated I would get him around October. So excited :XD:!! And ofc course I will do my best on Hiromasa as well, but he's a Soom so I will post in the Soom Discussion or maybe make a new post in the Galleries section.

      As you suspect, my Tengu is from LS Huanglin Human version. About secondhand, if you have no luck on the English market, you can try the Chinese market, I have seen several of him out there. If you need more help and info, send my a PM anytime. I know lots about Asian market bc well I'm Asian :XD:.

      @Qianna I'm also waiting for my Mikazuki as well, I will sure to make post when he comes home :3nodding:.

      I don't have any Ringdoll yet but a friend I know does so if you want to do skin quality comparison I think I can help but not right now since she's lives quite far from my place. We both got our doll from July 2018, mine is LS Environmental (french) white skin (FWS) and her as Ringdoll Normal skin (NS), to compare, the Ringdoll NS only a bit pinker than LS FWS and both haven't been yellow much since both are keep safe from sunlight if going outside. We're from tropical zone, always sunny and hot, but I do think LS is better since I take Tengu to travel with me a lot more than my friend does. I have made comparison just now with his head cap, his arm and his extra hand (the hands always in black box), it's nearly a year since I got him. The light in my room and my phone are not ideal for photo, I'm sorry.
      [​IMG]Tengu Hand by Blancasia, on Flickr
      Sadly I don't have and idk anyone who have a Granado to help :(.
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    16. @Blancasia based on your reply just now, I suspect you're either from SG or MY? I can understand the tropical climate/humidity issues, since I'm also from Southeast Asia.

      I ordered Mikazuki during the second period, so your jiji will arrive before mine.

      BTW, I have checked Taobao for Huanglin, but probably not very well since my Chinese sucks for the most part (especially when it's simplified Chinese). But I did still see Huanglin Chaos version in the Chinese version of the Loongsoul site, so maybe he's only sold out for the international market?
    17. @fionvarre Oh hey! Happy to know another person from Southeast Asia :XD:!! From my recent search Loongsoul on taobao and many of its agent taobao store has stop accepting order of him, where I see him is actually another taobao market call secondhand Taobao - a different market from the main one but have the same buying system (only pay seller once the buyer got their goods and made a review), my Chinese best friend taught me this. So I can assume both Chinese and International have stop selling this sculpt (both Human and Beast).
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    18. I know that secondhand taobao market! Except it doesn't seem to work well when you're viewing it from a desktop browser. Can't even find a searchbox anywhere, so I just browse whatever comes up on the page.

      As for Huanglin, here's what I found on the Chinese site: 龙魂人形社 上古传说 混沌人版·临荒 叔 古风BJD娃娃_上古传说_龙魂系列_龙魂人形社官网_BJD娃娃网站. Not sure if I can still actually add the item to my cart though.

      And the product page for Jumang is already up on the Chinese version of the Loongsoul site: 龙魂人形社 上仙系列 68叔 春神·句芒 BJD娃娃_上仙系列_龙魂系列_龙魂人形社官网_BJD娃娃网站.

      I think overall his face and eye shape is much rounder/softer and wider than Minyan and Eleven's faces, which is why he feels a bit more androgynous vs. the other two.

      Tagging @Skolopendrokot too since you wanted to see the production photos.
    19. @fionvarre I don't think it's possible to buy Huanglin on that site, it's still LS official site but since they have taobao as their Chinese site, they tend to forget to update that one. My friend tried to order limited Morgan once using the Chinese side of that site but not success as she got email stated that Morgen is limited and not available anymore :(, but in the end there was a huge order on limited edition dolls last October, she's able to order Morgen through taobao.

      I think since Qing Zhuang released, some of LS doll eyes got smaller, not the whole face got rounder or wider, I have inspected this by looking at heads myself. Overall small eyes is not my liking but I still think they're gorgeous with their full set, Wolf almost has his place in my wish list xD. The perfect face for me is still Helian Rongying (and the Hanfu :love).
    20. I love this GouMang so much.... I just cant buy more right now. :( And Hanfu are absolutely beautiful! I want to get some Hanfu for my dolls for fun because of how beautiful it looks. :love
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