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Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 3

Dec 18, 2015

    1. @Aria You may also interested in Moonlit Melody, it's a taobao shop, they have sizes for LS and Soom too :love. Hope you like this shop!
    2. Decided to restring my boy, partially because I think he was too tight, and partially because the curious part of me wanted to see all the parts and engineering behind the joints when they were laid out. One nice thing I discovered for those that haven't restrung one, is at least on the 68cm boys they had R and L marks on all the pieces.

      One thing I did find odd though is the elastic in the elbows/knee joints is so thick it literally gets stuck. I unstrung both the feet and when it got to the knees it didn't budge. I mean there was still full on tension in the upper half of the body. I was so confused I ended up unstringing it at the head end too before I finally realized you have to use serious muscle to try and move it through those joints. It makes me wonder if it can effect the pull of the elastic in those areas because they were seriously acting like their own little sections of separate strings and one of my lower legs for instance had more slack than the other.
    3. I'm also in love with GouMang!
      His face is the purest beauty <3 for the first time ever I consider buying a fullset because I can't imagine any better version of him !
      Such a lovely new release.
      I think his face looks a bit like Ren from NU'EST :D
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    4. Glad to see so many fans of Goumang/Jumang here. I just realized that the first character of his name is another one of those characters that can be read different ways depending on the usage (damn Chinese why are you such a difficult language). So I read it as Jumang from the weibo posts because ju is the more common reading.

      Goumang is an actual Chinese deity BTW. A bit of digging came up with this:

      Handbook of Chinese Mythology

      I'm assuming any new doll that Loongsoul releases as god/goddess of something something is probably an actual deity drawn from the very extensive Taoist pantheon.

      But anyway, I'm going to start a layaway on this boy as soon as I finish paying off my Su Huan Zhen next month. This boy's face just calls to me I suppose...

      @Blancasia Moonlight Melody is awesome! I follow the artist on both weibo and lofter, and her designs are all so amazing. She had a red yuanlingbao that would have been perfect for a Hua Cheng cos I plan to do once I find the right sculpt for him, but sadly the red version sold out before I could order it. :(
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    5. @Blancasia lol thank you for posting that video, I loved the angry part after he was acting elegant and sophisticated XD

      I wish they would do that to all their dolls, it shows you a good perspective of how they look in real life

      edit: is that a new guy? I cant find him on the dealers webpage :O He looks beautiful and powerful!
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    6. Loongsoul strikes again! The new guy looks absolutely wonderful~ :D
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    7. @Blancasia Indeed never enough but I wont let that stop me! I want to get his fullset too because I absolutely love everything about him! :D
    8. @Aria Let's get himm!! xD
      The angry part make him too adorable already~
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    9. @Blancasia Yes let's get him!!! I totally agree too! I laughed when I saw that. XD
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    10. @Aria @Blancasia I'm joining the lets get him club lol.. Even if I already plan to get Goumang as well. T_T

      BTW, in Chinese folklore this new guy seems to be twins with that girl doll YouYing that was released last month. I can't find any English references to them though, so I'm kind of fuzzy on what their roles are other than they're sometimes mentioned as sacred beasts.
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    11. Yay~ the more the merrier. :3

      That is interesting to know. :O I'd love to know more if you do indeed find something. ^^
    12. By the way, any suggestions on which resin color to get? Both Goumang and Zhuzhao are only available as either french white or french yellow. Goumang's default is french white, and I think Zhuzhao's might be french yellow? I like the way Goumang looks in the promo pics, but I'm afraid he might be too white IRL...
    13. The white has a slight pink tint but it is bright! I got MinYan in white and wish I had gotten yellow or at least gotten the body blushing. I have ordered White Dragon in white because it seems to suit him.
    14. I will have to admit that white skinned dolls do scare me a bit IRL. But the company photos make them look so gorgeous! I don't know if it's because of image post-processing, or because the bodies of the dolls in the photos are fully blushed.

      I won't be requesting blushing for my dolls, so I'm kind of torn on whether white skin would be a good option for me. May I'll try requesting for a dolly meetup with Loongsoul owners in my city, and hope that I get to see samples of both french white and french yellow there.
    15. I'm worried that the new loongsoul boy hasn't been put up for sale on their English site. Am I missing something somewhere? considering he is already on their Chinese site. I would feel devastated if I missed out. :(
    16. @Aria There's always some delay before new releases come out in the English site. I think Goumang came out a week or two after he was listed in Taobao.
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    17. Ooooh! I just had never noticed a release prior to the English site release before so my apologies for any confusion. ^^; thanks for the info.
    18. @fionvarre Unfortunately he was released on my busy schedule so I missed the opportunity to order his full set. I'm testing my luck on the 2taobao. I'm happy that you join our "let's get him" club xD. I do have Tengu in FWS, he may look white at first but I'm used to it. The face up in fact is nice, so the FWS doesn't look scary if do body blushing. But non blushing is fine, I have Tengu dress in red clothing and he has clothes stain but it's reddish color, more like pink, it's like natural body blushing so I'm okay with this. One fact that I usually have him in hanfu so I don't have to look at his body much, only the face so to me it's okay to choose FWS.
      @Aria I feel you, the full set on taobao sold out too fast :...(.
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