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Loongsoul 1/3 doll discussion Part 3

Dec 18, 2015

    1. @Blancasia wait, Zhuzhao fullset is already sold out on Taobao? Or did I read your post on top incorrectly?

      I just paid the first layaway payment to my dealer (who gets from the China quota instead of international) for both Goumang and Zhuzhao yesterday. So fingers crossed they still have fullsets for their dealers. T_T

      I'm pretty confident that the taobao stock isn't the entire 50 fullsets (otherwise they wouldn't have any fullsets for sale on the international site later on), but still...
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    2. @fionvarre I checked LS taobao ystd morning and found out I can't order full set anymore, at the "Sale of the month" bar, I can see LS already sold 86 pieces of Zhuzhao (86 pieces in 2 days). I'm out of luck because I was extremely busy on the day he got released. LS taobao stock 80 fullsets (20 fullset of tan skin). Looking at the total number of sale of Zhuzhao on taobao, I have no hope to get his fullset but to wait on 2taobao. The other 30 fullset will go to their international site, which just updated ystd night.
    3. Alice's Collections and Legend both have Zhuzhao available now.
    4. Oh dear. I better pray my dealer has an allocation then. Since I already paid the first layaway installment. T_T

      I just messaged her. Hopefully she responds with a positive. :(

      Is it normal for Loongsoul fullsets to sell out so quickly on Taobao though?
    5. @nancy_schroeder_ca Ah sorry, I know about that but I like getting from taobao since chinese yuan is more beneficial for me. Thank you for you information.

      @fionvarre When did you ordered him? If right after the released day, I think you have higher chance to get his fullset, also it would be bad if you want fullset and already pay and then your agent say they can't get you a fullset. LS have many orders recently, I don't blame them because their doll coming out more and more amazing size the release of Miaojun. Many people try to get the fullset or doing split to sell back into 2taobao, this is why I place my hope there.
    6. @Blancasia I ordered last Saturday but only paid the first layaway yesterday (since my dealer only takes cash deposited to her account as payment, and banks are closed on weekends).

      And she already replied to my panicky message. She has two fullsets as her allocation, in either french white or french yellow. No allocation for tan skin though.

      And I understand why you'd say taobao is more beneficial. My dealer prices close to China pricing, so when I compare against the international site prices... It's a huge difference.


      I see that the eyes, armor, staff, and shoes (which are also used for other fullsets) are still available separately on Taobao though.

      If you really want him (and want to save a bit), maybe what you can do is buy the doll, faceup, eyes, staff, armor, and shoes from Loongsoul taobao.

      Then you buy the outfit and wig from the international site? I think whatever premium the international site places on its items won't be any worse than the markup the sellers on secondhand taobao will be asking for?


      The extra hands are also available to order separately at the international site. If you order those together with the wig and outfit, you've basically recreated the entire fullset. Good thing Zhuzhao's fullset isn't one of those sets where some parts are only available specifically with the fullset purchase.
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    7. I poked BJDivas about adding him to their site, and they added him around 5 hours ago for those interested in ordering him! Unfortunately for those interested in tan skin, I don't think any were allocated to international buyers.

      Also I don't think i saw you being able to buy the staff or armor separately on the international site. I could be wrong. If they add them later, then you can probably get a dealer to let you buy all of it through their site. :)

      I wish all the best of luck getting him that want him~ :cheer
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    8. @fionvarre Aaa thank you but I really want the outfit, and they're sold out :...(. The armor and staff are only optional to me but if I get them I want fullset, I don't even need the eyes. I understand what you mean but I don't want to touch my paypal money since I have plan with it already, and taobao is better for me since I have my Chinese friend do the talking and have packages sent to my personal storage in China. It's kinda complicated to have the paypal address at a different zone then have the shipping address at the different zone, I do need someone to keep track of packages for me. And on worse case I can't get help from paypal since the shipping address is different from my paypal.

      @Aria Congrats on getting him!! Let the wait begins xD.
    9. By the way, based on Loongsoul's published release schedule on Weibo, there should be a 26 CM baby doll and a 69 CM girl doll under the 28 Stars category coming up as next releases.
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    10. Hello! May I ask what kind of jointed hands suitable for girls Loongsoul 63 body? Maybe some of you have it?
    11. @Rivvil Hm...I can only see jointed hands for 69cm girl, it's possible to ask LS if the hand is compatible to 63cm body through their website. If you need skin match there is Resinsoul that can provide jointed hands plus they can mix the color as you request. My last suggestion is Dikadoll jointed hands. Hope this help :3nodding:.
    12. Anyone happen to know whether the Doll Legend jointed hands 1/3 or 70cm are a better fit for the 68cm Loongsoul boy body?
    13. Random fly-by spam of my Morgan, Altaïr. His new SOULinaBOX eyes came earlier this week and I only found time to take pictures of them last night
      new eyes

      I wasn't entirely sure about getting him straight up yellow eyes, but they look really good so I'm glad I took the plunge
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    14. Anyone ordered Jiao Mu Jiao or Autumn Yue?? Planning to get them. Want to see advance phots how they look like xD
    15. They are both lovely but Quing Tong Shen Jun is calling my name!

      I'm also busy assembling my White Dragon Beast who arrived late last week!
    16. @nancy_schroeder_ca congratulations!
      That must be a sight to behold, hes from head to claw amazing
      His outfit looks like sunshine, would love to see whenever you finish set up, hes definitely one of 2019's most exciting releases
    17. Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered...when I searched the forums I got one result, which didn`t really help me.
      So, I got my Loongsoul Chaos back in the beginning of April. It`s now almost the end of June, and he still smells like new resin. I have bought dolls from other companies new, and the new resin smell faded within a few weeks, if they had it at all. Not so for Nera (my Chaos). I can`t smell anything from far away, but as soon as I`m next to him, or holding him, I can smell the resin kinda strongly. I tried sitting him in open aired areas, and sitting him next to a burning stick of incense, but the former didn`t do anything, and the latter only helped for a few days.

      So, questions are, has anyone else had this issue? Can it be fixed? How did you solve it?

      He`s got the wrong eyes in this picture, but this is the doll in question:
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    18. Pleeeeease show pictures! Mine arrived but I haven't finished paying him off yet Q_Q
    19. @Littlebirdzoom, I didn't make much progress today. DH had a doctor appointment today and I have one tomorrow. But I am getting close! I need to set his eyes and pur his head on. The rest should be easy.
    20. Can anyone show me a picture of their 69 cm girl standing in heeled shoes? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to order the heeled feet.